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FamTeam – A Memorable Day

February 12, 2020

Jude: With our big Memorial
Day party coming up, we were getting
things all ready. Jacob: We’ve been working
outside pretty hard preparing for
Memorial Day — planting grass, mowing —
things like that. Mark: Along with a bunch
of other spring chores, we also recently had the fun
task of restocking our pond. Paul: Sunfish/bluegill. Mark: We always host
a Memorial Day party and a Fourth of July party, and fishing is a big
part of those parties. Grandpa, my mom’s
dad, loves to fish, and he loves our pond, and he keeps us
well-stocked up with fish. Recently, they did
the task of going — picking up a bunch of fish and
putting them into the pond. And I would think it’d
be a simple process — just kind of
heave them in — but apparently, it’s a little
more involved than that. Cathy: Now, what’s
the idea of this? Just that they get used to
the temperature of our water?>>Yeah. Mark: I believe
what you have to do is have them in
a bag of water, and then set that
bag into the pond and let them slowly
adapt to the temperature and condition of the pond. Paul: We don’t want our
new fish to get eaten by all those giant catfish
that we have in there, so we’re going to go fill
them up with this chow before we release the
new fish in there. Cathy: David, you
want to do one? David: Okay. Paul: We want to really stuff
these fish full of this chow, so they don’t
eat our new fish. Jude: Originally,
when we built the house, we didn’t plan
to have a pond, but just by necessity, we needed some more dirt at
the front of the property, so we needed to take
it from somewhere. So it actually turned
out to be for the better that we dig a pond. And Grandpa was
actually instrumental in the idea of
us having a pond, because he offered to
stock the pond with fish. So it’s become a
real beauty spot. Mark: Grandpa went to all the
trouble to go get the new fish, bring them here,
and supervise. And he makes a point
of keeping our pond always ready to
be a fishing hole. He helped build a
dock for the pond, and he also keeps
it well-stocked. Without him, we probably
wouldn’t have a pond or fish in it. Paul: Now that we’ve
fed the other fish, we’re going to go to
open up the new bags and let our new
fish into the pond. We have some big fish. It’s very possible they
could eat our new fish that we’re about to put
in there that Grandpa’s invested his money and
time into putting in here. So hopefully, we’ve fed
the fish in the pond enough where they aren’t
going to be hungry and want to eat
our new friends that we’re about
to drop in there. Okay. You guys are first. Okay, fellas, you’re free. I think they’re a little
bit spooked still. It takes them a
little bit to get used to their new surroundings. So they’re just kind of hanging
around the shoreline right now. But they should get comfortable
and get used to the water soon. David: Yay! Aren’t they cute? Paul: Yeah. Aren’t they cute
little guys? James: There you go. More friends. Jude: This is
Sunday morning. Just yesterday, we put a whole bunch of fish
in the finger of the pond. And now we just found
out there’s a big bird walking around in the
finger of the pond. Cathy: This morning, I woke
up to check the pond, like I always do, and I found
that crane out there again. I don’t know if it’s a
crane or a blue heron, but it’s a very tall bird with
a long beak and long legs. And it’s been stalking
Grandpa Stock’s new fish. [laughing] So I don’t know what my dad’s
going to think about that. But he seems to know right
where we put the fish — this bird. And you can see him
going down, grabbing one, shaking it off, and
then gobbling it down, then going down
for another one. So this bird probably
thinks we’re just the nicest pet
owners he’s ever had, ’cause we stocked this pond with all these yummy
fish just for him. Grandpa seems to
kind of accept it, that that’s par
for the course. I asked him if he wanted
us to chase the bird off, and he goes,
“No, no. No point.” So I guess he’s not
too worried about it. I love waking up in the morning
here and looking outside. And I’m always
checking the pond — just how beautiful it is. I wouldn’t have thought
it’d be so beautiful to have a pond right
next to your house. I’d expect it’d be kind
of a scummy mud-hole, and just very
unattractive — smelling bad, mosquitoes —
the whole business. And it’s a beauty spot. It’s beautiful. I love it. There’s always
something new going on. We’ve got a couple
geese that come in and try to scare off anything
else that comes around. They’re very protective
of their space. And it’s just always
something going on. It’s always
something pretty. Rick: During at least
one or two of the recent Memorial Day parties —
and before the parties — we’ve had thunderstorms
in this area. I decided to check
the weather radar, and sure enough, we’re
about to get smacked with a pretty good band
of thunderstorms. If it’s going to do it —
it’s 4:01 PM now — in fact, the party
started a minute ago — it will probably happen
between now and 5:30. So let’s see. Jude: One big part of the
Memorial Day parties we host is that there are a
lot of activities outside, which means you need
some good weather, or at least not rain. So with rain on the forecast and
it actually actively raining, it was posing
some problems. Rick: This is one of the four
or five big days of the year. We have the
Christmas party — Thanksgiving, Christmas,
New Year’s Day. We have Memorial Day
and Fourth of July. So it’s one of — I guess
one of five big ones. But I just walked
into the front door and saw three bats
and a softball — or Chicago ball sitting
on the front porch. I think people are coming
over with visions of fishing, ball-playing, walking
along the creek, badminton — all that dancing
in their heads, so I hope we don’t
get truly rained out. David: Jacob, can you
take me fishing, please? Jacob: It’s going to rain. David: I don’t care. Jacob: Okay.
I could take you out. David: Thank you. Jacob: Well, as I was
preparing David’s fishing pole, somebody informed me that
it started lightning. It’s looking pretty dark
outside, pretty gray, but if it does — if it goes away and stops lightning or storming, I think David and
I will head out. Rick: The sun has been baking
the ground now for a few days. If we get a quarter-inch and an hour of sort
of a cool-down rain, that could actually
be a big plus. If it’s going to do it —
it’s 4:01 PM now — in fact, the party
started a minute ago — it will probably happen
between now and 5:30. So let’s see.>>So, Jacob, has it
rained any more today? Jacob: No. Actually, it just rained
for a very short time. It’s cleared up a lot. It’s still a little gray, but it’s sunny and I see
some blue in the sky. And David and I
are heading out. We should play some
Chicago ball later. Would you like that? Jude: Most of the people who
come to the Memorial Day party are from Mom’s
side of the family. There are also a lot of
friends and other family, but mainly it’s Mom’s side. And it’s really a crowd. There are actually
over 50 grandkids, so it’s a big bash
anytime we get together. David: Whoa. This
is very small. I’m going to
throw it back. Hey, I’ll use it
for a catfish. Watch out. I’m going to cast
this for a catfish. See? It’s really small. I’m going to cast this — Jacob: David,
I don’t know — okay. [laughing] Hey, David? David: What? Jacob: I don’t think
they eat live ones so easily. I think you have to kind of
either cut them up or something. He was trying to use
that small bluegill — he was trying to use
it live for bait, just by casting
it back it in. And I don’t think that
would have worked very well. David, why don’t you
just let that one go? No, let’s not
do that, Chub. David: It’s fun. Please? One more time. Jacob: No, let’s
not do that. David: One more time. Jacob: No. He’s a baby. David: I’ll
cast it back in. Jacob: No. You can
throw him back in. Maybe a bigger hook. Paul: Did you guys
catch anything? Jacob: We caught
a lot of fish.>>Can you help me
get this hook out? Wow. Look at that. That’s a big one. Paul: I just came to
kind of check to see what these guys were up to. It’s been raining for
the last hour or so, so I was hoping
it would clear up, so we could get
some fishing in. You’ve just got
to hold him tight, and he won’t go away. There’s your hook, David. David, do you want to kiss him
goodbye before we toss him back? David: No, no, no. I’m not going to
toss him back. Paul: He has his
big, green lips. He just wants to kiss you. David: No. No. Paul: Whoops.
He did a bellyflop. Jude: During the parties,
we have all sorts of stuff, like volleyball. We have actually what
we call Chicago ball. A lot of people
haven’t heard of that. Some people know
it as kitty ball. It’s like a large,
extra-soft softball, where you can actually
field the ball bare-handed. John: There’s a chance
we’ll play Chicago ball or something later on. I don’t think it’s too wet. The other year, we had a
party where it was very wet, and we still had a
Chicago ball game, and everyone was sliding
all over the place. Jacob: Two years ago,
it had rained a whole lot, and the ball field
was really soaked, especially the infield. We played Chicago ball. And the ball wouldn’t
really fly at all, because it was soaked. And then we discovered — I think one time I was
running into second, and I tried to stop,
and I just kept going, just sliding on my feet. And we discovered — we started doing huge,
15-foot slides after that. And it was great. We just got soaked. But it was fun. John: So that
was a lot of fun. But I wouldn’t be surprised
if something breaks out.>>It’s down! Play at the plate! No, cutoff! Mark: Nice slide. Jacob: Got something. I think it’s a bluegill. Whoa. Feels
like a meaty one. John: You know,
we feared the storm. It was storming
a bit earlier. I was hoping we
wouldn’t get washed out. It seems to be
very nice now. It’s a little wet,
but not bad at all. It probably helped
cool things off. Right now, everyone seems
to be having fun fishing. Jacob: David, remember
those ice fish we caught during
the winter? David: Oh, yeah. Jude: Lately, David
has kind of developed a real passion for fishing. And he actually got a fishing
pole for one of his birthdays, but his birthday
is in the winter, but that didn’t stop him. Jacob: Last winter, David
wanted to try out his new pole, so I took him out to the —
the pond was frozen. It had a coat of
thin ice on it. We couldn’t
catch any fish, so we settled for
just chunks of ice we would hook and pull out. David: We caught some ice. Why don’t you keep that? Jacob: Yeah. We’ll have to clean it
and eat it for supper. We caught some pretty
good-sized ones, actually. What a whopper. It’s bigger than
the last one. And just so far, these
haven’t nearly compared — they haven’t
been able to — we haven’t been able to
get close to that size. So I’m going to try
to get a catfish here. John: There’s
cousin Michael. I always liked Michael, because he reminds me
of one of our guys. I always like to give Michael
hugs and kind of squeeze him. Michael! Buddy! It’s been a while. Jude: One thing I’ve
always really been proud of is that our family is really
close with our extended family, with aunts and uncles,
and with cousins. And it’s just
a great thing, because anytime we
all get together, everyone just gets
along so well. John: You think you could catch
a fish bigger than yourself? Michael: No. John: You think there are
any that big in there, maybe about yea long? Michael: Yeah.
About that long. John: Maybe
about that long? It’d probably break
the pole, though. So have you
caught anything? Michael: Yeah. Because I was over
there to cast, and I caught a couple
bluegills and a baby bass. John: Really? That’s pretty cool. We have some big
catfish in there — if you ever see them. Michael: I’m surprised. Nobody caught a catfish. John: You might need a
different kind of bait. Michael: I have no bait. John: No bait? There’s your
problem right there. Mom and Dad got
me this T-shirt. In fact, they were gone during
my birthday and Dad’s birthday, and Mom brought this back
as kind of a late gift. You know, we had a pieing
right around my birthday. It may have even
been the day before.>>A what? John: A pieing. You know, pieing. Pieing. Luke and Mark, one night,
wanted to, suddenly, give someone a
pie in the face. I don’t even know where
the idea came from. It seemed it
was Luke’s idea. They came to me,
and I kind of dissented. We finally talked
and took a vote. I’d say no, no,
not tonight. Luke: Yes, tonight. Mark: I say yes,
let’s do it. John: I thought, “Okay. “Hey, maybe it’s a good
prank for sometime, “but right now,
it’s 10 PM at night. “Mom and Dad are gone. “We’re about to have prayer
time and settle down the chubs. “Do we really need to hit
someone in the face with a pie “and get everyone riled
up for a few hours?” But Luke just
seemed determined. “Hey, we’ve got to pie
someone in the face.” And I did advise that, “Hey, if you’re going to
do it, the thing to do — “instead of pure
whipped cream, “what you do is color the
whipped cream, like blue — “make a layer of blue
whipped cream or something, “so it’ll be more authentic
when the person gets hit.” Luke: Wizzy, you’re
going to be in trouble. [laughing] John: Luke, at first, picked
Jacob as the target, and — but somehow, Jacob — he was hoping Jacob
would bound up the stairs and he could get him, but Jacob became suspicious
and was getting chased. Mark: Plan B! Luke: Jacob? Jacob? I’m not going
to lie to you. This was for you. John: Caleb was the
alternate target, apparently. And poor Cawop. Cawop’s so good-natured. He just came — Luke was lying in wait
at the top of the stairs and said, “Oh, Caleb,
can you come up here?” Caleb came up and just
kind of stopped and said, “Guys, do you know
when prayer time is?” And then just wham —
pie in the face. Paul: There’s the pie
you’ve been wanting. [laughing] John: “Hey, some joke. “We really got you there. “Some practical joke. “You didn’t know
you were going “to get hit in the
face with a pie.” Luke: Say “cheese”
— or “pie.” Caleb: Pie. Mark: Cheesecake. John: I don’t know. He took it pretty well. In fact, apparently, he
had told Wizzy or someone that he’d love to get
hit with a pie someday — he’d love to be pied. I think he was kind of
honored that we picked him. And then a day
or two later, they schemed and had him get
Luke back, actually, on camera. I think Mark
was in on that. [laughing] Luke: I’ve been pied. John: See,
that’s the thing. Once you get into that
business, you make enemies. Once you’ve done that, the same guys who helped
you execute the first one are also going to help the
other guy get revenge on you. And there could be a
never-ending war of retaliation. Luke: You know, you
might want to sleep with one eye open tonight. John: Might need a
treaty at some point, or just a pie fight. If we could ever get
around the cost issue, if we could just
make a bunch of pies, it’d be great to just have
a big pie fight, you know? Maybe a few hundred
stacked up in a room. And just have at it. Luke: Stephanie?
Molly? Wizzy? You guys want to line
up youngest to oldest, and then we’ll just
pick every other — Molly: Youngest to oldest? Luke: Yeah. Jacob: Well, we’re
playing Chicago ball now. It’s a little slick,
actually — the grass. It’s not actually wet, but you
can actually slide pretty good, so I think it’s
going to be fun. They’re picking
the teams now. Mark: Joe-Joe. Luke: Molly. Mark: Wizzy. Cathy: All right.
Back up. Back up. John: We’re good.
We’re good. Mark: This morning,
it sure looked like rain. In fact, we got a little
bit of rain in St. Louis, which really isn’t
that far away from us. Got poured on. They had a rain delay
in the Cardinals game. But here we are, having
a great party here and a very competitive
game of Chicago ball. James: Way to go, Turkey.>>Look out! Look out! Jacob: Safe! Cathy: Well, it seems every
Memorial Day, we get rain. I don’t know why,
but we got rain again. But it seemed to
cool things off, and it’s made the
party even nicer. We’ve got fishermen
everywhere, Chicago ball going,
ping-pong, pool — just everything
you could want. I think everybody’s
having fun. I know I am.>>Play at the plate! No, cutoff! Mark: Nice slide. Cathy: All right.
Back up. Back up. Jude: We had a huge
Chicago ball game going. And Mom got right in there,
got right involved, and actually held her own.>>Nice hit, Mom!>>Mom, run! Run!>>Slide! Slide!>>Safe! [cheering]>>So how do you
feel out there? Cathy: Alive. I’m alive. I’m alive.>>No pressure.>>Safe! Cathy: Come on, Paul! Hit me home!>>First! First! Cathy: Safe. Nathan: Good slide. Cathy: I’m safe. Nathan: You all right? Cathy: I never knew
how to slide before. All I’ve got
to do is fall. Come on, David! Hit me home! Come on, David! John: Got to get
the easy out. Cathy: Huh? You want me to pitch to
you next time, buddy? John: Yeah. Jude: John and Mom actually
got really into the game. I mean, they were just
kind of rivals there. And anytime Mom
happened to get on base, John would just give her
a little extra attention. Cathy: I’ll charge
the mound, John. John: Oh, yeah?>>Run! Hustle! Hustle! Cathy: All right, buddy. You going to mess with me? Okay. I’ll do dishes. John: She used to always say
that she was faster than me. And we haven’t raced for a
while, so I thought I’d — she had a head start. I thought I’d
sprint to first. Got her. Piece of cake. Easy as easy pie. Cathy: John claims he
can run faster than me. And I guess now he
proved that he can. So that’s okay. He was little when
I used to beat him. To the boys, one of the
happiest, funnest things is to see me get muddy, to see
me fall down or something, so I bet he had
a good time. I’m a little sore. But it was fun. But I think I’ll
stick to dishes. They’re a little cleaner. John: Now if we score
one run, we win. Peter: We win
if Seth scores. John: Bases loaded. Facing a good pitcher. Jacob: Keep the game going.>>Tag him! Tag him!
Tag him!>>Out! Out!>>First! Peter: He’s safe! He’s safe!>>Run! Run! Home! Home! Luke: He got him!>>Out! John: That’s three outs.>>The play was over. John: I forgot
to run to first. Mental mistake there. Jude: There was actually some
confusion on the final play. There was a real
close play at home, where if the
runner was safe, that would have
ended the game. But what John didn’t
realize is that he still needed to
run to first base. He forgot all about it. John: Man. Just tried to put
the ball in play. Actually, honestly, what I tried
to do is hit the ball to Jacob, so he’d have a chance at
a dramatic play at home. Seth snuck around
Jacob on the baseline. He threw it home
and got him out. I was too busy watching
the play at the plate that I forgot
to run to first, so they tossed it
on down to first, and I was out for
the last out. So that’s the way
it goes sometimes.>>Mary? Good game, Mary. David? You did
great, David. John: I believe the
game ended in a tie, although, honestly, I think
they cheated us out of an out. Honestly, that was
only three outs, and we were playing
with four outs. But hey, who’s
counting, you know? Mark: We got big downpours the
last two years on Memorial Day. And today it
started to rain. We were worried
it would rain out. But the skies are clear now,
and it’s a beautiful day.

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