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EVERY WWE WrestleMania 35 Rumor, Return & Surprise! | WrestleTalk

December 23, 2019

The Show of Shows, The Grandest Stage of them
All, The Most Must-See Event In Sports Entertainment, The Only Wrestling Event That My Mum and Dad
Actually Know The Name Of, The Only Non-Saudi Arabian Show That Might Actually Have Pyro,
WrestleMania goes by many names and the 35th installment of it is finally upon us. It’s been a long old ride to get here, and
the year of TV from WrestleMania 34 has most certainly been a turbulent one. We’ve seen suspensions, arrests, injuries,
medical clearances, hold harmless agreements, people being inserted into and removed from
title matches, Royal Rumble wins being nullified, face turns, heel turns, wait that’s all
happened in the last two months in one storyline… All that nonsense aside, it’s been a rocky
road for WWE since last year’s WrestleMania, and they’ll be hoping to set things right
by kicking off the next yearly cycle of programming in the right way. With that in mind, my name is Pete Quinnell,
I’ve hopped on over from ScreenStalker so together, let’s take a look at every WrestleMania
35 rumour that you need to know. RONDA ROUSEY WILL LEAVE AFTER WRESTLEMANIA Ronda Rousey is set to face Becky Lynch and
new SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair in the first ever women’s WrestleMania
main event, and if rumours are to be believed, it could be her last match with the company
for some time. It has been speculated for a while that Ronda
may take some time out after Mania to start a family, something she has admitted to wanting
in the past, but has more recently rebuffed in an ESPN interview by saying: “I honestly don’t know why [anyone] feels
[they’re] an authority to speak on plans for my uterus. It’s my vagina, my life, keep the speculations
to yourself. Leave me and my reproductive organs alone.” Message received. Whether or not she’s leaving, her 14 months
in the company have undoubtedly coincided with the women’s division getting the most
focus it has had in the history of WWE. To be able to say that she has helped WWE’s
women main event WrestleMania is something we can’t take away from her. DEMON FINN BALOR WILL APPEAR
No one knows the rules of when The Demon form of Finn Balor decides to show up. He hasn’t been seen since SummerSlam last
year, when Finn got himself painted up to take on Baron Corbin. You know, the Baron Corbin that lost in a
quick decisive manner in that match, the Baron Corbin that lost his Money in the Bank cash-in
against Jinder Mahal, and the Baron Corbin that will be RETIRING KURT ANGLE?! More on that later. Ads that have been running on that pesky WWE
Network have been showing a line-up of some of WrestleMania 35’s biggest stars including
Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and…Bobby
Lashley. Hmm. But most importantly, alongside them is The
Devil’s Second Favourite Demon, Finn Balor. His favourite slot is already taken, unfortunately. Could this mean Demon boy will be appearing
ANGLE’S RETIREMENT MATCH WAS A GOOD IDEA? Calm, calm, I’m calm. Kurt Angle, in storyline, was able to pick
anyone he wanted for his final match in WWE at WrestleMania 35, and he chose Baron Corbin. This choice, to the surprise of exactly one
person, was received rather negatively, with it being one of the most disliked videos on
WWE’s YouTube channel. This “unexpected” backlash has got backstage
personnel reeling, and it’s been rumoured that they may be reconsidering this match. The fantasy bookers among us originally thought
that potential final opponents could include John Cena, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Chad Gable,
Drew McIntyre, or even Shelton Benjamin. While Kurt has been plucking away at those
dream opponents on the weekly television shows, a couple of those names remain elusive. Drew McIntyre has been confirmed for a match
against Roman Reigns at the big show, not that one, so that rules him out of the equation. What about big match John? WWE would of course love to have him back
for a WrestleMania appearance, so why not to retire one of the best workers in the history
of the business? Card subject to change. BECKY LYNCH WILL WIN
The triple threat for the Raw Women’s Championship has been confirmed to main event WrestleMania
35, and deservedly so, despite all the noise and confusion surrounding the storyline in
the build for the last couple of months. Considering it’ll be closing the show, you’d
think they’d want to end on a high note, namely with Becky Lynch capturing the title…right? According to betting sites, Becky is a strong
favourite to come away with the belt, and why shouldn’t she? It’s recently been revealed that she is
the highest merchandise seller in the company and WWE isn’t exactly a company that throws
away opportunities like that. Becky has been on the run of her life since
the summer of sixty ni…last year, and to crown her as the champion in the main event
of WrestleMania no less would be the perfect pay off. THE WOMEN’S TITLES WILL BE UNIFIED
This rumour is one that will probably be answered on this week’s editions of Raw and/or SmackDown,
but it’s looking possible that the triple threat at WrestleMania could be for both Raw
and SmackDown Women’s Championships. With Ronda holding the Raw title, and Charlotte
holding the SmackDown one, how cool would it be for Becky to unite the titles and walk
out with both? It’s not out of the realms of possibility,
considering the women’s divisions have been severely struggling to manage since the introduction
of the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Unifying the Raw and SmackDown’s women’s
titles would no doubt free up some room for the rest of the division. While there have been no concrete reports
on this, it would only make sense. They could always have a double champion,
I mean, UFC did it with Conor Mcgregor…speaking of which… CONOR MCGREGOR WILL APPEAR Former UFC Champion and all round unusual
human Conor McGregor announced his retirement from the Octagon on Twitter this past week,
and as the Irishman is just 30 years old, you’d have thought he might want something
to do for the next 50 years. He’s undoubtedly someone Vince would want
on board, with his unquestionable charisma and mainstream media presence, a man like
McGregor could draw a lot of casual fans back to the product. When he made his little announcement, a certain
Finn Balor commented on it with “See you at ‘Mania brother”, and unless this is
some kind of Irish slang I don’t understand, I reckon that’s FInn Balor inviting Conor
McGregor to WrestleMania. Now, Finn is a bit of a social media troll,
but the timing of McGregor’s UFC retirement and the fact he’s a self-admitted pro-wrestling
fan adds up to one hell of a rumour, don’t ya think? HULK HOGAN & STONE COLD WILL APPEAR
It wouldn’t be WrestleMania without a conveyer belt of wrestling legends making a sad parade
across our screens, much to the nostalgic delight of all those in attendance and those
wearing rose-tinted glasses. You can call me cynical all you like, and
you’d be 100% correct. There’s a couple of huge names rumoured
to be appearing at the show this year, with reports floating the names of Stone Cold Steve
Austin the controversial Hulk Hogan prominently. The pair of them, alongside The Rock, had
one of the coolest moments of WrestleMania 30 when they stood alongside each other in
the ring and shared a beer, so this time maybe they’ll upgrade to a single malt whiskey
What’s the longest thing in the world? Good answers, but you’re wrong. The longest thing in the world is WrestleMania
35, which is currently rumoured to be running for EIGHT HOURS. For those of you who only understand time
in terms of film length like me, that’s like watching Two extended Lord of the Rings
films back to back, or like watching the first four harry potter films back to back, or like
spending an hour in my company. Randy, did you write this? Come here you little- The current confirmed card is…deep breath… Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair
Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre
Shane McMahon vs The Miz Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston
Aj Styles vs Randy orton Triple H vs Batista
Bobby Lashley vs Finn Balor Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio
Sasha Banks & Bayley (c) vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. Nia Jax & Tamina Snuka vs. The
IIconics Kurt Angle vs hopefully not Baron Corbin
Buddy Murphy vs Tony Nese Andre the Giant Battle Royal So far that’s 13 matches. You also need to add the Women’s battle
royal, a smackdown tag title match, the fact that John Cena is rumoured to appear, and
musical performances from Elias, Alexa Bliss shenanigans and endless visits to the satanic
social media lounge. Thankfully I’ve been living on nothing but
red bull for the last 8 years so I should be fine. KOFI KINGSTON WILL WIN Now that Kofi is FINALLY confirmed for WrestleMania,
although with one more episode of SmackDown Live to go, that’s a dangerous thing to
say, we can start thinking about if he’s gonna win the damn belt from Daniel Bryan. Well, according to betting sites, he is, because
they have him as a strong favourite to topple the vegan villain, finally crowning Kingston
and giving the fans what they’ve so desperately wanted since Kofi was a last minute replacement
in the Elimination Chamber…FICKLE! SETH ROLLINS WILL WIN
Similarly to Kofi, fans of the bettings should plonk a few dollars or queen elizabeth coins
on Seth Rollins, as the kingslayer is favourite to change his name to the beastslayer by defeating
Brock Lesnar. Of course we’ve said this at least a hundred
times that Brock will lose and leave, but this time we REAALLLLLLY mean it! But how will Brock lose? Could a UFC Champion turn up and cost him
the victory? Well, funny I should ask… DANIEL CORMIER WILL APPEAR
A UFC feud has been bubbling under the surface between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier for
some time now, with Brock appearing at UFC 226 and shoving Cormier like the hard man
that he is. In response, Cormier stated in an interview
with ESPN “I may go to WWE’s WrestleMania, and I
may go cost him his title over there so he can hurry up and get to the UFC so I can beat
him here.” While that’s probably just talk, you know
the saying. Never say never and all that. BRAY WYATT & LUKE HARPER WILL APPEAR One of my other favourite sayings however
is “New hair, new me”, which as we all know is nonsense because I have none. However, the original saying is actually “New
hair because I’m possibly returning at WrestleMania and I need to look fresh”, and was originally
spoken by Bray Wyatt. A photo of Bray with new white locks was shared
on social media this week, so the above saying is very much in play here. The eater of vacant hasn’t been seen on
WWE TV since the fall of 2018, and it seems like he’s been scheduled to return every
week since, but you know he did return last year at the Andre the Giant Battle Royal last
year, so why not have him do something equally pointless this year? Oh yeah, and Luke Harper is in the same position
so maybe he and Bray can return together. ROB GRONKOWSKI WILL APPEAR
Remember The Gronk at WrestleMania 33? Well, expect more of that, as WWE are rumoured
to be signing him after he announced his retirement from the NFL recently. Maybe he could come out at Mania and attempt
to help Mojo Rawley win the Battle Royal again, only for Mojo to turn on him, setting him
up for an epic year-long blood feud culminating at WrestleMania 36 where the two square off
in a running shoulder barge match. Or, y’know, maybe not. If his finisher isn’t called The Emperor’s
New Gronk, I’ll be sad. But those are of course just rumours, check
out the cold hard facts in the WrestleTalk news in the video to my right, and you can
also check out me and all the other cool people over on ScreenStalker, so click the other
video on the right to be taken over there. Leave a like if you enjoyed, subscribe, enable
notifications and leave us a comment! I’ve been Pete Quinnell and that, was wrestling.

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