Establishment Goes Crazy to Protect NSA Spying

October 12, 2019

all the sudden out of nowhere in the
United States House of Representatives we had an amendment that was interesting that would help the american people that
actually protected the United States Constitution and here comes out west bipartisan Republicans and Democrats get
together just so much republican some guy a guy
do not often agree with john conyers a very significant
progressive who’s a democrat coming together and say hey wait a
minute we can authorize that NSA to come meet in New basically data
collection on all of our phone calls for for all
american citizens now we authorize that that’s not what
section 215 at the Patriot access says you must have and and specific
investigation and Europe be spy must be related to
that specific investigation you guys are not doing this right so we
put this together in fact let me read you just how much is amendment that they were gonna vote today in fact
he did vote on it today I’ll tell you that exciting outcome of that in just a second here the much mana said now it ends authority for the blanket
collection a records under the Patriot Act bars an essay and other agencies from
using section 250 the Patriot Act to collect records including telephone
call records that pertain to persons who are not subject to an investigation under Section 215 bless his heart now %uh of course part a reason they say
this is because they are in the administration is in
violation above section 215 what they’re doing is
not legal it’s illegal all this amendment would do is
say stop it and by the way unless you stop it we’re
gonna cut your funding okay when it cut your funding for
application of this specific program okay now of course all mike got this tab which
meant goes ballistic there’s all science stuff gone
for an essay they said Joe Keith Alexander down there
is that a that essay so all the private meetings with you
guys republicans democrats all separate you other private meetings with Rosanna and
and there was what happened in SA you’re that interested in consulting
with congress before that word stone revelations now that although some people are mad
that you’re violating the law you’re violating clear UK export the language to the fourth amendment
which says that you need to be able to flap or does Vic specific person or
place to be sir sir seized so now also this is it ok
if you are with you want to tell you about it here we are we’re doing hearings right
and all will do meetings with your scores of the record in and not a for the public and then they
send in their lackeys like dianne feinstein sxb chambliss over
in the senate side safe nor owner let’s keep spying on Americans
this a quote we believe this debate in the congressional intelligence the
judiciary committee’s should continue and that any amendments to defy the
program on appropriation bills would be on Weiss wouldn’t for christ sake keep going keep spy on
Americans the senate’s establishment people say and then the
Obama administration listen this crap we oppose the current effort in the
house up too hastily dismantle are one of our intelligence
community’s counterterrorism tools this blunt approach is not the product
have been informed open or deliberative process we urge the
house to reject a march amendment it is said move for with an approach
that appropriately takes into account the need for reason review of what tools
can best secure the nation when all of a sudden
you’re interested in a deliberative debate but wait a minute you to the program in
secret you can tell these congressmen you told
very select few former congressman and you said your not under order law a lot to tell anyone else this this is a
national secret even if you tell your fellow congressman you’re in a lotta trouble okay and Obama
probably a you know a process your honor that
espionage so me the great majority these guys we did
not know what you were doing according to this profession now you say
are no no I’d like a delivered a process no you wouldn’t you like to operate incomplete and other
secret and now they found under say we don’t operate that way though I got is a
blunt instrument I mean I mean to you was blunt about a blunt
means its broad and their overreaching here but they’re
not there actually doing the exact opposite they’re saying we’re gonna defund this specific program a sub want there’s a scalpel thats
exactly how they should do it so its nonsense nonsense your talk about nonsense they said in
the queen of nonsense in this topsy-turvy world to defend the
Obama administration listen to Michele Bachmann we can’t deal
in false narratives and a false narrative is a merged that
the federal government is taking in the content div Americans
phone calls it’s not true it’s not happening a false
narrative has emerged that the federal government is taking in the content to the american
people’s emails it’s not true it’s not happening we need
to deal in facts and the fax are real and the facts are
these: the only people who have benefited from the revelation a classified
information the only result is that those who are
engaged as Islamic Jihad will have been benefited all you want a senate Michele Bachmann
today about false narratives and savings like the fax a real while how the mighty have fallen tear bring in Bachmann to defend the Obama
administration’s spying program because if we don’t a the Islamic
jihadists will win well played so it turns out the vote was today it was incredibly
close and a final vote was 2005 to 217 E and of course this tablet spent one their bra late enough establishment
people the republicans enough for them fellow online and over
the democrats well line and they said yes sir may we have
another you may go had any continue to fun that clearly illegal
spying program and a go ahead and ignore the fourth
amendment as you please it goes down we had good fighters that were on the
Republican and Democratic side here but they lost Michele Bachmann and
President Obama have one will continue to gather all Americans
information with their guilty or innocent in order to import avoid Islamic
jihadists infiltrating the country and doing all
that terrible damage that Obama and Bachmann
warn us about care for the company you keep

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