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[ENGSUB] Going Seventeen 2019 Ep. 7

November 9, 2019

Say the name, SEVENTEEN!
Hi, we are SEVENTEEN! We are in the studio to record
the logo song for “GOING SEVENTEEN”. I made copies of the lyrics myself. Really?
[in disbelief] Your face reads,
“I am lying right now”. – Anyways, take one each.
– Anyways, thanks. – I want one, too.
– You’ll get one soon. – I want one, too!
– Hold on, please. So here are the lyrics. We have to sing with vigor today. – Please.
– Got it. WOOZI will be directing today. In a serious tone,
unlike our usual selves. This recording session will be serious?
[Today’s session will be strict and serious] Since this logo song will complement
the kick-off of GOING SEVENTEEN 2019, – it should be…
– Taken seriously. – Serious. As if our lives depended on it.
Like it was our life’s mission. But we are missing a member. – Right. We are not complete yet.
– Right. DK is preparing for
“Excalibur” the musical. – We need to work harder on his behalf.
– Right. So the 12 of us will do our best. Let’s go! [feeling great already] We’re starting. Good. If you wear it this way,
three people can share this headset… – Who’s wearing it?
– Huh? – WONWOO?
– WONWOO. I’m wearing it.
They asked me to wear it this way. You should hold this. You listen to the headset and sing.
We will follow you. You are the leader. Could you get us 3 headsets please?
[feeling doubtful] JOSHUA said it was alright before. [pokes with love] Did you see this? JEONGHAN.
[you know my heart] I’d be fun if one of the headsets
didn’t work. [gets mischievous] That one person would have to
sing without any music. Or if a different music played. [Finally, 3 headsets are ready] [interesting vibration] [My name is Balladeer Jeon]
They can’t hear us. – Let’s try.
– OK. [Over here they are practicing] [sad song] – Good.
– That was good. Does anyone want to record
one more time? – Good work!
– OK. – No less!
– Good work! – Let’s move onto the ending song.
– OK. Ending! [leaves quickly] – The ending… – We’re recording the ending!
[Please return…!] Why did I decide to record with these two?
[regrets] It’s chaotic. We’ll record the laughter later. – Record laughter separately?
– Just the song is enough. [looking for clues] Why do you keep looking at me? We’re scared of each other. – Just do it.
– OK. Don’t look. [anxiety tap]
– Hold on. – Do it again. Stop touching me!
[strong objection] Sorry. I was trying to count the beats.
And it made me laugh. Sorry!
One more time. [new hand position] – Any concern with this part?
– Nope. I’ll play the end of the song. – Try laughing at the beat.
– OK. – Good. Let’s record each member’s comment.
– Really? I can say anything I want to? Since this is the ending remark,
it should be something like “see you again” but in your own words. [grim preparation]
– You can go. – Go. Oh, I can say it now?
OK. [embarrassing for the speaker,
but enjoyable for the listeners] – That’s it?
– Yes. – OK. – We’ll go with that.
– OK. – JEONGHAN should start meditating.
– Why? JEONHAN needs to meditate. [strongly recommends]
I think he definitely should. He keeps tapping my butt! [detailed testimony of the victim
of the butt incident] After about 4 beats,
I realized what I was doing and laughed. – Don’t be anxious. – Funny.
[Next team is waiting in the booth] – Do you know the melody?
– Yes. – Do you want to practice? Go ahead.
– Sure. # How have you been? We missed you too #
[HOSHI’s voice stands out] [hold on]
Turn it down, please. HOSHI,
be careful about the pronunciation. Not like this? Your voice completely stands out. Make sure we can hear everyone’s voice. [Recording resumes after the feedback] [sudden danger] [looks] [sings hard] […] [HOSHI bursts out laughing] I can’t do it with these two.
[I give up!] – Why?
– It’s funny, isn’t it? I am doing a great job! – Let’s do it seriously again.
– OK. Seriously. Are you saying I didn’t sing seriously?
[feels falsely accused] – I am doing this seriously. Please don’t laugh.
– OK. [Opening song is finally finished at last]
– Any concerns? – No. – Let’s start recording the ending song.
– OK. The beginning part is tough. One more time. I can hear you hesitate. Kind of like this. – That’s me.
– Yes, you. – Just enter right away.
– Got it. Do you have any concerns? [Probably… not…?]
No. HOSHI is cute.
Good job. OK. – Let’s record your laughter.
– OK. That’s good. HOSHI doesn’t look satisfied.
[He finds HOSHI’s perfectionism amusing] Individual comment now.
Just go. Tiger’s gaze!
[dramatic self-introduction] Nope. You can’t. Stop laughing. I’m working.
[sensitive tiger] But it was funny. Sorry, I was caught off guard.
Tell us what you’re going to say. – Don’t be mad.
– Can we include this in the track? – Ready? – Let’s include these conversations, too.
– It’d be funny. Next, please. Use the first one. “Stop laughing. I was working!”
[They like the line] Should I start? Go ahead. Should I start? Go ahead!
Hurry! Let’s use “Should I start?”
as his comment. [devil’s editing] “Should I start?”
will be your line. – Good.
– It’s good. There are a lot of ad libs. – We’ll start.
– OK. [whispers] Let’s compliment DINO only. – Good. – DINO, that was really good!
[puzzled by all the compliments] DINO was good! – We worked together.
– I am jealous! Thanks for the reaction that we wanted.
[satisfied with the reaction] – Let’s go again.
– OK. – Good.
– OK. Let’s laugh.
[out-of-this-world coolness] Let’s hear you laugh. Can we do another version
of laughter? As long as it’s exciting. It’s time for individual comments. [suggesting a comment to DINO] This is the most over-the-top line
anyone could say. [embarrassment for the listener]
[pillow is necessary] Hold on. Can I record again
with a more ordinary line? Nope!
[unanimous rejection] # How have you been, everyone #
[VERNON the Vocalist reappears] # We missed you, too # I should blend in here. Stand in the middle then. No! Please. – You should take this headset
if you’re going to be in the middle. – OK. VERNON is a better singer than I am. – Should I be in the center?
– Go ahead. – OK. Ready?
– We’ll practice first. [out-of-this-world excitement] [VERNON’s singing amazes everyone]
– VERNON! – Sorry. – Time out!
– Sorry. – It’s not right? [scratches his head]
– Sorry. – It’s good.
– It’s good? [Lesson of the day:]
Do it like VERNON! It was good, but I was surprised.
OK. I didn’t know VERNON would sing
in the high range. – Let’s do it again.
– Ready? [singing in the low range
for better harmony] Should we record the ending song now? – Good.
– Good? Time to laugh.
[tries to take over the host role] [laughs with diaphragm]
[HA! HA! HA! HA!] [Everyone is confused with VERNON’s
exceptional excitement] What’s wrong? That was too much. What was that? Isn’t all of our laughter
getting mixed up anyway? That’s true,
but let’s go for another take. OK. Individual comments, please. Let’s start with WOOZI. – I’m not ready yet. – Come on in.
[doesn’t know what to say] [thinks carefully]
What should I say? [MINGYU is happy to be on the other side]
This is a tough job. – What did JEONGHAN say?
– It’s embarrassing. – Today is… (stutters)
– Go with that. I like that.
[They prefer these styles] How can I have trouble
saying “today”? One more time. Today is… That was a good line.
[Finally, they are done with recording] – I really love this song! – Really.
[Suddenly, DINO leads the conversation] Why are you using
the actor voice? – DINO is a pro.
– He is a pro. Ready go!
[With the signal] [DINO the reporter appears]
Wow! Have you heard this song? We now have a new
signature tune of “GOING SEVENTEEN”. What’s next? – Well… – It’s okay!
[reality strikes] At the meeting,
we decided to film the opening video. Right! Let’s do that.
[Opening song recording is successfully finished] – Good!
– Let’s go! I love this atmosphere. – It’s so fun.
– Right. – Let’s go.
– It was perfect. [DK comes in for a separate recording session] I couldn’t record with the others,
so I’m here now. [DK listens to the opening song
recorded by the other members] Shall we do it? [Moves onto the ending song right away] Can I do it until
right before the laughter? [steadily records his laughter] [feels embarrassed to laugh alone] I like this laugh sound. Closing remark? What should I say? Can I listen? Should I not?
[clash between two internal identities] [decided to listen after all] [DK listens to the final version of the ending song
including his voice] [satisfied x 218] I enjoyed this recording session. I love you!
Bye! [This is the venue where SEVENTEEN’s
opening video will be filmed] So we’re filming the music video here! The opening video of “GOING SEVENTEEN”. It’s so huge! [SEVENTEEM members
look around the place] Good! It’s a nice house! What’s this? It’d be fun if we recorded you
lying there and doing those steps! [S.COUPS is already lying down]
It’s already fun! There’s a guitar! [guitar foot swag] [Oh no! Must protect my ears!]
It’s good. No, like this. We should do it like this.
[The stairs give him an idea] The camera focuses at the feet,
and you dance down the steps like this. [Dancing down the steps is easy, isn’t it?]
How do you do that? – What’s that? – Right.
[They are shocked by THE 8’s moves] [checking the expiration date of food]
May 22, 2019. It’s safe to eat.
Thank you! – It’s a huge melon!
– It’s not my house, but… – This is a melon? Is this baguette edible? [If you’re not sure, check it in your mouth]
– Is this real baguette? – Yup. Have you all looked around? Have you looked around the rooms? SEVENTEEN children!
This is not a field trip. Please gather around! [round and round]
Get down here! – SEUNGKWAN, what should we do next?
– Let’s sit down first. [All 13 members are finally together!] We are here to film
the opening video! Since this was SEUNGKWAN’s idea,
SEUNGKWAN should delegate roles. I’m glad that my idea
was selected. – Lucky you. I wish my idea was chosen.
– I know. – That? – Me too!
[Everyone still loves their own ideas] Me too. Did you find some good places
for the video? The stairs! [Potential location 1: Stairs] I saw the step-down dance. It looked so difficult.
I think only a few members can do it. [THE 8 is a master dancer]
THE 8 was really good at it! I saw S.COUPS lying in bed and dancing. – You went like this?
– Yes. We could film this living room
from up there. – Where?
– There. We are being filmed from up there,
and everyone is dancing. – What is the theme?
– Theme? – “Everywhere Shuffle”? – Right.
[The theme: “SEVENTEEN dances everywhere”] – Let’s divide up into teams.
– Shall we? – Team Anywhere and Team Everywhere?
– I like that idea. – Let’s go with Team A and Team B.
[Final decision is up to SEUNGKWAN] – We’re going with Teams A and B.
– Who wants to be in Team Anywhere? – I want Team A!
– Team A. I think Team A will be DINO, S.COUPS, JOSHUA,
SEUNGKWAN, THE 8 and WOOZI. How do you list them so quickly? Say it all at once. It just happens after a long time.
[SEVENTEEN shows exceptional teamwork today] Who wants to be the overall director
of Team A? Who else would it be? – DINO can really do it?
– Who else would it be in Team A? We should let DINO be the director.
[Team A’s director is decided] – Very good.
– I agree. – Cool.
– He’d be great. – Right. As for Team B, how about WONWOO?
He’s been very passionate these days. – WONWOO!
– Passionate WONWOO. WONWOO is very passionate. JOSHUA is equally passionate these days. JOSHUA played badminton for 3 hours!
[He had so much passion] – He is a passionate guy!
– Is that possible? – Who wants to be the director?
– Rock scissors paper? Since WONWOO has more experience… You don’t want to do it.
[suspicious] – You’re dumping it on him.
– No! It’s for better quality. [Members unite in teasing JOSHUA together] Certainly, having WONWOO direct
would result in a better quality video. WONWOO might have more knowledge
about filming, but JOSHUA has more experience in acting! JOSHUA can be the acting director. Oh, then let’s do it this way. While Team A takes the roles of
director and staff, Team B members become
actors for Team A staff, and vice versa. Helping each other out. [They plan to produce a high quality
opening song video] – Shall we begin?
– OK! Let’s start! – Hello. – Mr. Director!
[Members gather for the first scene] You brought up a lot of ideas. I will keep those in mind. Right now, I need… JEONGHAN, WONWOO, and JUN
for Scene 1. The other actors of Team B
will monitor with me. I’ll explain the scene. There will be a cell phone. Sit down, look at the phone, and… [Scene 1 – Watching “GOING SEVENTEEN”
on the phone after a long, tiring day] JEONGHAN sits down.
“What’s this?” He takes out the phone
and looks at it, wondering what it is. When JEONGHAN taps on a button on the phone,
the song begins. Should I act as if I am exhausted
and thirsty in a dessert? – Not that far.
– You have to walk properly. JEONGHAN, in! [JEONGHAN’s tired walk] [out of breath] Is he a zombie? The walk was too dramatic.
[NG!] This is not a sci-fi film.
[DINO is a strict director] Was it too much? It’s not necessary to fall down. Great acting, though! Let’s focus and finish at one take! You get the feeling?
JEONGHAN? Let’s go right away. Ready, action! So bored! JEONGHAN in! Someone’s here? – What’s this?
– Great job grabbing the phone horizontally! – Click! – Perfect!
[Everyone is satisfied] Cut! Good. It’s done. I did a music video before.
[My acting skill comes from experience] Good work.
That was good. [Scene 2]
[Group dance (ft. cute props)] – There are props in here.
– Go over here. – Wow! So many props! – Cute!
[SEVENTEEN gather to select props] This one’s good! I love this one. You can grab anything. Whoa, no way! Propeller hat!
[brings up old memories] Helicopter! [+ gained a magic wand]
Bamboo helicopter! – Good! Bamboo helicopter! – You’re Doraemon.
[Everyone becomes Doraemon] [contagious] [DINO’s talent show]
Don’t worry! Bamboo helicopter! – You are good.
– You can fly with it. So good. Let’s put on this hair band. WONWOO, it will fit you. [Doughnut-shaped hair band]
It fits you well. So cute. [Take it!]
Hey, try this one. [Having his own taste]
– I want this one. – Okay. Cat. Bamboo helicopter. [WONWOO feeling good with a flower crown] So good! Bamboo helicopter. [Preparing for a group dance scene] [Going backward smoothly] [Checking out the last posing]
– Okay. – Good. Music! [Everyone in unity]
[Getting the group dance scene done at once] [The second scene is for relay dancing] [HOSHI turning on DK] [Creaking] [MINGYU Iron Man] [Jingling] [THE 8 combing] [Too crowded] [JOSHUA cock-a-doodle-doo] [S.COUPS bunny] [Thirteen members dancing free] [His mobile being props] Last! [Different versions of group dancing scenes]
Okay! Good! [Gathering for monitoring] I love these sunglasses. [MINGYU Iron Man is getting attention] JEONGHAN! KIM MINGYU! [Complete in the group dancing scene]
So good! – That is it.
– Good. – Perfect. [Scene 3 Bus (Directed by WONWOO / Shot by:
Team A)] Stay like this and turn your head. No? Sorry. This and this? That’s better? [The 90 degree with their arms making it real]
It is 90 degrees. [The director marking the spots] – Team A, it is in the bus.
– Bus? – One of you should be a driver.
– Really? Any volunteer? [MINGYU recommended for being seated front]
You do that. – MINGYU, you are the driver.
– Yes. [Clapping]
– DK. – Yes. [Specially prepared by the director]
What do you have? [Driver’s outfit]
MINGYU, change clothes. [Shortcoming: What a hassle to change clothes] [Putting on them onto his clothes]
– It is similar to what you are wearing.
– Put that on. Just drape yourself with it. [Fashionable driver]
Oh, it is chic. [Shirt + shirt]
– A shirt on another? – It is good. [Keeping telling him that it is okay] [Really?]
It will be in vogue. Not bad. [Changed into a bus driver (Feat. cramming and
forcing] Not bad. You like a bus driver. Like you are wearing like this… [Feeling so cool]
I love that. Good, let’s go. Team A, you know how to do it? – HOSHI and JOSHUA, raise your hand a bit higher.
– A bit. [Trying to look like a real bus]
– A bit, okay. – Good. Camera, on! Ready, action! [Satisfied director and staff] – Wow, it is perfect.
– Very good. Cut! So good. You will understand why it is good. So satisfied! [High occupational satisfaction]
VERNON looks super happy. [The arm going down]
– The arm goes low too much. – Oh, yeah. It is so fun. [+steering wheel +acting skills]
Let’s go. Ready, action! [More detailed acting] [Claps for the bus scene]
– Good. – Cut. Okay! So good! I love it. I tried to raise my arm high. – Good.
– Good. [The bus scene with sore arms is over]
– Well done. – Good. Good job! Let’s move on. I think it is the best scene of today. – So funny.
– It is really fun. [Scene 4 Bed scene (Directed by DINO / Shot by
Team B)] Like this? [Hiding and appearing all of a sudden] I will go with this concept. [THE 8’s item: Comb & mirror] [WOOZI is rehearsing on the bed] It is funny. [Going! on the bed]
On here. You hide here and spring from here with
music on. I loved the way you did. – Well, I can’t do that. How can I do that?
– Oh, really? We should not be seen in that camera. [Lying so flat is the key]
7, 8. Okay! Good! Other members are in sleep and you
doze here. – Are you ready?
– Yes. Good. Please hide yourself so that I can check out
if you are seen. [SEUNGKWAN and DK are not seen here]
Stand up at the same time. Good. You are not seen. Okay. Let’s rehearse. [A blooper for the time for standing up]
Cut! No, no. Hey, that’s why we need a rehearsal. Not bad. It is good. Why don’t we do slap stick? [Ungraded bed scene within a short
period of time] [Satisfied]
Good, good. – WOOZI.
– Yes? – Please make your face so bright!
– Okay. – All of a sudden, put on that face.
– Okay. Ready. Action. Action. [Sudden brightness] [SEUNGKWAN’s slap stick] – WOOZI, so good.
– Cut! I love it. Perfect. Good. [The Going dance as hard as group dancing]
We are united. [WOOZI’s detailed acting]
I love the way WOOZI moves his legs. – What is the last thing?
– Okay. [Cute points full of the bed scene]
– Okay, good. – Thank you. – Well done.
– You did a good job. [Scene 5 Kitchen scene (Shot by Team MIX)]
You pour water like this. A couple of members take their
cup noodle. Hi. [Items that fit them]
Just like your style. [Calling WOOZI]
– WOOZI. – Why? – Come here. – I think you should do this.
– What? DK will pour water in your cup noodle. Then, the three are dancing here. Then, you…from here. As if you were a marathoner taking
water in the middle of running. – Take your cup noodle here.
– Okay. I got it. What is this team? Team A? – I don’t think water is hot.
– No, no. – Team MIX. – Take your cup noodle and go away.
– Then, I should pour water first. Pouring and leaving. [DK pouring water] [Going to cup noodle doing the Going dance] – Like that.
– Grab your cup noodle and look at the camera. Take it and look at the camera. Those behind should hide. [Crowded]
Be ready. [Being serious in a crowd] DK, pour water to that on at the end. I will do here. – You pour water and I depart.
– Pour a little bit. – Hey, we don’t need a rehearsal. Let’s go.
– Okay. [Determined] [Targeting rate -218] [Heading to cup noodle in turn] Put water in it. [Attacked by the angle] [Muted laugh]
Cut! – DK, pour more water.
– We should do it again.
– It is hard. Pouring more? [Suggesting pouring more water]
– That is the point. – Okay. – Try hard to pour water.
– Okay. It could be messy. I am not to blame. [Aggressively pouring water] [We love this!]
So good! [Stress levels going down]
More! More! So good. [Gushing water]
So good. [Claps for DK’s hard work] Perfect. Oh, you wanted it. [Their favorite]
– So funny! – I love it. It is really fun. – DK, you are awesome.
– It is really funny. [Pouring water with a lid closed]
On the lid! [The most well-received scene by the
members] [Watering cup noodle]
You water plants. [Grow more, cup noodle] [Completing the opening song so excitedly]
We made it. – So funny.
– It is really awesome. We shot the opening video of “GOING
SEVENTEEN” based on SEUNGKWAN’s idea. [Online music file and video for the opening
song completed] – It will open “GOING
SEVENTEEN”. – Yep. The music is so good. SEUNGKWAN, how do you feel? Your idea was adopted and we all
joined this work. I was burdened before starting it. I worried that it could be a big deal. Well, it was so fun to take shots with our
members. I am looking forward to the final
version. – I am looking forward to “GOING SEVENTEEN”.
– Yes. I hope the opening video that we shot today
will turn out to be so good. I also hope that “GOING SEVENTEEN” will
make it further. We can do it. For “GOING SEVENTEEN” to succeed further… In the hopes of hoping… [Linguistic magician]
– In the hopes of hoping…
– You mean that? In the hopes of hoping that
SEVENTEEN can make it more. – Let’s shout! Fighting.
– Good. – Good.
– MINGYU, good. Let’s shout, “GOING SEVENTEEN”. “GOING SEVENTEEN,” fighting! The video will be played soon. [HEY] [GOING SEVENTEEN]

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