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[ENG SUB] MAP6TV EP.020 Cooking Contest Part 2

December 1, 2019

[Episode 20
Cooking contest (Part 2)] Su: It’s my turn…! Su: I’m making Egg Pizza MH: Are you making pizza? Su: The dough is made of eggs! J.J: Then it’s not a pizza but just a pancake… MH: He is starting! (Nervous) Su: Can I put down a cutting board? No, you can’t! [Sun starts cooking!] J.J: Three seconds… J.J: Four seconds…
Su: Stop it!
[They are doing sabotage to him of course] MH: Oh! Did you not wash your hands? Su: I did wash them J.J: When did you wash them? J.J: One minute, one minute one second… Su: I need to make tomato sauce personally Su: Isn’t that extra points? J.J: What extra points… [Mincing an onion] Su: I learnt cooking in middle school! Si: Did you? MH: You don’t need to tell what we don’t ask J.V: Why are you pushing you butt behind? Su: Sexy cooking man…! [He is aiming for high score in “sexy cooking man”…!] [Roasting the onion] Su: A recipe for tomato sauce! Su: Put in some oil and ketchup J.J: What? Are you pouring ketchup on a frying pan…! Su: Don’t worry! MH: Look at his foot Si: He is really doing it Si: Why is your foot like that? Su: It’s for going away… [Even his feet are ready for jumping away] J.V: He is in a hurry now~ [Sun is roasting vegetables] Su: Ham…! MH: We’ll watch you failing… [Cutting and roasting the ham late] Su: How do I do this… [He still can’t lose his “sexy cooking man” points] Su: The point here is my arm muscles…! MH: It’s so thin… J.J: Isn’t very thin?!
[Smoothly pretty arm…] Si: Why do you keep pushing your butt behind… Su: Why are you watching my butt…? [Ooh, tomato sauce looks good!] [Something seems to be lacking] Su: What time is it? Su: If I had time, I would make so good food! Su: Seriously…! [Tasting it again] Si: Is it really good? [Egg Pizza is almost ready!] [He was moving the pizza to a plate…] MH: It’s not moving, right! Si: It looks fine though
[He uses tools] MH: It’s burnt~ MH: Using your hands for that is a bit… Su: This is naturally done by hand… J.V: Did you wash the cheese?! Si: You didn’t wash the cheese! [He is scolded for not washing the cheese] J.J: Did you say you didn’t wash the cheese?! Su: Who is the next one cooking? Si: It’s me… me… (why) Su: You should work hard
[Giving back as much as he got] Si: I didn’t say nonsense…! (Worried) [Sun
21 minutes 26 seconds] Su: I made a pizza of eggs for MAP6
[Egg Pizza is looking real] [Tasting Egg Pizza] Su: Isn’t it tasty? MH: Yes, it’s tasty but burnt taste is ruining it! Su: No~! MH: How can you say no? It’s me who is eating… [Grading Egg Pizza] Si: I’m taking noodles
[The next one cooking is Sign] Si: This is a very important dish! Start! MH: He is the most nervous… Si: Why do you do that? Si: That…! I, I… k-knew it so… J.J: I’m afraid… J.J: You can’t get hurt! Si: Who wants to do this? [He is afraid too] MH: Wash the noodles (joking) Si: Wash this? Su: No MH: What were you washing… Si: How does my mom do this every day? [Suddenly they feel how great their moms are… (heart)] [Cutting technique…] MH: Just pluck it with your hands… J.J: What was that sound! [The main ingredient, egg, goes in~] (Look at this) [After finishing one thing, also the following part is difficult to Sign] Si: But how am I supposed to do this? [Even people who are watching him can feel the pain…] [J.Vin who can’t watch it anymore, goes to help Sign] J.V: Do you want to pour in this? [The youngest is helping the third oldest] Su: There really is the feeling of mom’s heart! Si: I’m putting this here~ [When he forgets what to do, he cheats and asks mom’s recipe] Si: She said to make a circle of this… Si: How can I do it…!! Si: I failed! [He is sweating and struggling…] Si: No, no, no. It’s fine…! Su: What is the name of your dish? Su:Si: Why are you like that… [Sign’s dish that seemed to never be ready is almost ready now…!] (Let’s pretend to be sleeping…!) [The members are pretending to be sleeping] [Sign
32 minutes, 00 seconds] Si: Why are you doing that~ Su: Oh, it’s ready? [Is it your breakfast] Si: The name of this dish is… J.V: It’s! Si: Egg with mushroom [Tasting “Egg with mushroom”] J.V: It’s tasty MH: It’s a bit… It feels like the noodles were swimming in your mouth? MH: Compared to egg, there are lots of noodles MH: Or there just is lots of noodles MH: Or there just is lots of noodles…! MH: It tastes a lot like noodle! Su: There was lots of noodles. There was too much noodles.
[Egg was the main ingredient but you could think it was noodles] MH: For people who are alone at home and who have lots of time
[That’s to whom they would recommend Sign’s dish] [Grading “Egg with mushroom”] Su: The last challenger! J.J: What time do you expect? MH: 10 minutes! J.V: Start~
[Can he finish it in 10 minutes…] Start! [Mincing an onion by beating technique] Su: Was my butt as much out as his? Su: Was my butt like that too?
[A man who has obsession of butts] J.V: Yours was even more… Su: But it’s cute J.J: Yes, it’s cute [Unseasonable butt show…] MH: I’m cutting leek too! [The sound is almost like in a construction site…] Si: The world is improving these days J.V: Can’t you say “Cheese!” to the camera once?
[The members are watching cooking Minhyuk in real time] MH: Here? J.V: Hello
Su: Hello~ Su: But I don’t know what you are cooking…? J.V: I don’t know either J.J: What are you cooking? MH: It can be called the greatest of all egg dishes…! Si: Steamed egg? MH: Gyemal! J.V: Rolled Omelet~ J.V: Show it in front of camera! (Like this?) J.V: No, not that one… [Ah, this one] [My little TV
Minhyukie’s cooking broadcast!] (Shocked!) [He wasn’t holding anything under…] [Here is a sudden tip for making a Rolled Omelet] [Add a few drops of vinegar!] [ 1. It captures the fishy smell
2. The egg doesn’t swell and you can make nice and thick Rolled Omelet] J.J: Minhyuk, be careful of your hands MH: Are you writing comments? [Minhyuk’s pretty hands

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  • Reply Ponk December 4, 2016 at 12:18 am

    You don't have to say sorry! Thank you for translate ♥

  • Reply Sydney Miles December 4, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    don't worry about your are way faster than v app and i really appreciate your hard work. Man why is minhyuk so cute and I love these boys

  • Reply Do you know O Sole Mio? December 5, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    thanks for subbing this

  • Reply Diana Adamari December 19, 2016 at 1:44 am

    don't apologize ~ you make me so happy baby ~

  • Reply MON December 31, 2016 at 1:11 am

    1:24 no this is not sexy Sun lol
    2:39 J.Vin what !? washing cheese !! lol
    In 3:40 who said "you can't" get hurt!" ?? Is is J.Jun or ???
    Sign is so quiet while cooking 🙂 actually he is quiet most of the time
    4:25 Sign 🙁 be careful, please !!!
    They all laughed on Sign except J.jun 🙁 Then after laughed he went to help him !! aww the cute Maknae:)
    5:27 lol
    Minhyuk was noisy loL
    8:11 aegyo
    8:56 sun so cute 🙂
    9:07 lol
    9:33 sign's problem with sweating
    the 94 line are the last lol
    11:14 lol sign

  • Reply MON December 31, 2016 at 1:13 am

    Thanks for the sub 🙂

  • Reply Daniya Safdar August 21, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    I dead a bit when Sun put ketchup and frying oil in the pan 😂

  • Reply Ma.uchiha December 11, 2017 at 5:49 am

    Sign'sdish also looks good

    8:12 Minhyuk's Aegyo😍

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