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(Eng Sub) CNT Women’s Team Preparing for 2018 Asian Games — CCTV 5

December 4, 2019

This is Sichuan Shuangliu Badminton Training Base, located in Chengdu. The CNT have their closed training for 2018 Asian Games here. Zhu Yuling, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Chen Xingtong and Sun Yingsha will be representing China in the women’s team event at the 2018 Asian Games. Chen Meng and Wang Manyu will be also taking part in the women’s singles. Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha will be competing at the mixed doubles. The 3 events, team, singles and mixed doubles are the events to be played at 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This is a young squad. Among them, Zhu Yuling and Chen Meng have played in major competitions. Yet they have never played the top 2 players on the team. The remaining 3 will be having their Asian Games debut. They are young but they capable of winning. We don’t care whether they are newcomers or veterans. They can take home the champion as we assign them to represent China. Taking home the champions is our goal. The thing is the process of training our young athletes but our goal will never change. Wang Manyu is 19 years old. She will be competing in women’s team, singles and mixed doubles. She plays the most number of events among the Chinese table tennis team. Her coach is the former coach of grand slam winner Zhang Jike. They might be the most hard working people in this training hall. Have you ever weighed the opponents? Yes. I haven’t competed against some of them. I lost to Feng Tianwei at 2018 WTTC. I have worked on it in the closed training. It took you some time to regain your composure after the loss at 2018 WTTC. How’s your ability to handle such shocking defeat now? I think I am not quite competent to make a quick redemption. Yet after reviewing the competitions, I bounce back pretty well. It still takes me some time to recover from a loss but I have improved on it. Can you get back on track within a day? I will push myself harder to do so. 24 year-old Chen Meng is the eldest player on the 2018 Asian Games squad. She will play in the singles and team events. This will be her second Asian Games but it will be her first time to play in the women’s singles at the Games. She bears a greater responsibility as compare to Wang Manyu. After all, the Chinese goal at the Asian Games is to make a clean sweep of every gold medal. It’s not just about winning every foreign players but to put myself into test. I don’t know if there will be any unexpected incident happen during the competition. The ability to handle any unexpected incident is crucial. Yes. That’s why I have created all sorts of challenges for myself during the closed training. To fight against myself. 23 year-old Zhu Yuling who played third match in 2018 WTTC finals, will be playing in the team event only. However coaches want her to become the team’s anchor. Zhu Yuling has been to many major competitions and has gone through many challenges. The Asian Games will be a mid-term assessment on her ability of handling pressure in the Tokyo Olympic cycle. (picture of the major competitors) Firstly, I have to take more responsibilities and push harder. Secondly, I hope the 5 of us play unitedly. Coaches have confidence in me since they assign me to take up this position. I have to believe in myself. It’s not easy to take up the role and lots of effort is needed. The hard work includes the daily training. If I forgive myself on a minor problem, it may get worse at critical moments. That’s what in my mind. Thus, I have to push myself harder in daily training. The purpose of having the closed training is not just preparing for the Games but an evaluation of a year of competitions. Not only do the players work on their physical strength, they study the tactics of the new competitors. Our slogans are not empty talk but the main idea of the closed training. The main topic of the training is to work on our nemesis. The spin is not as strong as it used to be since the new ball is in play. Table tennis is more about rallies nowadays. We have to work on our strength. Especially the individuality of each athlete. Some athletes are agile. We have to find a way to develop their strength. Some are solid players. Then we have to study the pattern of the ball movements. So as to make some breakthroughs. The closed training for 2018 Asian Games for the men’s team and women’s team are held in Chengdu. The women’s team coaches often invite male players to play against the women. Judging from the intense atmosphere, we know that the men have pose immense pressure on the women. These are the results the coaches looking for.

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    Wang Manyu keep working hard girl, I see a grand slam champion in you, Hope to see you on the top step of the podium and Chen Meng on the second

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