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[ENG] 181024 Weekly Idol Episode 378 – NCT 127

December 1, 2019

– Whether it’s here…
– Or there… – In the end…
– Weekly Idol! It’s a pleasure to
be here again. (Loud noises) Today, for Weekly Idol… What group will be the
‘Idol of the Week’? Let’s meet them right now. This idol group has been
rapidly growing in popularity. – They’re growing so fast.
– It’s a famous award. The American Music Awards
acknowledged this group. They were invited as a
‘rising KPOP star’, and have proven themselves. Also, famous American
media outlets like Forbes, Billboard, MTV… announced that they are
interested in NCT 127’s… work in the United States. We can’t get enough of
this ‘Idol of the Week’. Why don’t we meet them right away? – NCT 127!
– NCT 127! (NCT 127) – NCT 127!
– NCT 127! (Welcome, NCT 127) (To the world,
here is NCT) – This is good!
– Welcome! (Jae Hyun) (Winwin) (Johnny) (Hae Chan) (Tae Il) (Yuta) (Mark) (Jung Woo) (Do Young) (Tae Yong) (NCT 127, regular) To the world, here is NCT! Hello, we are NCT 127. Let’s have each member… introduce himself to the viewers. The weather got
cold so suddenly. NCT 127 must not
catch a cold, so I want you to do a
‘warm’ introduction. We want you to do
a warm-hearted boy version. Will Do Young
or Johnny go first? I’ll go first! (Eager Johnny) – Johnny wants to go first?
– Okay, good. Um… (Embarrassed to
actually do it) I’m Johnny, and I will hug you
like a warm blanket. – Blanket Johnny!
– He’s like a warm blanket… (Blanket Johnny) Warmer in the summer, colder in the winter, I’m like naengmyeon,
a Korean cold noodle. (Reaction first) (It’s a rather difficult metaphor.) I like to eat cold noodles
in the winter. Naengmyeon is
perfect for winter. Yes! (Naengmyeon
Haechan is pleased.) Next, we have Mark. I’m…um… From the bottom of the bone
to the marrow, From the bottom of the bone
to the marrow, – Ugh…
– Wait. Why don’t you
clear things up. It’s okay. I will warm you all the way
to the marrow. I’m Mark, and
I’m warm like a heated seat. A heated seat! (Good job, Mark) (Getting nervous) Heated seats are great
in the winter. Especially in the car. – Yes.
– Heated seats. Hello, I am Winwin.
I’m warm like a hot sweet potato. (Proud) Sweet potato! I love eating sweet potatoes
in the winter. When I eat one
on a cold day, I feel so happy. (We recommend Winwin to do
a commercial for sweet potatoes.) (Everyone is loving it.) In the winter,
your joints ache even more. I’m Tae Yong, and I’m warm
like a hot pain relief patch. A hot pain relief patch! (They are getting
even more nervous.) Hello, I am… warm like a hot spring… at a snowy mountain. I’m Jae Hyun. (Why haven’t I thought of that.) Hello, I’m Yuta, and
I’m warm like a hot pack. (Hot pack Yuta) Hot pack Yuta. Hello, I’m Taeil, and I
brought along a heater on my head. A heater! A head heater! (Different reactions
since they are nervous) A head heater. Okay. Do Young, are you okay? You’re not smiling. He’s nervous,
he can’t laugh. We’re up to here. I should have gone first… Jung Woo is next. (Jung Woo’s turn) (???) I’m like a microfiber cloth
on the outside. A microfiber cloth
on the outside, but I’m like a baked
sweet potato inside. Oh no. I’m Jung Woo,
an innocent fairy. (His cute and daring gesture
gets an A++) (How could you, Jung Woo…) A microfiber sweet potato! Finally, Do Young! (Nervous) Do Young… (12 people are all
looking at him.) Should I go? – Which camera?
– We’ll react to you, don’t worry. Hello, I am… (Listening carefully) (Don’t worry about reactions,
we got you covered.) I’m Do Young. Be careful,
you can get burned. I’m hot and dangerous
like Udon noodles. Udon! Like Udon noodles. (Everyone is helping out
with the reactions.) (I am cringing so much.) (Danger, you can get burned.) NCT Dream has
already done this… as well as other singers, like SHINee. You can’t miss out on
this on Weekly Idol! Rollercoaster Dance! (A must-do for idol groups,
Rollercoaster Dance) I think this is more fun than the
double speed dance. I want to try dancing
in regular speed as well. Have the other members seen
Rollercoaster Dance before? Yes. We give out points
for artistic value. Artistic value means… the music will go
fast and slow. You need to have
the right expression for each beat. Okay. (They are confident.) The emotions… you have to express
the emotions until the end. If you succeed, Weekly Idol’s signature, we don’t have many… limited edition. – Wow!
– It’s very expensive. Only Weekly Idol has it. We’ll give you this
as a present. Oh my god! Do you like the color navy? Yes, I do. Okay, then… Okay, we have a deal. What can be
navy colored? We’ll give it to you
if you succeed in one attempt. Good luck! Rollercoaster Dance music… Start! “Regular” Good! (Watch their free style dance
in slow motion) (His hands don’t know where to go.) (Intense gaze) (He is used to
the challenge already.) (This is easy.) (This speed change
is not a problem!) (Slow speed, so NCT 127
can rest for now.) (Their formation
is even better.) (Their choreography is ready
despite the rapid acceleration.) (Twitch) This is the original speed! (Hae Chan catches on quickly,
so double speed is on play.) (Continuous speed
change for SM) (Everyone is doing great.) (Relaxed) (Their sense of rhythm is
proportionate to their coolness.) (Perfect even when
viewed from the top) (127 is not regular,
but irregular.) (Quick steps) (Winwin is doing great.) (Pretending as if
he didn’t make a mistake) (This is the moment to get points
for facial expressions.) (You guys are doing great!) (Perfect choreography) (Mark’s handsomeness
comes out here and there.) (Lee Hae Chan,
the master of beats appears.) (Full of swag) (The challenging choreography
never stops.) (Showing off coolness) (You can’t hide
NCT’s skills.) (Full marks for
artistic value) (They look even better
at the regular speed.) (Haha) (Watching them act is like
being at a musical show.) It’s getting faster! (Okay) (Speed up) (They find their places
despite the fast beat.) This is the original speed! (He’s letting them know constantly.) ♪We make the world go♪ (Time for a couple dance
with Tae Yong and Mark) (Wow) (They look even more intense
because of the slow speed.) (Quickly) (This is nothing!) (The waves of
a rabbit prince) (They even do the beat of
clapping hands correctly.) (The Rollercoaster Dance
is finally ending.) (Oh my) (They are doing okay here.) (The beat keeps changing
till the end.) (Wait for us,
navy colored present!) (Twitch) (I can’t make
a mistake here!) (The end is near.) (They show 100% of
their coolness till the end.) Rollercoaster Dance…success! (A perfect success) (We are awesome!) I think we were even more
nervous than you. – It was like ‘La La Land’.
– Yes. Their acting was so good,
it was like watching that movie. Did you see Do Young
at the end? He thought
he was done. (Rollercoaster Dance
is endless.) Well, Rollercoaster Dance…
You won! (NCT succeeded
to perfection.) We have to give
you the present! This is really… (Time to give out
the navy colored present) (The mysterious navy
present is here.) (It’s heavy.) Be careful. This is navy. (The present’s size
is quite big.) It’s that big? Go away! It bites! Be careful! It’s alive! – Do you feel it?
– If it’s navy… I have a feeling… (Jung Woo wants a puppy.) Please open it. Be careful, Hae Chan. Be careful. (Pit-a-pat) Wow! Ta-da! (Controlling expressions) Blankets from Weekly Idol! – Wow!
– These are really nice… (They…are…n…nice…) (Blankets from Weekly Idol) Because you are warm-hearted boys! I was actually cold, but now I’m warm! I’m sweating now! This is really good! (Weekly Idol) We asked NCT 127 in advance… to do a ‘self-report’. They put in
so much work. I was really moved. (Claps of joy) NCT 127 wrote these reports
by themselves… We can get to know more about
each member of NCT 127. Self-report…Show us who you are! Mark and Hae Chan had already done
their reports last time. I wonder if there
are any changes? The first person to go, the oldest of NCT, Tae Il! (The first report is by NCT’s
refreshing main vocalist, Tae Il) If you take a look, you have a curse. It’s very unusual. You have to work your abs
in order to get excited? – There are people like that.
– I like working on my abs. You like to work on your abs? – Yes.
– Tae Il has an impression of… Bruce Lee’s tight muscles. (Wow, Bruce Lee!) Doesn’t he? (Excited) The important thing is he only
works out before he gets tired. Yeah. Before getting tired? Don’t people work out
until they get tired? What do you do? Show us. Show us your abs as well. This chair is perfect
for his workout. It’s perfect. I exercise in everyday life. I will show you exactly
what I usually do. For real?
Ready, start. What are you doing? That is all? Only five? I already feel different. I know that kind of person. At the gym, he doesn’t do much. (This is enough
exercise for me.) That’s exactly the same! It’s the same? He also does this as well. What is that? Most people do it this way, but Tae Il goes on a chair. (Grunt) What are you
exercising, exactly? Well, actually, I don’t have
that much strength. That much strength. Tae Il also has
a famous saying. A famous saying? I asked him if he really counts
that as exercise. He said, you have
to feel the muscles! You have to
feel the muscles! It’s exercise
for the mind! Exercise by feeling it! Why do you
have a curse… that you must work
on your abs? You may not really
understand this, but… working out like this
before going on stage… helps my tension to
reach its peak. Hahaha. You can get
totally absorbed. What about today? – Not today.
– You didn’t. See? Not totally absorbed. (Got caught) He was different from
when he was on stage. Even his walking
speaks volumes. Definitely no abs done. My mind is ready. And he has quite
a peculiar talent. Hapkido level 2! Hapkido? First time seeing this. First time. Who is finding this out
for the first time? – All members!
– Oh, I knew it. No, I knew it. Tae Yong,
how do you know it? When we were apprentices,
he told me once. We…um… Didn’t talk very often, but… – He said “I’m Hapkido level 2”?
– No, not like that. Obey me! Like this? Maybe a little like that… I couldn’t read
that though. Oh, you didn’t read it. He doesn’t act like one. Hahaha. Nothing like
a Hapkido master. Until when did you
do Hapkido? Until I was 11. Haha. Elementary fourth grade. Then, you should at least
be able to do the low kick. When the other person is standing, you kick from below,
and make him fall down. (You show us!) Go, let’s go! Do that! – I’m really…
– Now, stand up! Detailed move please. Only… Tae Yong knew it, so you be his
practice partner. (Fell into a trap) Then I will kick
from low to high. High? Oh. High? – It’s been ten years…
– You will do an upper kick? That’s high. You stretched
your muscles? You are really
going to hit him? – Aye!
– Aye! Aye! Wait, almost got hit. Touched his chin. You hit his chin! But his posture is good. Aye! Good posture. – Good posture, but….
– I…can’t do this. Really? – Yes, I’m…
– Try it! – What should I do?
– Shouting is important. Shout first. Got it. Aye! Aye! Tae Yong is… (Swirls) Isn’t Tae Yong
better at this? (Huh?) He’s good. Hahaha. (Bitter) Any other talents that
others don’t know? Acrostic poem? Others don’t know this? Acrostic poem! Go, Taeil. You must be
used to ‘SM’, so let’s try
‘Lee Sang Min’. – Lee!
– Here, we are. Sang! (…) (Already at his limit) – To an unimaginable extent,
– Oh, good. – Min!
– ♪Minni Minni Minni!♪ ♪Minni Minni Minni!♪ What is that? (What should
we do with him?) Tae Yong and Jae Woo… are so embarrassed over this. So embarrassed, but it is attractive. Mysteriously, yes. It’s rare to see someone
with nothing in this show. Hahaha. Almost our first time. Then, let’s move
on to Johnny! You have a habit of… biting your lips. This is a habit… from my childhood. Because I kept biting my lips, my mom always
scolded me for it. If you bite your lips,
you become sexy. Not like that. – Not sexy?
– How? (Ang) A smart and
kind impression. Saw that a lot. Did any members say
something about that? But, I think it’s okay. And…and… It’s not bad. – Cute.
– Cool. Have you ever tried
the sexy version? For me, being sexy… while biting my lips
is quite hard. Bite the corner
of your lips. Try it!
Bite your lips. – Not me.
– Just try it. (Just try it!) (Did it anyway) (Bursts into laughter) Yoo Se Yoon! It’s bothering me. (No…it’s offensive…) I keep watching it. Wow, it’s crazy. Johnny, you try it. (Biting his lips) – Right.
– That’s it. That’s it. Ah…I can’t do this. Still confusing. You said your talent is…
losing at rock, scissors, paper. Losing the game? We play rock,
scissors, paper a lot, because there
are ten of us. You need a game
to decide upon food, rooms, preparation order, things like this. – But how can it be a talent?
– I’m confident about this. It really is. – He’s so good at losing.
– This rock, scissors, paper, it is hard to lose
five times in a row. So, here comes… NCT 127’s rock, scissors, paper
losing game! Johnny versus
other NCT 127 members. If Johnny loses all games, we will give
you a present. – To Johnny.
– To Johnny. One versus nine? One versus nine. I don’t think
I’m that unlucky. Honestly, if I am… that unlucky, I should get a present. Come forward, please. Raise your hands
and show them. With whom first? Rock, scissors, paper… One by one. Rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper! I lost! Why did you let him win? You should beat him! Oh, I lost! Right. Hae Chan, what did you do! One more chance, please. One more chance. Rock, scissors, paper starts
from now on! (So that’s how Johnny’s talent
was confirmed.) Rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper! (I won.) Rock, scissors, paper! (Won again) (It can’t be.) Paper! (And he won all the others.) You spent all of
your luck today. Johnny! Buy a lottery ticket! Today is the day
for the lottery! Let’s buy one! I’m not lying.
This is the first time. Today it is. I changed it, to winning the rock,
scissors, paper. You spent all of your
luck for a lifetime here. Next is Tae Yong! Yes! Your nickname is
Tyongi, Lee Thankyou. – Because you thank a lot?
– T.Y.! – Thank you.
– Ah, T.Y. And your weakness is… your condition, so your tension
goes up suddenly, then goes up again? – No, down all of a sudden.
– So it’s turbulent. Members call me
a maniac. But it was
really funny, his tension is so
high in the morning, and he says “what should I do?
My tension is already so high.” He knows it himself, so he is worried for
his tension in the afternoon. Of a sudden fall. Tae Yong’s talent is… customizing clothes. Oh, right. Other members admit this. He has a lot of interest
in clothes. For fashion? How do you customize
your clothes? I like drawing, so I draw on clothes a lot. Then can you customize… other things as well? – Other things?
– Other than on clothes. Anything is possible. You just have to
draw on it, so… as long as you can draw, its value will go up. Then let’s check Tae Yong’s
customizing talents! So, only this time, we will open it.! Salon de Tae Yong. A salon. (Materials prepared
for Tae Yong) (Designer Tae Yong’s ready.) Oh, it came quickly. Okay. – Make it cool.
– Eating jelly while drawing is hot. So while Tae Yong… is doing his work, we will move
on to Yuta! Wow. (It’s my turn!) You didn’t write it incorrectly? It’s not just a man. It’s a mountain of a man. I combined
those two words. I like hiking mountains. You like mountains. A man who loves… hiking in the mountain. Originally I couldn’t… pronounce it correctly, so it was like
‘Sa nam ja’. I like walking, so… You like mountains.
Which one? (???) – I’m not following you.
– When I was an apprentice, I went to every
mountain in Seoul. Oh. In your hiking outfit? In normal attire. Jeans and… T-shirt. What surprised me is that… Yuta is from Japan, but he writes Korean so well. It’s really beautiful. He learned the classic Korean form,
so he can write classically. A classic? It takes some time
to write like this. No, it didn’t take long. Oh, he is defensive. Okay, let’s start this. He must have something. You just wait. Do you write diaries? No! I don’t. Go, go, ask! Do you write letters by the stones
of the mountain? No. He said no.
You ask. Do you like memos? No. Do you love Hangeul? Yes. Yes. We made it! Yeah! Did it, did it. Hangeul is so pretty, so I want to
write it carefully. What did you write
for the first time? First time? I want to eat. This is so sad…wait… Oh…I… Wait…that’s not it… No… When I first came to Korea, I learned things like
‘Where is the toilet?’, ‘I want to eat’. Practical sentences. “I want to eat” was so sad. It touched my heart. Then, could you write… ‘Weekly Idol’ in Yuta? Wow, I’m kind
of nervous. Do I have to
write it so it’s big? (Getting nervous
about writing it) The bigger, the better. With the size
you’re confident with. You should know… your own writing style. He’s almost done. It’s pretty. (Yuta’s Korean Class
and Salon De Tae Yong) Tae Yong, are you
working on yours? – Yes, I am.
– What style are you going with? – Like, for example…
– Simple? (Salon De Tae Yong’s concept:
Simple) Wow, wait a minute. – Don’t look right now.
– Not right now. They’re designers now. (Tae Yong the artist is creating
a masterpiece!) Are you good
at writing Japanese characters? Yes, I write them well. His handwriting
skills are good. Wow! (Yuta’s writing
soon to be released!) (Ta-da!) – Is it bad?
– Wait a minute. It’s definitely not
what I was expecting. It’s quality. Honestly, the letters
should be small to be pretty. Do a smaller one. Try to write it
smaller than that. (Laughing) Lower the font a little. – It’s Yuta’s style.
– Smaller… You can write it
very small. (Full of expectations!) Tae Young, right now, he’s started painting. He’s creating something, the way he’s
using the yellow. (Concentrating)
Is it gold? Yes, well there are sparkles. The glitter. Wow! – Okay.
– I’m finally done. Come on! (Yuta is finally done!) (Ta-da!) (???) (Let’s see here…) Wait a minute. Not bad! It’s not bad. Weekly Idol NCT 127. (You have to read it like this…)
It’s not bad. Can you see it? (Yuta’s ta-da!) Here. (Weekly Idol x NCT 127) Let’s see the next one. It’s Do Young’s! (The fifth self-report,
Rabbit King, Do Young) Do Young, you’re
only weakness… is Hae Chan? You can’t beat him. Oh, Hae Chan. That’s right. He is always losing
to Hae Chan. When you say
everything, like what? Arguments. – He loses all arguments?
– Hae Chan comes at it hard. Just everything. Arguments and fights. He loses at everything. Even in terms of strength. Is there anything you know
you could beat him at? Arithmetic? – Oh, arithmetic?
– Arithmetic. Can you do it? Of course I can. Wow, should we do
some arithmetic? Let’s go with arithmetic. – Can you do multiples?
– Yes, I can do multiples. (I’ll beat Hae Chan
in arithmetic!) (I can’t lose
to Do Young!) What’s twenty-five plus thirty-nine
plus seventy-one equal too? (Taeil, what are you doing?)
I know! – Taeil, you first.
– 136! (Taeil, wrong!)
No. 135! – No.
– 135! (Hae Chan and Do Young
at the exact same time!) It was almost
the same time. Hae Chan was quicker. I lost. (So cool to
accept the loss!) Why are you so quick
to accept the loss! You could argue that! – Can we do one more?
– Okay, one more. We’ll give you
one more chance. – Was the last one okay?
– Yes, it was okay. (Happy with the problem!)
That was good. What is thirty-six plus twenty-nine
plus twenty-eight equal too? What is thirty-six plus twenty-nine
plus twenty-eight equal too? Wait… – Again.
– 93! 93! (Is that the answer…?) – Correct!
– Hae Chan is correct! Hae Chan is correct! (Do Young is
the loser again…) You lost. (That was nothing!)
You lost again. I wrote my
self-report accurately! (Weakness: true!)
It shouldn’t take that long. Wow! He’s a force to
be reckoned with. He really is. (You forgot about one person
while you were laughing away.) (Salon De Tae Young hard at work!) (His concentrating features
scream celebrity!) (Traces of his hard work!) (His beauty precedes him
at Salon De Tae Young!) It’s time, Tae Young.
– Yes… – Your time is up.
– I’m done. Just this last one. (Expectations!) We’re full of expectations! – Yes, we are.
– Wow! He’s good. – Okay, Salon De Ta Young!
– Yes. – Open!
– Your customers are waiting! (The NCT boys heard
the rumors and gathered!) Your customers are waiting! (Wow!) (It has turned into
a special blanket!) (Met with a standing ovation!) (He added glitter!) That’s really amazing! I hope
Weekly Idol shines! From this day forth! This is really amazing! It might fall off. This kind of looks like… it could be a jacket. Put it around like this. (Something like this?) Can we put my writing
beneath that… Yuta’s. We’ll put it there.
I’ll do it for you. (Yuta’s free ride, success!) Can we… we can have a special one. Thank you so much! Thank you. (That’s our leader!) Should we move
on to Win Win. (The sixth member’s self-report,
Win Win!) – Your strength is your flexibility.
– You know. I learned it when I was younger. – Since you were a child?
– Yes. That’s why. And also, Do Young and Jae Hyun… said they wanted to have
Win Win’s flexibility. If it was enough for them
to say that, then he must be very flexible. – We should see this, no?
– Show them that, – show them the leg thing.
– Your flexibility. Can you touch your ears, – ears all the way down?
– This? He can do it! It’s probably like this. It’s probably like this. (Split!)
Wow! (Oh my God!) He was in a straight line! (Show us more flexibility!)
And more? He does this spinning thing.
It’s crazy. (Please don’t hurt yourself!)
Like on stage? Be careful! – Wow!
– Be careful! Wow! (???) – Wow!
– Wait a minute. – Wow!
– Wait a minute. It’s okay. It’s been a while. – Wow!
– It’s been a while. (He finally flips over!)
Wow! (His walk says
he’s proud of himself!) You’re so cute! Another one is,
you have broad shoulders. (Strength: flexible,
broad shoulders!) Your shoulders? (Am I the only one who thinks so?)
No, that’s not it. Are you the only one
that thinks that? (I’m the Shoulder King!) Okay, then.
Get all the broad shoulders… in the group,
and we’ll make it official, The Person with
the Broadest Shoulders. This is the first time
we’re measuring shoulders so… that person will
be Weekly Idol’s Shoulder King. Shoulder King! As long as we don’t measure again. Should we do it? – Hae Chan?
– 50 centimeters. (1. Hae Chan, 50 cm) Johnny is next. His shoulders look broad. They come down a little. Even if it comes down,
broad is broad. Johnny is 54 cm. – He’s number one right now.
– Yuta is next. (Mountain man Yuta’s
shoulder length?) Yuta is 53 cm. (Doesn’t rank first!) Johnny is number
one right now. You got to loosen it! Of course! (Why am I nervous?) (The spread-out shoulders
of NCT 127!) The shoulders
have come down a little. 53… – He’s 56 cm.
– 56! (Johnny is pushed into second place!)
First place has changed! 56 is the highest! – Now Jung Woo!
– Shoulder King. Jung Woo!
He’s not breathing right now. – He’s 56 cm.
– 56! (Jae Hyun and Jung Woo are tied!)
They’re tied! – What!
– Now Do Young! – Do Young…
– I think I’m going to be small. 57 cm. (Do Young is first
for the Shoulder King!) Do Young! You beat Hae Chan! You beat him! Okay! (I finally beat Hae Chan!) Taeil! I just want to go over 50… I just want to go over 50… You have the jacket at least. He’s… (What is his length?) – 56 cm.
– Wow! (Manliness!)
Hae Chan is 50. – Mark is next.
– Me? – You already did it.
– My shoulders are like hangers. It’s okay… as long as clothes
look good on you. He’s 53 cm. – Not bad.
– 53! Tae Young right now is… – They are squared.
– I feel he could get first. Tae Young is 58.5 cm! 58.5 cm! (Tae Young is in the lead!)
58.5! It’s Win Win’s turn! He refers to himself
as the Shoulder King. (The self-proclaimed Shoulder King’s
shoulder length?) Shoulder King! (Shoulder King’s pride!)
Win Win? Hey, even if you do that, It could be smaller
if you do that. Doing that, he’s 55 cm. – (Win Win is in fourth place!)
– 55! So in conclusion, Weekly Idol’s official
Shoulder King is… Tae Young! (Shoulder King Tae Young
at 58.5 cm) – That’s impressive.
– Wow. If you look at
NCT 127’s self-report, and look at all
the strengths and weaknesses, – they have become all vague now.
– They all changed. Everyone’s has changed. (Strength: flexibility) But, Win Win… said he couldn’t find
his weakness. (Then should we
find it for you?) The other members
can find it. – There’s a lot.
– He’s ticklish. – He can’t stand being tickled?
– I don’t like being touched. What kind of touch? Tae Young is
always touching me. (Tae Young’s signs of affection!) I don’t like that. (Like this!) (Avoids contact!) What you just saw, except for the name part,
he does the last part more. Babbling! Yes, he does this a lot. Show us how much
he can stand. Show us the typical you. – Be natural.
– The usual you. Usual you. Why are you so cute? Why are you so cute? Why are you so cute? This isn’t it. It was more than this. It was worse. Worse? It was worse? Like he’s a doll. – Really?
– You’ll get goosebumps. I might get goosebumps? – I think he’s cute.
– Is it only for him? Both are like, even when he
doesn’t do that, he’s like… ‘Wow, it’s crazy.’ ‘Wow, it’s crazy.’ It’s like his fan. – He loves him so much.
– When he didn’t see him one day, he was like ‘I can’t
wait to see him.’ Really? He’s a giver. It’s so funny
when I think about it. Let’s move on
to the next one. Prince! It’s Jae Hyun. Habit: whistle. Whistle. I whistle a song
before I know it. – Before you know it?
– Are you good? – Do you hit every note?
– Yes. Let’s see. Regular. As he moves his lips, he gets all eyes on him. Romanticist of the age. Whistling Jae Hyun. What part are
you singing? Do this. (Trying hard) (Not bad) (Not bad) Can you sing ‘Fire truck’? (Here I go.) A little wrong. It’s controversial. – Nervousness doesn’t help.
– I can sing ‘Cherry Bomb.’ “Cherry Bomb”. ♪Where’s the exit?♪ My part. You drive me crazy. I know you’re
trying your best. We’ll leave it out. Today is not the day. Your talent. I can make double eyelids easily. – Double eyelids?
– You don’t have them now. I have invisible double eyelids. I can make it
visible and invisible. Without your hands? (Cover my face) When it’s invisible. – Invisible.
– Single eyelid. Single eyelid. Three, two, one. Three, two, one. It’s not visible. It’s gone. Visible? (Ver 2. Double eyelid) Three, two, one. (His eyes look bigger.) (Clap clap clap) It’s amazing. He’s also good at sports. I wonder what it’s like
to be flexible. He’s good at everything… except for flexibility. I’ve tried to
do the splits. I’ve never made it
to the widest point. – Is everyone capable of doing it?
– No. – I want to be.
– It’s not easy. I wanted to see
you all doing it. We have similar dance moves
for “Cherry Bomb”. Doing the splits. ♪Run away from this♪ ♪Right? Cherry?♪ We can go down this low. Are you sure? – We will show you.
– Will you? As wide as we can, up until our limit. – We are determined to do it.
– Don’t hurt yourself. Pull your pants up. (Doing the splits
as wide as they can) ♪Run away from this♪ ♪Right? Cherry Bomb♪ Now we need
to come up. – How are you going to come up?
– At once! – At once?
– Five, six, seven, eight! (Loose movement) He…he… He came up easily,
but back there… At once? Only your words. It was the widest
we ever did. Let’s see Jung Woo’s report. It’s his first report ever. He just joined our team. It must be his
first report ever, even his handwriting
seems nervous. Look at his handwriting. Nervousness itself. Your weakness is your nervousness. – Right.
– He gets nervous easily. – I get nervous easily.
– Once wrong, it continues. I think it’s a jinx. I was surprised. When we were on
Jimmy Kimmel’s live show, – he took a pill.
– Tranquilizer. Tranquilizer. That surprised me. When practicing, he once cried. He cried? It was when
he just joined. He was too nervous. He had to memorize
the dance moves. He felt overwhelmed. Even when we
were on stage, even in camera rehearsal, he got too nervous
and cried. He cried. – In camera rehearsal.
– In the middle of the rehearsal? Yes, in the middle. In the first rehearsal,
I was too nervous. Maybe it was more complicated.
Not just nervousness. You weren’t satisfied? It was my first rehearsal, and it was… But he was perfect. You guys should help him. We say it’s okay
when he’s nervous, it would make him worse. We should leave him alone. We make fun of them. Film him
when he cries. We take a video
when someone cries. You can never
be nervous. That’s a good idea. So you guys don’t bother him. Except for one or two, – we leave him alone.
– Who comforts him? Do Young. I was so sorry. I told him to focus. I didn’t know
he was that nervous. Maybe you made him cry. – No, he didn’t.
– Probably. Probably. He wanted to do well. Because he wanted to do well. It says your weakness is
your lack of concentration. He doesn’t want
to mess up. I told you! But when he messes up,
it’s hard to make it right. – Everything turns out to be true.
– Like a puzzle. It’s the most accurate. It’s only based on facts. This is the most accurate one. It’s only based on facts. What are you
confident about? – What am I confident about?
– Like this is my strength. (Nervous) Persistence? (Good answer) Persistence. He’s also good at organizing! – Good organizer.
– The best. Oh I thought, I thought it should be
based on facts, right? Yes, you’re right. Yours was the
most fact-based. – I thought it should’ve been funny.
– No, no. – It’s funny enough. It’s so funny.
– My apologies. – It’s so funny.
– He’s going to cry. Pass me a phone
so I can film it. He’s about to cry. I’ll deal with it. He stays calm
when talking. The next report belongs to… the only minor, Hae Chan. It’s his second report. So in case of
Hae Chan and Mark, we compared
the two reports, to see how
they’re different. Anything different? – I don’t think so.
– It looks more sincere. Hae Chan. – Wait.
– Hold on. His height. He’s taller? – He got shorter.
– 9cm shorter. Let me explain. I think I know why. I know why. Explain yourself. It’s been my dream height
since I was a kid. – Your dream height.
– Ideal height. You dream,
ideal height. I was criticized
a lot for this, so in order to be honest, to be true to my fans,
I wrote down my real height. Real height 174cm. 174cm, real height. Ideal height, 183cm. I’m so sorry. Last time he said
he was married, he was a married man, now he’s single. What happened? Maybe a little
difference of opinion? Divorce? (Someone with an experience) I meant, I’m married to my fans. I thought I would
get to talk about it. I wanted to talk about it, but it never happened, so I was really… We were like,
‘oh, he’s married.’ He found a true
love already, People get married
early these days. so we thought you
were very responsible. At the fan events,
everyone asked me about it. Who are you married to?
What did you mean? In a way, what I wrote this
time was the truth. Ah, it was true this time
around. As for your habit… – What do you mean by ‘handshake’?
– Ah, that’s… more like… say, before you
get on stage, or when I
come across… bros, I just… – do this kind of…
– Like when Son Heung Min scores… a goal, he does this
ceremony thing. – You mean this kind of greeting?
– We all have one. Different depending
on the members? Could you show us? Let’s go with Johnny. (1. Hae Chan’s handshake
with Johnny) Six, seven, eight. (Bump) Wow. Oh, these youngsters… (2. Hae Chan’s handshake with Yuta)
Which version? – The recent one?
– The recent one! Oh, various versions! Oh, wow! (Bang) (So cool) Oh, so cool! (3. Hae Chan’s handshake
with Winwin) Winwin! Do I go upwards? Yeah! Do I go upwards?
(Hop, hop) Hae Chan remembers
all of them! (4. Hae Chan’s handshake
with Jae Hyun) (Handshake with Jae Hyun,
full of swag) – What is THIS?
– Ending like this?? He has them all different,
so funny! (5. Hae Chan’s handshake
with Tae Yong) (To connect,
not to connect?) (Hand gestures seemingly
off balance is the key point.) (Cheering) (6. Hae Chan’s handshake
with Jung Woo) Jung Woo! Don’t get nervous! (Zeus, always perfect
on stage) (Hae Chan is killing it!) (This time with Hae Chan’s
close buddy, Mark) – This was my first handshake.
– Ah, the first one! – Even though it gets a bit long…
– Ah, that’s fine! (May get a bit longer) (7. Hae Chan’s handshake with Mark)
– This is the best! (Flamboyant) (Wow, so cool!) (Next with the eldest Tae Il)
What was it? – Ah, that’s right!
– Feels slighted. (Feels slighted) (8. Hae Chan’s handshake
with Tae Il) (Hug) I always say that
I need to be charged, so I go like, ‘Bro,
charger!’, and then… (Hae Chan’s charger, Tae Il) They are cute. (Handshake with Do Young)
– Last! (9. Hae Chan’s handshake
with Do Young) (Solemn) (Slide) (Hae Chan’s handshakes cleared) It’s all unique! – So fun!
– So unique! Also, you wrote in
your skills section, that you can dance
like your seniors? – Yes, he’s good.
– Approved? What I am worried
about is… that I haven’t caught up
with the latest ones. Since NCT are busy, it’s not
easy to stay updated. Then, you can dance
randomly today. – Shall we?
– Okay. Today… for Hae Chan, we prepared
a mini console. – Yes!
– Last time, when he was on
for Dream, he could not take
them home, so you must have
been wistful. We’ve been waiting
until Hae Chan returned. – I’m nervous.
– Now, Hae Chan’s… Solo SM Random Dance! – Fighting, Hae Chan!
– You can do it! – You can do it!
– Cue… music! “Move” (Look in the eyes
changing all of a sudden) ♪Graceful hand gestures♪ (Dripping with sexiness) (Hae Chan’s lethal
‘Move Disease’) (Sensual squirming) (Cutie Hae Chan’s been
confined away for a while) (Bros, dripping with honey) “Power Up” (Crisis? Tremors in
Hae Chan’s pupils, confused) (Show them, Hae Chan!) (No worries! Lovely
Hae Chan Shark in sight) (In between the lyrics) (Baby shark in the groove) (Explosive refreshingness) (Changing songs for
confused Hae Chan!) (Okay) “Ko Ko Bop” (No buffering) (SM’s bright future proven) Let’s go! (Charisma shining through
with a handsome face) (Heck yeah!) (Czenys crying,
being so proud of you…) Wow, he’s good! Him being interested in
one’s own company, and his knowing his seniors’
and juniors’ dance moves, we are grateful for it all, so we would like to
present you with this. – Well done!
– You should be proud of yourself! Ah, I feel like I forgot
where I came from, – so I will try harder.
– If you are not interested, you don’t even know which singers
belong to your company, – but he monitors them all.
– Also, there are so many singers
coming out from his company. – Tell me about it.
– We have been waiting for him, – Mark Lee!
– Mark Lee! For Mark as well, as compare to what he
wrote in the past, – we will take a look at this one.
– Let us. (Cannot remember the past)
It should be the same. Okay, Mark. His height was 175cm, – now it’s shrunken to 174.5.
– Why has it? Oh, really? – That’s… 174…
– Shorter by 0.5cm. You got shorter by 0.5cm.
Before, you said it was 175cm. – Ah, really?
– You became more honest. Probably, it must be
the same, but… Depending on the
condition of a given day… – Depends on the condition.
– Mark… also says that
he plays badminton, – I like it, yes.
– or are you good at it? When I was young, – I won a competition once.
– Really? – You were a player?
– No. With my dad, I used to play it a lot.
It was between middle schools, – A competition between them.
– Our hard-working Mark… says that he wants it, so
shouldn’t we let him? Challenging the title of
the Badminton King! (Doubting his ears) – First off,
– Let’s see if we got to delete it. what we should know is
that all the members… of NCT 127… should work together to make
Mark as the Badminton King. – Yes.
– When Mark serves… the shuttlecock, each
member should… – receive it onto a bowl.
– What the…! If, within 30 seconds, all the members receive
the entire 10 shuttlecocks, we will give you
a huge present. – We will give you a big one.
– Let’s stand apart, just in case, we should
spread apart. – That’s true.
– Well, – Let us know when you are ready.
– Just trust me. Here we go, start! (Will it succeed right
off the bat? No way.) You should keep
going, high up. (Shuttlecock delivered
right away!) Argh! (Whatever will be, will be
for Jae Hyun) Okay, sit down please! Sit down please!
(Perfect chemistry) – Hae Chan, sit down now!
– It’s fallen. Oh, it’s too high.
(Mark’s serving.) You can sit down
once you catch it. (Laughter) (Tae Yong succeeded
at last? NO!) (On the contrary,
Yuta succeeded at once.) Oh, Yuta! (Jung Woo make it, too!)
Jung Woo! (Next, delivering it to Johnny)
One more now! (Hop) (Bro… please!) Now, one more!
(Hop) (Bro… please!) (Tae Yong’s look
seen from Johnny…) (Time over) (In the midst of the
mayhem with the ending) It’s over! (Two people have
lost their mind) Now, Mark’s… attempt at the title of the
Badminton King has failed! – Oh, no!
– Last time as well, – The present, it’s going!
– I was so close. (Parting ways with the present)
No! – How was it today?
– Yes. To be honest with you, among the
entertainment shows we’ve been on, it was the funniest. (Clap)
Ah! Well, what shall I say, I think we were able to
show our different aspects a lot, so in a sense, the members… as well as myself,
it was a rewarding day. We appreciate you hosts,
for turning… – today a happy one.
– We appreciate it! (Bow) Okay, shall we wrap it up? – Here you go!
– There you go! In the end, it’s Weekly Idol. (NCT 127 are really extraordinary.)
(When are you recruiting Czenys?) (Rosy 12 girls, IZONE) We will paint this white
wall with our energy! (Cuteness) (Girl crush) (Entertaining) (Are IZONE rookies really?) (Everyone, please
appreciate our beauty.) I really look forward to it! (Please look forward
to IZONE’s Weekly Idol!) Hello, we are IZONE! Producer Public, your girls have come to… Weekly Idol! IZONE will grant
your wishes! Sexy IZONE, Cutie IZONE, we will be your fairies! On Wednesday, Oct 31, at 5 PM, on Weekly Idol! We will see you then! (Please look forward to
IZONE’s entertaining show.) “Regular” – NCT 127 Official twitter: @weekidol1

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