Embarrassing Moments in Sports! Funny Fails for a laugh!

December 10, 2019

From collapsing stadiums to staged
crashes, this is our list of the most embarrassing moments in sports! Stay
tuned to find out whose mom ran into the mix of things to tend to his wounds. And,
for the record, we’re gonna leave Michael Jordan playing basketball against a
bunch of cartoons out of this one. I think the infamy of Space Jam is
punishment enough. Number 10: Bye-Bye Cameraman. Famous athletes put their name, their reputation, and their pride on the line every time
that they compete. One wrong move or one wrong play and
their reputation can be ruined. Because of that, we can understand a bit of
embarrassment from a player when something doesn’t go quite as they had
planned, however, the former Chicago Bulls forward, Dennis Rodman, may have gotten a bit too embarrassed back in 1997. Rodman went for a rebound that just barely missed. Falling, Rodman ended up booty down on the court. So, while we understand that this may have been embarrassing enough for the athlete, it was something
that a nearby cameraman figured the fans at home definitely wanted to see. Rodman
likely would have lived down this otherwise trivial mistake, too, if he
hadn’t have reacted by intentionally kneeing the cameraman who was recording him in the groin area. There is a such thing as too much pride. Number 9: I think You Missed. Baseball is a fast-paced game, filled with
explosive athletes who, despite failing more than succeeding when they’re up to
bat, always push forward and attempt to round the other team’s bases. In
baseball it’s not uncommon to hear a batting average that sounds pretty low,
but, as a frequency of success goes, it’s actually pretty good. And, generally when
a player misses, their bat just swings past the ball that they’re aiming for. However,
sometimes things get a little more interesting than that. Jimmy Rollins is
oftentimes considered a pretty good player. That said, everyone makes mistakes and a few years back he made one that he will not quickly forget. Rollins was up
to bat, he watched the pitcher wind-up an air crackling throw, and then he swung. In
his defense, he did hit the ball. Unfortunately, the ball also hit him…right in the face…as it ricocheted off the side of his bat. Someone might need
to remind him which way the ball is supposed to travel! Number 8: Missing The Birdie. Different sports handle deciding who’s gonna face whom in different ways. Some sports go by international ranking, some by what the fans want to see, and others have elimination-style leagues. This system is in place to make sure that teams challenge the best of their own level, so the athletes get to test their mettle, and to have a fair shot at victory. And, also, so fans get their times worth of fast-paced entertainment. Sometimes,
though, an athlete or team tries to game the system. In 2008, the Olympic Badminton players threw their games on purpose. Why, you might ask, would a world-class athlete, who’s trained their entire lives to secure victory for their home nation,
intentionally lose? Well, apparently the players were trying to drop their
standings in order to secure future matches against easier opponents.
Needless to say, all of these players were disqualified. Number 7: LeBron James Takes The L. We all get frustrated sometimes. Athletes are under a lot of pressure. Perhaps especially those who have garnered international fame and
recognition. These beloved athletes have the weight of their massive reputations
resting on their shoulders every single time they step out onto the court, into
the ring, or onto the field. Back in 2015, one of the world’s most famous
basketball players of our time let the pressure of his chosen profession get to
his head. The court was packed, and LeBron James was leading the Cleveland
Cavaliers in a rough game that was getting ugly fast. After failing to score
while his team had possession of the ball, James stormed off the court while
the ball was still in play. Now this is a big no-no in basketball, and his team was
quickly fouled, on his behalf, for the player leaving the court. Unfortunately,
because LeBron had left his team down one man, one of his teammates was forced to rush onto the court to replace him… resulting in yet another foul for the
team. LeBron later apologized, stating that he
had blown a gasket. Number 6: Out Of Players. With alternates and second
stringers, most sports account for injuries or accidents that can occur
during a game or a match, and take the athletes down for a bit. It’s not too
uncommon for more than one accident to occur, or for two or more players to go
down in a single game. In some sports, however, when a team loses so many
players to injuries or fouls that it can no longer field a team…well that’s rare.
But, believe it or not, it does, and it has, happened. In February of 2014, when the
Lakers were squaring off against the Cleveland Cavaliers, fouls and injuries decimated the roster of the Lakers. The Lakers were cut
down to only three eligible players by the end of the game. L.A. was fine for a
time, until one of their players fouled another and, by the rules, needed to exit
the court. However, there was no one to replace him. So what happened? Well an
obscure rule actually saved the said player, and he was allowed to continue in
the game…although his team was still flagged for his foul. Number 5: Mike Tyson’s Famous Bite. We all know the story. Mike Tyson was slipping off his
throne. His life wasn’t going the way he was used to, and the world was slowly
beginning to spiral into chaos as the boxers inflated ego began to be
challenged by reality. Mike was boisterous, confident, loud, and
dangerous..essentially he was everything that the well mannered Evander Holyfield
wasn’t and, whereas Evander might have taken the loss against Mike like a
champion…the same couldn’t be said about how Tyson reacted when he began to lose
against Holyfield. As the fight began to shift in the favor of his opponent, Mike
panicked and, apparently not knowing what else to do, he clinched with the boxer
across from him and sunk his teeth deep into the man’s ear. Tyson ripped a piece
of Holyfield’s cartilage away and forever damaged his own reputation.
Luckily his reputation wasn’t tarnished forever, though. Nothing that a cool face
tattoo and a cameo in The Hangover couldn’t cure! Number 4: A Staged Crash. Whether they’re being paid off, or have some kind of a weird plan for why it
might benefit them, the fact is that athletes can and do throw their own
events sometimes. That said, losing in some sports is a lot more high stakes
than in others. In boxing, for example, a fighter can be carried by another. In
tennis, there’s no risk of physical harm for a player who chooses to throw a
match. In basketball, one just has to make sure their team’s a bit slower than the
opponents, and they can take a dive. However, there are those sports that
losing can truly be dangerous to themselves and those around them. Cycling for example, where a crash can cause an athlete serious and high-speed induced
bodily harm. And in the cycling world, there are those cyclists who are
dedicated, and perhaps crazy enough, to risk it. Back
in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the British cyclist Philip Hindes was winding
the track before he slammed his bike into the ground in order to get another
chance to restart the race, as, according to the Olympic rules, an accident is
grounds for an athlete to get a re-do. Hindes admitted to taking a dive after
the first race, but then later recanted his confession and claimed that he had
just lost control of his bike. What do you think of this incident? Let us know
down in the comments below! Number 3: Opening The Way. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes a team just doesn’t want to
lose, and sometimes they’re willing to put it all on the line for victory…even
if it means risking international ridicule. And, well, sometimes they fail
miserably. It was Super Bowl 46, in 2012, and Tom
Brady, leading the New York Patriots, was duking it out against the New York
Giants. A little less than a minute was on the clock and it was the Giants play,
but the Patriots needed to make a comeback. They could not afford to let
the Giants run out the clock, so the team made a daring call…the defensive line
banked on Tom Brady’s famous abilities as a quarterback and they opened the way for the Giants to score a touchdown, in order to keep more time on the clock for Brady to work with. Sadly, the Patriots ended up losing and their prized
quarterback couldn’t save them. Yep…they gave up a touchdown for nothing. Number 2: Metrodome Collapses. The Herbert H Humphrey Metrodome was home of the Minnesota Vikings football team. A marvel of modern technology, and a testament to
show just how much Americans love football. The roof of this amazing
Stadium could open and close at the will of its operator in rain, shine, or even
snow. Football can be played in the greatest of comfort inside this stadium…
that is, until a whole lot of rain cracked the roof to pieces and caused
its collapse. Luckily no one was inside the dome at the time of the collapse, and
no game was playing. But, it was definitely a scary sight to see something that was made to be used on rainy days collapse due to rain! Number 1: A Very Concerned Mother. Mixed martial arts is a brutal sport that has taken America by storm, and which is now spreading across the globe. This is even despite it having a rough start due to lawmakers and early public opinion in its
infancy. Kicks, arm bars, punches, and submissions of all kinds…fighters are
subjected to the worst treatment imaginable…and they love it! However,
apparently no one told that to the mother of Joe Fischer. After Joe lost a
fight during the Ohio based OFC 20: March Massacre 2, the fighters mother quickly
scaled the nine-foot fence of the cage, in which the fight had taken place, in
order to tend to her son’s wounds. The mother ended up having to be escorted
away by police while her son was taken care of by medical personnel. What did
you think of all this craziness? Do you have any sports stories that are more
embarrassing than these? Let us know…we want to hear from you. And, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. until next time!

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