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EGG SMASH ARM WRESTLING!! ultimate office test of muscles! (afternoon routine at the spacestation)

August 10, 2019

(atmospheric electronic music) – I got a really, really good idea. (upbeat rhythmic electronic music) (skateboard rolling) – Okay. – You’re gonna have to leave it with him. – [Shonduras] Right here? – [Woman] Yeah, that’s cool.
(hand tapping) – [Shonduras] Thank you. – [Someone] What in the world? – [Shonduras] Don’t let anyone steal that. Deal? Thank you. – Nobody can steal that. They wouldn’t know what to do with it. – (laughs) Thanks! All right, we need one thing. I rode the one wheel all the way here for literally one thing. Well, 12 things in one case. (booming) Perfect. (feet stomping) (register beeping) Thank you, I got eggs. (screaming) If you have long hair and a one wheel you gotta show your receipt. There you go. – [Man] Have a good day.
– [Shonduras] Okay, thank you. Have the best day ever. (upbeat electronic music) – Oh, what the heck is that? – [Shonduras] Oh yeah. (car accelerating) – Hello. – [Shonduras] Hey there, you like eggs? – Yeah. – [Shonduras] Okay. Yo, ready for best day ever? – Yeah. – Here’s the idea right here. Random bracket generator, hit generate it, right here. This is what you got. Woo, we got Sam versus Honeyboy Marcus, the battle of the birds, Bird and Tall Chicken, Travis, Holladay, best buds, Nick and Anthony. Are you ready to go against Nick? – Oh yeah, easy. – [Shonduras] Easy? All right, all right. Taco Gil. Light weight battle right there. Tyler Brandon, heavyweight
battle right there. We should probably move those
two not to be side by side. You know what? Nope, I’m gonna keep it random. Let fate decide. And then Pookie Branson, Branson how you feel about Pookie? – Oh I got this, he’s a leftie. – [Shonduras] Easy? All right. Oh, he is a leftie, how is that gonna work? I don’t even know. Jax and Spence1a, kind of a battle of the new guys. We’re gonna go all the way to the winner. What you do is you arm wrestle, strength, huh! And then, whoever loses, wha! They get into eggs. I did it with my dad once
for make my Monday thing, like three and a half years ago, cut to that Brandon. – [Cameraman] Three, two, one go! (eggs smashing) Oh! – Me and Adley were
watching old vlogs one day and I saw that and I was like I want to do that again, and now we got more
people at Space Station. So, let’s do it. And I almost forgot, of course, there’s money involved. First place, second place, third place. Everyone is working super hard, you gotta give ’em a little incentive. So uh, let’s do it. Hey guys! Who wants to play a game
on the vlog for money? (screaming) Normally everyone lines up at
the railing and it’s exciting, right, can we do that shot? Who wants some money? Yeah, whoo! (clapping) Easiest money you’ve ever
made in your entire life. Actually for you the easiest
money you’ve ever made. Real quick, let me just see something. – [Man In Beige Shirt]
Oh my gosh (laughs). – [Shonduras] Okay, yeah,
you’ll do all right. Oh, look at these smiles (laughs). (screaming) – Hey, what’s up (laughs)? (laughing) – [Shonduras] You guys working hard? – Yeah, were just, you know, just, you know? – [Shonduras] Okay. Well hey, I hate to interrupt your hard work but can you come film a vlog with me? – Yes. – [Shonduras] Hey. – Hey. (hands slapping) – This is Brandon, he just started working
with the content team. You know when I do those things, like hey fill out this form and come work at the Space Station. It’s real, it’s happening, that’s where you came from, Spence. – That’s right. – Which also, Spencer has historically won every single financial tournament in
the Space Station so far. – [Man] He’s not gonna win this one. – [Shonduras] Spence, how do
you feel about the three-peat? – You know, I’m coming in hot. – [Shonduras] Okay. – Hoping to continue with the streak. – [Shonduras] Guys, spence is looking for a three-peat. – He won’t win this one. – [Shonduras] Won’t he? – No. – [Shonduras] All right,
here’s what we need fools. We need a table. Will you guys go grab that table that was in the room where
you guys were working hard? That table. Thank you. Brandon can you be in
charge of the prize pool? Get that set up, that’s first. Second, third. Mom! Momma! Mom! Quit being nice, I’m filming. Hi! Boys, you ready? Let’s go! All right, I like where we’re at. Everybody, I have randomly
generated a tournament bracket with each of your names. Space Station, Chickens already losing it. You can’t handle filming anymore. – No. – You’ve never been
able to handle filming. Arm wrestling, eggs on each side. Loser gets like, smashed into an egg. Rip and then winner
moves on in the bracket. Everyone in? – I’m in. Let’s go. – This is Spencer. He’s another intern. You guys already know him though. Flashback to like all
the times we’ve hung out. Spencer! Spencer and Ethan. (balloons popping) Surprise! Dude, I was gone when you
got your Belgium thing so I just had to say congratulations. – Oh my. – All right, so start
stretching your arms. We should get a tablecloth on here. I’ll let you know who you’re up against once we print the brackets ’cause I can’t really remember. All I remember is Bird is against Chicken. I remember that. (screaming) Battle of the Birds! And you know what? You can sub in for someone if
they’re not available, okay? (hands slapping) Ah, thumb. I lost already. You might notice I’m also not
in the arm wrestle tournaments because both my wrists are broken, so I lose by default. (background chatting) Here, let me hold it for you now. Cool. How do we make this not
really messy and sucky? – I don’t know what to tell you other than we’re gonna use a tablecloth that you can wipe off. – Good strategy. Hey well, I don’t know
if you guys are up first. – Oh. – [Shonduras] But you guys are definitely going against each other. – Oh okay. – Nice festive tablecloth. Hold on, hold on. Let me see something real quick. All right, okay. (carton crackling) Ah! I don’t know if you guys are first. I’m sorry. I need to keep by the
randomization of the bracket. You might be first but I can’t remember. – We were just testing to see
this table if this table’s gonna hold on to our muscle mass. – Testing my memory, yeah. Think back, don’t go back and look. Think back, leave a comment right now if you can remember who is first. See who has the best memories. I may remember right now. I think very first is Alex
versus Nick, possibly, yeah. I think maybe. Don’t hold me to it. – Pookie versus Branson. – Pookie versus Branson? We had to redo the tournament because that website
I used wouldn’t print, so don’t use that website. Oh so very first is Sam versus Honeyboy. That’s what it was. If anyone puts Sam versus Honeyboy in the comments you were correct. First up! Can we get Sam from Space Station Gaming (clapping) versus Honeyboy from integrations. (screaming) This is a match up I’ve
been waiting to see. Okay, let’s get a measurement here. Here your arm wrestling arms. Does that feel fair to
both of you, that spot? – I’m good. – Okay, if you were to get him down here, it would be like this. If you were to get him down here, it would be like this. (claps) All right, I want a clean fight. Everyone else, I want you
surrounding the table, hootin’ and hollering. And then I need one phrase
of trash talk from everyone before they start. – Get ready to get splatted. – I like that. – You’re gonna get smashed. (laughing)
(yelling) – Three, two, one, fight! (bell dinging) (yelling)
(clapping) – [Man] Uh oh! (screaming) – Come on! – Sam has used all his energy. – No, I still got this son! Ah (laughs)! – Yes! (yelling) – Oh! – Sam wins! No eggs were hurt in the
filming of that round. (clapping) That was intense. Next up we have Bird versus Tall Chicken. (clapping) Okay. ‘Kay, ‘kay. – And then here. – [Shonduras] That egg
doesn’t really matter. It won’t be affected. (laughing) – [Man] Shut your mouth. – I think I actually have a theory of why it didn’t break is because we put it vertical. Theory that you can’t smash an egg if it’s straight up and down. – To push as hard as you can, which I am right now. And you know what? It won’t break. – I’m just saying. – I’ve never heard that theory but you spend more time on the Dark Web than I do so I’ll trust you. (laughing) Trash talk, trash talk. – Prepare to get scrambled
’cause I’m yolked, oh! (screaming) One more, one more! – Can you come back from that? – He was prepared. – You both got the exact
same amount of information at the same time. – Okay, okay. Prepare to get an egg
in your face, there yo. (screaming) – Sick! – Shoot, hold on. – This is weird. Okay. – I’m about to get real sweaty. – I’m nervous. (laughing) – Three, two, one, go! (bell dinging)
Whoo! I actually don’t know who’s stronger. – Oh! (screaming) (clapping) – Good job, dude (laughs). – Next up we have battle
of the little guys. Spencer Taco, which Spencer? His nickname is taco
because last names Bells, so Taco Bell. So now that we have two Spencers, I’m just gonna rebrand
him to Taco versus Gil. Two guys in gaming content. (clapping) Not to be biased but you got this. Do not let him win more of money. (laughing) He’s taken like $120 from
me in the past three weeks. Trash talk, you got anything? Didn’t think so. (laughing) You got anything? – This is exciting. (screaming) – Let’s get ready to rumble, go! (bell dinging) Whoo! (yelling)
(clapping) (yelling) (egg cracking)
(hand pounding) (yelling)
(clapping) – Whoo! I like you but I’m happy you lost. Gil was like standing up here pushing! (laughing) You know in like boxing or whatever, the girl comes out with
a sign in between rounds. (bell dinging) We have Mama Durst coming
out with the paper towels. Good stuff. That’s why every office needs a Mom Durst. I’m telling you. We’ve got Nick from (mumbles) (clapping) versus Anthony from Shonduras Scene. (clapping) This is like full 1.5 vlog here. Trash talk time. I’m gonna let Nick lead. – I’m just excited to be here. (laughing) – I hope I win. (laughing) – Let’s get ready to rumble! Go!
(bell dinging) – [Everyone] Oh! (yelling) – [Man] This is intense! – [Man] Look at Their Hands! – Are they even alive? – No dude! (laughing) – Oh! – Yeah! (clapping) – You were like toying with him, kind of giving it to him this way, and then just wha! – Sit there enough where I was like okay, and then let him lose all his energy. And then ah! – Yeah, that Nick guy sucks (laughs). – It’s gettin’ slippery,
you know what I mean? – Yeah. – Okay, okay. Next up, we’ve got Jax from
Space Station Integration. – [Everyone] Oh! – Versus Spence1A, new intern! You guys are both fairly barely new to Space Station Integrations. I want to keep a clean fight. May the best Brandel win. – So I wore a sweater so
my arms would look bigger. – [Cameraman] Hold on, look at this. Flex a little bit. – Oh shoot! I’m sorry man. I’ll let you trash talk first. – When I win, this is gonna be excellent. – Is that your trash talk? – Yes. – Oh I love it. Can you trash talk? – I’ll see you in shell. – Oh my gosh! That was good, that was good. Let’s get ready to rumble, go! (bell dinging) (yelling) – [Man] Holy crap! (laughing) (clapping) – Nice, that was good. – Next up, Brandon versus Tyler. – [Everyone] Oh! – Let’s go! Boy, this is a good round. All right gentlemen, I want a dirty fight. Brandon, can I get some trash talk? – Nope (laughs). – [Shonduras] Can I get some trash talk? – I’m gonna lose probably. (laughing) – I feel like you guys need to– – His arm’s too big. – [Shonduras] Can you guys
just not hold hands maybe? Like, no but that’s
gonna get weird, right? You guys are gonna
break each other’s arms? I feel like you have to
just put your hand flat on the table. I just want this to be
as fair as possible. Does anyone else have any other feedback? – They always lock underneath when they do it professionally. – [Shonduras] Oh underneath the table? Oh. – Now we’re like doing a thumb war. (laughing) – [Shonduras] That’s cute. Let’s get ready to rumble! (bell dinging) – [Man] Come on dudes. Let’s go Tyler. – [Man] Steadfast and the moveable. – [Shonduras] Oh Tyler, goodbye. (egg smashing) (yelling) Goodbye! (clapping) Wow. – I tried to be, thanks, thanks Tyler. – Has anyone seen Holladay? Holladay! Holladay? Just 30 seconds before he’s disqualified. 30, 29, 28, 25, 24. Holladay! You have 20 seconds! Probably 18 seconds now. Might be down to 16 seconds. It’s gonna end, nine, eight, seven, six, five, hurry hurry! Four, three, two (laughs), one! He’s here, he’s here. (yelling) Yay! Whoo! Yo, you came through that
door with four seconds left. $10 says Holladay’s gonna
do this while on a call. – ‘Kay Pete, hold on. Are we? – [Shonduras] Are you gonna
stay on the phone with Pete? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – All right, we’ve got
Peter MacKinnon on the line during this championship round. Trav, are you on a call? I think Trav should have to be on a call just to make it fair. Like call your wife or something, man. Come on (laughs). Jax, call him. You’re gonna wanna roll up your sleeves. Arm wrestle, loser gets egged. Okay, take it? – [Holladay] You’re
putting me against Trav? – [Shonduras] All right,
we’re both on (laughs). – Dude, I’m against Trav
right now in arm wrestling. – So wait, are we going under? – [Shonduras] This guy works out, look at this. – [Trav] It’s not about that. It’s about the wrist. – It doesn’t matter. (laughing) – [Shonduras] Confirm
you’re on a call with Pete? – Yeah, Pete, yep. – ‘Kay, confirm you’re on a call with Jax. You got that, okay? Let’s get ready to rumble! Fight!
(bell dinging) I tried to help you. I tried to help him. (yelling) Good night! (yelling) Trav’s getting nervous. We’re getting some legs down here. (laughing) This is the weirdest arm
wrestling I’ve ever seen. – Okay, switch arms. – No! It’s going, it’s ah! (egg cracking)
(screaming) Whoo! Yo. That was a weird leg strategy. I liked that (laughs). Yo, Holladay, egg high five. Thank you for pausing
your call, get back at it. Whoo! We’re not even in the semifinals yet guys. Pookie versus Branson. – [Everyone] Oh!
(clapping) – I have always arm wrestled right, I’m an ambidextrous arm wrestler dude. – [Shonduras] Wow. Are you gonna show Rowan this vlog? – Yeah. – [Shonduras] So you better win or else Rowan’s going
think you’re a weak dad. Parker clearly has a carrot
in front of him to win this. – I hope your kids don’t see this. (laughing)
– [Shonduras] Oh! – Yo, the only thing that’s gonna be more easy than these egg is you. (yelling) – Only thing gonna be
more easy than this egg. (laughing) – I was supposed to say more over easy. I messed up. I just talked to Craig, like man, I’m more nervous
about the trash talking. (laughing) – [Shonduras] All right, gentlemen. Let’s get ready to rumble! Fight!
(bell dinging) (yelling) This is gnarly! Oh, it’s coming around! It’s coming around! Do it for Rowan! (egg cracking) (yelling) Rowan’s gonna be so proud of you. – Trav, your aaa is grass my man. (laughing) – [Shonduras] Wow. All right, Pookie, oop, Trav. All right, we’re coming
into the quarterfinals here. Four more matches till the semifinals. It is Sam and Chicken. (yelling) Two of the weirdest people
I know to be honest. – [Man] Which one we doing it left? – [Shonduras] How are you gonna win if you can’t even stop laughing? – That’s what gives me strength. – [Shonduras] Your laughter
comes from your strength? Wait, your strength
comes from your laughter? – (laughs) My strength. – [Shonduras] So you have time
to give you more strength! – Yeah, dude. – I’m on your side. Let’s get Chicken laughing, here we go. All right, your credit score, let’s go. – Wait what (laughs)? – [Shonduras] Oh, the half foot strategy. I’ve heard that’s good. Let’s get– – Do we trash talk or? – [Shonduras] Yeah, go
ahead and trash talk. – Okay, I came prepared. – [Shonduras] Okay. – I hope you did your eggs sir size. – Oh! (yelling) – [Shonduras] Whoa. – Dude, I’m just gonna make him cry. – [Shonduras] Oh! All right, let’s get ready to rumble! Yeah! (bell dinging) (yelling)
(screaming) – Ah! – [Shonduras] Oh, destroyed! – Review the tape, this
guy’s got his elbow up. – Ah! – Yeah! (laughing) – Yeah, it’s easy if I
have my own arm to stop me. – Gil versus Albert. Is Alex working? Stop working, we’re filming. Yo, you’re up again Gil. – Oh, okay, cool. – [Shonduras] Easy. – Actually I’m kind of nervous. – [Shonduras] I would be way nervous. – I feel like Gil has some inner strength. – [Shonduras] Oh, he definitely does. Gil, I believe in you man. I believed in Gil since
round one verse Spence. and I’m gonna keep it going. Let’s get ready to rumble! Fight!
(bell dinging) (yelling) (screaming) Oh, wow! That was, I’m proud of you. – Thank you, thank you. – [Shonduras] I wanted you to win. – Love you. – Jax verse Brandon. Yo, this is interesting. Brandon, can I get a
quick flex really quick? – [Brandon] (mumbles). – [Shonduras] Okay. (laughing) Quick flex, Jax. Okay, wow, I just don’t even know. What’s your prediction? – I honestly don’t know. Like I’m actually kind of like, I’m worried that like it’s
gonna get really weird and something’s gonna break first. – [Shonduras] All right. Let’s make this even weirder everyone. If you’re pro Jax winning, stand behind Jax. If you’re pro Brandon winning, stand behind Brandon. (laughing) Okay. All right, this is
pretty fair teams we got. Squad Jax verse squad Brandon. – Is that weird? – [Shonduras] You guys
are both so muscular. I don’t think the eggs will smash. – [Man] The edge of the table. – [Shonduras] If they drop
the edge of the table, they’re gonna fold this table in half. (laughing) – That’s all right. – [Shonduras] I have no idea what to do. ‘Kay, up in the air. Should we, up in the air, up in the air! That hand can never touch. – Oh, like this? Oh I thought we were
holding hands like this. – [Shonduras] No no no, like rodeo. Let’s get ready to rumble! (bell dinging) (yelling) (screaming) – [Everyone] Oh! – [Shonduras] Next up Travis verse Pookie. It’s gonna get weird. I know Pookie’s got the trash talk, but I also know this guy’s got the muscle. When you combine those what happens? – Mind over matter, man. – [Shonduras] (laughs)
I love the positivity. Whoa, trash talk okay hold on. (sighing) (laughing) – The mind is gone (laughs). – [Shonduras] Does anyone
have something to say? – I’m just representing Bird and Marcos. – [Shonduras] Oh wow,
representing friends. Who are you representing? – Craig Hicken. – Who? (laughing) – [Shonduras] Let’s get ready to rumble! (bell dinging) – [Everyone] Oh! (screaming) – [Shonduras] Oh, that was intense. – I’m trying so hard (laughs). – [Man] Come on baby! – No, it’s not. (screaming) – [Shonduras] Trav, I can’t
tell if you’re serious! (screaming)
(egg cracking) Wow, hold on, interview. Did you almost actually lose? – No, no, no, that was hard. That was hard. – [Shonduras] Okay wow. – I just decided to go full chicken. – Yeah, I was gonna say. I think we’re in the finals maybe. Semi finals, semi finals. This is Travis. I’m writing left handed. That doesn’t work. Pretend that says Travis. All right, the semi finals are decided! It will be, semi finals are decided. From the west coast we
have Chicken vs. Alex. (clapping) – Whoo! – Representing the east coast, we have Brandon versus Travis. Winner of these matches
will go to the finals to face the ultimate test of if they can arm wrestle good. Coming soon (laughs). This some trash talk going on? – This is business only, sorry. (laughing) – [Man] He’s gonna split
the earnings with him? – I don’t know. I thought we were just
doing it for fun, yeah. – [Shonduras] This is getting weird. All right boys, saddle up! No more weirdness. – I don’t know (laughs). – I don’t either. (laughing) – I think they just talked
about how neither of them could actually win in the finals, so neither of them even wants to go on. That’s my guess. – Cut that out of the vlog. (laughing) – [Shonduras] Keep in mind, if you win you get to try
and arm wrestle Brandon or Travis. So try really hard to win
if that sounds fun to you. – As soon as this,
start to hands fall off. – They’re both trying to pull their hand to the egg. You know what? Two of my favorite
people ever of all time. I hope you guys just have fun. – Thanks dude, I appreciate it. – [Shonduras] Okay, yeah of course. All right, let’s get ready to rumble! (clapping) Fight!
(bell dinging) (yelling)
(laughing) He’s yawning, aw, what is this? – This is garbage. – [Shonduras] I can’t tell what’s going. Are you guys actually trying? You’re making this so weird. – I don’t know what’s going on. – [Shonduras] Something’s going on. – That’s good, you’re really (mumbles). – Okay, yeah, all right, yeah. – Are we starting now? – Yeah, sorry, three, two, one. Here we go. – [Shonduras] One, two,
three, don’t be weird! – Yeah, we’re starting. – [Shonduras] Go (laughs)!
(bell dinging) – Oh, I thought were just taking a break ’cause he’s not doing anything. So I’m just like– – [Everyone] Oh! – [Shonduras] Slam a lamb! (grunting)
(egg smashing) Oh! – Put that on your outbox (laughs). – Got him, got him real good. All right, considering Tall Chicken is in the finals, this is potentially the most intense match of the tournament. The semifinals versus Brandon and Travis, who’s almost done sending an email and then gonna kick some butt. – Is that (mumbles)? – I think so, yeah. – [Shonduras] Okay. Gentlemen, pick your sides. This is an important match up. We need Brandon representation and Travis representation. You’re gonna need to pick a side. Por favor. – Brandon’s gonna win it. Dude, I saw him lift a 12,000
pound ice cream machine by himself. – [Shonduras] (laughs) All
right, all right, all right. – If you finish top four
do you get a dollar? Or what’s the pay out here? – I think it’s just top three right? – Top four. – [Shonduras] No, no,
we’re doing top three, because this bracket I believe has uh, yeah, we’ll make it so third
and fourth play each other. – Oh. – [Shonduras] So one of you
will get third for sure. – Okay. – [Shonduras] But. (laughing) – Hey, I made it top four. I’m just happy about that. – [Shonduras] Yeah, I
am too, I’m impressed. – Thank you. – Way to get some good vlog time. (laughing) That was some good vlog time. It’s been a while since
Alex was on the vlog. Gentlemen, can I get some trash talk? – I hope your egg’s hard boiled, ’cause it’s gonna be hot. I don’t know what that means. – Oh my (laughs). (laughing) I’m still here for Marcos and Bird. – [Shonduras] Oh, all right. the brotherly love. You’re gonna need to
pick a side, por favor. – Travis, he’s gonna win it. Dude, I saw him lift a 12,000
pound ice cream machine by himself.
(laughing) – [Shonduras] What, whoa, whoa. Everyone with me here, everyone. (screaming) Let’s get ready to rumble! (bell dinging) Oh my gosh. I don’t even know. (screaming) Oh ah! (screaming)
(laughing) Did you win or lose in that scenario? Trav! I’m impressed but he got you, dude. – It’s too much. – Brandon! Oh, I’m so proud of you. So in the finals, we have a battle of my two editors, Brandon and Chicken. I’m impressed you’re in the finals, man. Like every morning you
drink like a Mountain Dew and Starbursts, that’s your breakfast. How do you have strength? – Um, a little embarrassed about it. A few days ago I bought, oh my gosh, this is a weird confession. – [Shonduras] Wow, okay, on the vlog. – I bought a can of Cheez Whiz and a bunch of beef jerky and I started squirting the Cheez Whiz on the beef jerky and eating it. – [Shonduras] where’s this going? – I don’t have any
nutritional balance at all. (laughing) – [Shonduras] So how are
you winning right now? – I don’t, I really don’t know. (laughing) – Well, now that we recorded that, let’s head into the finals. Chicken, let’s go. Brandon, let’s go. This is for a lot of marbles. Choose your sides, gentlemen. – [Brandon] I’m like the Jazz. Even though I always lose,
I lose to the Champion. (laughing) – Jazz fan, yes I am. All right, finals time. Team Chicken, lets get
some hootin’ and hollerin’. (screaming) Team Brandon, let’s get
some hootin’ and hollering. (yelling) Whoo! You know, I gotta admit, I’m team Brandon. – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Man] Yikes. – [Shonduras] okay, here we go. Just kidding, I’m team Chicken. Just kidding, Brandon’s gonna edit this. He’ll see that. I’m neutral team. Good luck, guys. (laughing) What do you think mom? – I think Brandon will win. But I love Chicken. – I think so too. I love Chicken but he’s just not strong. – Brandon has recently been
through a couple of battles. He might be tired. – [Shonduras] Yeah,
that’s true, that’ true. – I think I gassed him out. – [Shonduras] You gassed him? – I gassed him. – Brandon might be gassed. Think about that. The amount of input effort Chicken had to do to beat Alex was like eh. – [Man] Not that much. – The amount of inputted effort Brandon has to do (laughs) to beat Travis was like tanks almost on empty over here. So keep that in mind. – Yeah, that’s true. – No, that’s in your favor. – I know but– – [Shonduras] (laughs) Okay. – Second wind, you ever heard of that? Come on. – [Shonduras] Are your second winds ready? – Yes. – [Man] Left hand. – [Shonduras] Hands up. – We’re going left handed? – [Shonduras] Well, hold on. Brandon’s been going opposite
hand this whole time. – [Man] Yeah. – [Shonduras] That’s just weird. – I got a system, I got a system. – [Shonduras] Okay, okay, wow. Does everyone feel good about this? – Yeah. – [Shonduras] Everyone
feel good about this? Marcus, can I get a let’s
get ready to rumble? – Let’s get ready to rumble! (bell dinging) (screaming) – [Man] Go, go, go! – [Shonduras] Oh boy, this is it. – [Man] Make it quick. – [Shonduras] It all comes down to this. – [Man] Oh my gosh. – [Shonduras] I don’t know. (yelling) – [Man] Chicken! (yelling) (clapping) – Chicken, Chicken, come on Chicken! – Ah! – [Everyone] Oh! – [Shonduras] Chicken, I thought you were gonna die. I’m so glad you’re alive. – Dude, my elbow feels
like it’s about to explode. – [Shonduras] I’m so glad you’re alive. – You’re so freaking strong dude. – Oh my gosh. – [Shonduras] Good job Brandon! (yelling) Brandon’s a winner! (cheering) Congratulations. – Thank you. – [Shonduras] Chicken, I am proud of you. Thank you for not dying. – Thank you. – I am so proud of you. – Thank you. – You look like you had
fun and you got out there. – [Chicken] I did. – You showed him a good time. – Yeah, I was great. – [Shonduras] Good job, man. – Thank you so much, thank you. – [Shonduras] And third place. – (mumbles). – [Shonduras] Let’s just be real. All right, third place,
congratulations, Trav. – Yay! (cheering)
(clapping) – [Shonduras] Whoo! Sorry man, better luck next time (laughs). – Hey it’s okay. – [Shonduras] Chicken
and Brandon, good faces. Parker, you’re a little
bit hidden, go in that. Yep like that. And then Gil, you’re good,
that’s good, that’s good. Okay, real faces and real trying, go! (yelling)
(grunting) – Go, go! – Ah! – (laughs) And that’s
how you get a thumbnail. (upbeat driving electronic music) – Guys, I deserve to win
that arm wrestling contest, ’cause this thing took
me seven hours to edit.

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