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E01: Neck Strengthening | WORLD-BEATER WRESTLING

October 20, 2019

Now we’re gonna go through some neck bridging and stretching sequences today. We’re focusing on bridging suplexes and things like that. So we want to strengthen our necks Starting off. We’re just gonna roll our necks on the mat Basically putting our head on the mat using our hands as a tripod So our head’s always going to go slightly in front and this is going to help us with our head stands later on. So hands on the mat, head in front Just slowly rolling back and forth And then we’ll progress, going side to side around in circles Eventually, we’re gonna come up onto our toes and our hands Repeating the same sequence Even taking out hands away and just using our neck So we’re progressing it, going from an all fours approach, building up, putting more pressure on our neck as we go Next one we’re gonna do is a headstand using our hands and our head as a Tripod, so it’s going to help us balance the initial stage is just to get us into that vertical position and hold that. Normally we’ll go a Minute, maybe up to two minutes, especially if we’re starting off stick to 60 seconds and anyone who’s confident we can start to toy with it a little so the first position is basically going to be Straight headstand, holding in that position If you have to fall come down as light as you can, if you have to fall the other way try to roll through After you get confident with that You can try to go into some splits. You can try to bend your feet forward, bending at the hips Ultimately you want to get to this position. Where once you’re in the headset you can try to bend your feet forward bending at the hips Slightly touch the mat and come back Okay, last one we’re gonna do is a carousel so this is an old wrestling or grappling warmup Not only to focus on our neck strength, but it also works our flexibility through the hips and our lower back So I generally find with our bridging holds it’s not necessarily the neck that lets people down But it’s actually flexibility and that strength through the lower back and the hammies So for this one, same thing we’re gonna make that tripod without head and our hands But we’re gonna walk our feet around for a full 360 revolution Normally with a new trainee on aim for three Revolutions, swap with a partner and then go the opposite direction In the end we want to aim for anywhere from five to ten. Okay when we do this The trick is as we walk our feet around We want to keep our upper body stable as our feet pass our elbow, then we start to turn our hips so from this position I want to walk my feet around keeping my head and arms locked, as soon as I pass my elbows, now I can turn And I’m in a classic bridge position I want to continue my walk pass my elbows, and as you get more confident you can start to Get a bit quicker with it We’re just aiming for three, swap with a partner, rotate in a different direction Okay, last one we’re going to do is the same position, head on the mat making that tripod We’re gonna kick our legs over our body and try to kick them back where we started If you find this difficult you can use a partner hooking the ankles and Using that as a bit of a base essentially you want to get to the position where you can do it without a partner. The trick to this one is after you roll yourself into position when you’re in that bridging position as You kick your legs over, rather than tucking your body in Close to your chest, which is the natural Movement for a backflip or a moonsault… You actually want to extend your body out and that’s going to help you Okay, we’re gonna work on our neck strength So this is very common in Japan Something I learned in the Japanese dojos, obviously big on neck strength with a lot of their movements with their grappling and wrestling background So with this one we’re gonna do a total of 50 reps slow. Just moving our neck from a neutral position Tucking our chin to our chest and back and then we’re gonna do 50 side to side fast and 50 up and down fast We’re making sure we’re not hyper extending the neck. We’re just going from neutral to tucked Well you made it to the end but it’s not over if you want to see more videos like that Click on the subscribe button in the top right hand corner Spread the word and if you have any questions or requests for world-beater wrestling, don’t be a stranger… comment below!

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