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Doomsday Battle Royal – VI Pro Wrestling on Shaw TV – Ep. 4 – May 27 , 2017

August 13, 2019

Fans welcome back to another great
episode of VIPW Wrestling here on Shaw TV. I’m general manager Jim Summers, with
me is Matt Carter. Now we’ve got a very special episode for you here tonight. No
telling what chaos we got in store because these crazy fans here in Nanaimo
brought the weapons for our Doomsday Battle Royal. Matt who knows what’s going
to happen here tonight. It’s gonna be absolutely crazy here the Departure Bay Activity Center. Fans have been invited to bring weapons to the match, so they’ll
be put out onto the ring for the wrestlers to use. And I think pretty much
every wrestler in the city is here tonight we’re going to see them all in
the ring. And again I can’t call it organized chaos but it’s going to be a lot
of disorganized fun that’s for sure. You know Matt I had to think over that a
couple times before signing that match as the general manager it’s going to be
wild. We’re going to do everything we can to keep these fans here in the Nanaimo
safe and to keep our fans at home enjoying this great action. Thomas Chow
is standing by behind the scenes. Tonight VIPW puts on a Doomsday Battle Royal. All the fans bring the weapons and I’m going to come out victorious. Anything is possible in this one, it’s going to be mayhem, but the winner will be the
infinite legacy. Normally the strongest man has the advantage here, but tonight the fans are bringing the weapons. And you know what? I think like to think of
myself as a technical guy so we’ll see what’s going to happen. Introducing the main event. First Nathan Legacy. El Haviko. Eli Surge Stepping into the ring is’nt the
important part though. Watching every man fall over his butt over the top rope is
the key to this match and you’ll see at the end, Eli Surge standing with his hand
raised. You know since I started in VIPW I’ve been called every name in the book. Fat, out of shape, piggy. Well tonight I throw the book back in their face, when I throw
all their favorite wrestlers over the line and set them packing home like a
bunch of illegal immigrants. Protect this house! Sgt. Mike Everest Tonight TJ Harley the master of the Battle Royal he’s got a strategy, it’s the perfect
strategy. It’s hold on for dear life and be a winner in the end. Battle Royals
are my specialty because I’m the greatest in the universe baby! Do Doo Doom… What’s a Doomsday Battle Royal? TJ Harley Scott Steele We’re gonna get
ridiculously crazy because I’m the nuttiest guy in this building. I tell you
I’m gonna walk out the champion. I’ll tell you something a Battle Royal.
You can call it any royal you want. You can call it a fight royal, a battle
royal, a wrestling match royal. But it don’t matter because there’s only one
Royale and that’s the king himself. The King of the Yukon and I’m gonna go out
there tonight I’m gonna lick every one of those lily-livered, yellow-bellied, no
nothing, have nothing, got nothing, says nothing, no nothing, nowhere-ville, hopeless little tarts. ‘cuz that’s exactly what I like to do. You
know why? I got one reason it’s not very good. Well let me think. Whoop. Whoop. Whoop. Yep. Yeah. Yep. Whoop. Whoop. Whoop. Yep. Yeah. Yep. Oh. Oh. Oh. The King of the Yukon I, Reia Von Slasher am going to beat every
single man in this Doomsday Battle Royal tonight, because it’s what I do. Get ’em Riea! Tonight. I prove once again. That I am the king of violence in the Pacific
Northwest. And tonight, the body bags come out. Cremator Von Slasher. And Reia Von Slasher. Judas Icarus. Nolan James. Tonight is the night! Tonight is the
night. Tonight is the night, tonight is the night. Doomsday Battle Royal
Eddie Ozbourne is back in Vancouver Island professional
wrestling. I’ma kick ’em, I’ma punch ’em take him punch him take a punch
kick a Fletcher can’t throw him over the top rope because I’m going to the top
once again tonight VIP W do to save our Royal Nolan James is going to the top
fans bring the weapons I can’t wait to see if they’re bringing me now I may not be the largest and a bit
strongest that’s we’re not the smartest one what do I want to a house the best
the best what what I am the best yes and the best looking you catch me
in the rumble and catch me in the altar I don’t know if you people at home know
but the people that are here in these seats no weapons they’re kind of my
specialty I like to hit people and I like to hit people hard better watch to
find out I’m going to be the one standing in the ring when everybody else
is thrown out everyone else out there they’re talking about winning the Battle
of the lamp that’s what what we’re doing we’re going to hurt people you’re going
to hurt people if you send a message and you’re going to cripple them is every
last person that you put on that disabled wrist is one less person on our
path so DJ Laredo weapons legal doomsday battle royal hard core rules that’s just
the way the uprising likes it and the path of destruction begins tonight well
we are absolutely Matt for our fourth episode here on Sean
television this is going to get out of hand real fast Matt it is a doomsday
fans bring the weapons battle royal and these crazy fans here in Nanaimo have
brought a number of true for our VIP W stars to use I think Nolan James is
about to rock out on somebody’s face yes his music instrument means to hone
either already added sports implement now again the way this match works if
you’re knocked out of the ring in both feet hit the floor you are out right
both of the feet punching the arena floor will be an elimination of course
it has to be over the top rope so if you were ejected from the range of the
middle rope you would still be legal able to hold back into the ring
top rope elimination here in this doomsday battle royal because oh I
already have not often you see any all hardcore lado de quickly but I mean a
steel cooking tray to the face will do that to pretty much any man what’s the
cremator is having having a sergeant with her I think it’s a hockey stick or
at least part of a hockey stick up and I think cremator may have just contacts
table hockey stick down low in no man’s land Garfield is hitting remark laughter
over the head to bring history examine as combatants and freedoms I could get
here a man outside of the ring they’re fighting as well right I mean the action is already
filled out here we got weapons all over the arena we got weapons all over the
ring detail already with the artwork over the head is the infamous TJ Harley
what a perfect picture that is he’s been praying armies taking a nap and the
sergeant here after the king of the UConn well that umbrellas already being
tossed around between a few competitors of this matchup but up like Everest
using it to perhaps get some extra height there with the ax handle
– I will blame it on the rain but Alan oh I’m the king of UConn they’re all
gone furs done for lunch oh well it’s legal here in this matchup of course I
mean doomsday battle royal anything goes whether it’s weapons or a good old fat
shop out of your opponent’s arm like the king of Euclid elected for there well
wrestlers are hungry folks so you keep the calories up king of the yukon doing
the best there again just chaos you know all the ring
here exact merican a bit of a hold over there from legacy TJ Harley still with
the hurt work of become almost his entire torso now and Lorado not done
with Harley there I mean he framed him up nicely and now look are those
nunchucks he they might be Bruce Lee Lorado my dog man Julian out there Oh
Anna chin the head of Eddie Osborne it looks like from the mater Hawk slasher I
mean this match has been incredible already I think the king of the yukon
has himself a hot dog this deserves a hot dog your hands they if they are epic
points linking hot dog hot dog battle I believe
this match may have turned into an eating contest
Mike Everett’s not to be outdone I think he just bit into the Yukons dog there as
well holy kobayashi and it looks like you gods going to finish the rest of
this match with a hot dog into close oh goody Dolan James on the other hand not
having a hot dog party not having a good time right now in this match with the
one supreme a dog on splasher TJ Harley is having a nap at the king of a you card his yellow hot
hill eating that hot dog in uh that might last of all match at this rate
this is a man who appreciates good pork product commercially with the culinary
the lights are up in up in the northern territories in Canada but yes novice
well I’m having a hot girl I just I know that I know that Tony Maroni when he
makes his way to the islands lake to enjoy a little bit of kebab and it looks
like a king of the Yukon sitting in the hot dog I mean who can blame it all on
some of the I by TJ I’m early and it looks like his old protege Judith
vigorous definitely not a friend of his anymore but it looks like he wants what
touch the floor there this workplace revenues are calling tomorrow
why don’t we are here to illumination while at least the kingdom he can go
enjoy another hot dog now you know so there’s grossing caused any situation to
source Stockstill and what do we have here aroma only picked up a dog oh what
a wait while Lisa folks in the front row get a free a free dessert well I mean I never we learned here
folks is a don’t eat hot dogs in the middle of a battle royal because they
were the first eliminated from the match man sergeant has been put in jail already Mike Everitt do not pass go do
not collect $200 he is out of his match up
TJ Harley hasn’t felt long everything is solid looking to pick a bamboo I don’t
know if that’s a rain dance that he’s trying to achieve with agreeable answers
having done event events long now we have our flasher took the ribs behind
rolls him over the ring expounder face Erin what’s wrong
that is heal up there Oh Eddie Osborn and regenerator
both of them Bo power definitely not a shorthand there those two I’m not sure
if they even need weapons the way those forearms are coming in all in cremator
no stranger to play it around with steel chairs think we lost a goalie stick
their moment of crisis I’m a fan of the chairs local wrestling fan well there’s
a baseball bat there well that’s right I mean the fans bring the weapon they get
some little crazy you see this uh the guitar yeah I know it is a Guitar Hero
guitar that’s about to be used but nothing wrong with a traditional steel
chair as well of course three months less is not happy about being thrown out
of this hat most definitely this fourth episode uses
Longhorn Eddie Osborne again all of the marbles are on the line here I mean
these competitors know right now they are on chalky be you know up and down
the island people are watching this matchup and you know they’re going to
decide who their fan favorites are based on contests like this one everybody
looking to make an impact here on the island : James out of the match PJ
Loretto maybe out of conscious cremator oh goodness the guitar chair combo VJ
Laredo may need a trip to the emergency room when this match is done not the
slipper he was reaching for there well I mean for a man who has acquitted
it’s mean anything but please so far it looks like he lied thirds now trying to
eliminate the big man he may need help fielded super takes Judith ignorance off
the apron taking him out of the contest as he had already gone over the top rope
there what was who’s free later oh the keyboard a keyboard to the face
of back Merrick play me a song mister piano man Zack Marik may be
sleeping to the tune that was played there for the next day or two at this
pace all Lewis be Charles Zack Merrick thrown about of the ring
recent compatible I mean I don’t lie a lie surgeon to do now without the other
members of the authorizing there to back him off this is really when we’re going
to test this metal here father one bout that Oh Oh father what about this made
the questionable decision of trying to get involved with a very angry BJ there
oh and legacy jumping over as well Oh what is this what is this nothing
ring oh never mind thumbtack we’ve all seen home alone this
is not going to be a good time for anybody that my hands on that leg oh I
see some Blockheads up to this and I might be fodder for my fans the first
one to hit into it leggo prick I can honestly say that I never thought I’d
call that in a match match Ron falls over the Lego net Oh planted it’s like
it was well by cremator you felicity it’s not just punch the kid you Toretto
one of your hometown heroes is out cremator want splasher is on a mission
and this crowd here in deny what happy well oh my goodness
he was not even in the map who is it heavy it is not even in this mag Crofton
making his presence felt he’s raising a racket but still no God
taking Eli search his face right Oh I mean cremator should still be a part
of this matchup technically he was eliminated by prompted he’s not even in
the match that’s what all looks like you may be getting that yak in the match
anyways he has every right to props got a memo we all turn around steps both of
the mouse cremator not ending like this this is ridiculous
be fed anyway if the MSO to the old Ryan wait wait I guess GM Jim summers just
left the announcers table I don’t know where he’s going at it will be calling
for help going to places radiator coming in the ring taking credit for this
victory right now crowded shocked not sure what the Baker
moment I mean Keppler he surprises us his hall with rocket overlooking as well
rocket rocket is also claiming McCullar flash is the winner right wait medium Jim summers is happy
now see later okay Jim summers fight my brilliant thing walking on it like those
all is he gonna try to justify Camp Chef Somerset just over here sama Hatcher no
correct every day you do wake you I believe it our College no partners for
this here miss summers fully 808 Nash in the next VIP w gets get up here in the
Bible we’re going on a championship nothing going the next championship and
we’ll be back here in that I will in July summers not happy with how things
have progressed here in the match ball Jim is how he just seemed and so the
enemies I must look at some of these crazy highlights here there’s a rocket
the bucket to the head well there’s new king of the Yukon again
having a fact we found out on for ourselves big fan bring the weapon that’s all the
weapons use you get their suppose break apart last hopper down on the bed you
run and there we go double hot dog eating contest kick ass thrown out but again he got
them a little more lunch the fall of Everest there Robert was the
hairdresser Mike everything we’re thrown out we have on flasher often thrown out
there because Zak marriages destroyed by Sting
forever the match father was yours the match describes
getting his just desserts growing in fact if you are and that’s back over the
head just chaos here a part of a doomsday battle royal fans bring the
weapons match priestess here at the smart romantic acceptance thank you for
our program absolute craziness here the departure
day activity center Vancouver Island for wrestling
as you saw there GM Jim summers had to run into the ring take care of some
stuff when I guess we’ll see what the final outcome of where things are going
from that crazy battle royale really is and for more information on it check out
the bank account Pro Wrestling Facebook page search for VIP W find them on there
not only you’ll find out the results from these matches but also for upcoming
events how you can either watch on TV or watch live as well on behalf of GM gems
members and all but the VIP W & shaki be true thank you so much for watching
we’ll see you in the ring soon

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