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Does Julie Choose Basketball? or Dance?

January 14, 2020

– I cannot remember the last time all of us got together to take someone to a ball game. – [Chad] Mom, ask Russell if he ate Takis. (Russell coughs) – He did, I can see them. (group laughs) – [Shari] I just say
we leave Russell here. – [Kevin] Okay, we’ll go
find a different spot. – [Chad] No, I did not. You didn’t see me.
– Listen to me. – He’s–
– You left. – You,
– You left. – Hey, you’ve been telling me,
– No, no, Oh my goodness, let me finish! Let me talk!
– That I don’t eat lunch. (upbeat music) (brakes squeal)
(engine roars) (gentle music)
– And it came to pass after I saw these things, I
saw the vapor of darkness. And I saw the heavens open up, and the Lamb of God descending
out of heaven, and came down. The Holy Ghost fell upon twelve of others, and they were ordained. – Are we all here?
– No. – Are you here?
– Yes. – You’re the most important one. Are they comin’? – Hope so. She’s gotta go clean her room. We’re not going anywhere ’til she does. – (gasps) Julie’s right here. – Oh, hi. (laughs) – Did you clean it up?
– Yes. – [Ruby] Did you put
everything in the closet, and put everything away? – I put stuff away. – [Ruby] Did you hang it up, in the closet?
– Yes – Your dress wasn’t dirty. You didn’t put it in the hamper did you? – No, I hung it up. – [Ruby] Okay, got it.
(Russell sighs) – [Chad] Russell’s out of shape. (sighs) – [Ruby] Russell’s out of shape? – I need a drink of water. – I cannot remember the last time all of us got together to take someone to a ball game. Or a sports event, or something. It’s been so long. I’m excited to take Julie.
– Yeah, it was my recital. – Julie is going to a basketball game. She’s been playing on a bantam team, for how long, like two months? – I don’t know. – It’s been,
– A month. – It’s a month, with practices,
it’s probably been two. And this is the first game I’m actually going to see her play. Does that make me a bad mom? (upbeat music) Holy cow, Julie. I have never seen a high school this big. – Looks like a college campus.
– Holy cow! How many Takis did he eat? – [Chad] Oh, I can smell it from here. – Chad, how many Takis did he eat? – [Chad] I don’t know, I
didn’t even know he ate them. – [Shari] Can we park somewhere else? – I opened the Takis, and was eating ’em, and then I went upstairs
for like, an hour. Maybe he went and ate them. – [Ruby] You okay? – [Eve] Oh, gross. – [Chad] Ew, it’s coming out of his nose. – Do we have tissues anywhere? Do you have any tissues?
– No. – [Chad] Happens to everybody. – [Shari] Can we park somewhere else? – [Kevin] So you wanna just throw up, and then drive away? (laughs) – [Shari] Well are we supposed to clean it up?
– Well no, but… – I don’t wanna walk through it. (laughs) – [Shari] I know, I don’t wanna get out. I just say we leave Russell here. – [Kevin] Okay, we’ll go
find a different spot. – [Chad] Mom, ask Russell if he ate Takis. (Russell coughs)
– He did, I can see them. (Julie and Chari laugh) You know your kids are growing up though, when they’re old enough to say, “Hey, I’m gonna throw up.”
(Russell coughs) And then they get out of the car. – [Kevin] And then come sit on your lap, and then throw up.
– I told him to. (laughs) – [Chad] I can smell the spiciness of ’em. – Um, no more buying Takis.
– Why? That was his fault.
– You guys are overeating them.
(Russell coughs) – [Chad] That was his fault, not mine. Why I am being the one
– Chad, ’cause you eat straight garbage all the time.
– that blames for this? – [Chad] It was his responsibility of– – I wanna know what you ate
for breakfast this morning. – [Chad] Me? – Yeah.
– He had popcorn. – [Chad] No, no I did not! You didn’t see me.
– Yes I did. – You left!
– He’s, you, hey, you’ve been telling me– – Oh my goodness, let me finish! She’s talking for me!
– You were asleep. – You told me, that
– Let me talk. – you don’t eat breakfast.
– Let me talk! – [Ruby] That you don’t eat lunch. – Let me talk! You asked a question,
and then you all went and attacked me.
(Julie giggles) – You didn’t see all of it.
– Yes, you were asleep, and– – I woke up, and you left! – But you were asleep,
– You left! – when I got home.
– And then I ate the mozzarella balls
with toast, and that jam, and the butter stuff you showed me. – And then he was asleep when I got home. And didn’t help clean anything. – [Chad] You’re a liar. – You didn’t do anything this morning. – [Chad] You left, you didn’t see me eat the breakfast.
– Mommy, I can’t open my eyes very much.
– But you never do anything to help. – [Chad] Because I’ve slept in! – And I asked you–
– Because it’s a Saturday morning. – But we were all cleaning,
and mom wanted us to. And so you didn’t do anything.
(Russell coughs) – Mom didn’t come tell me anything. – Chad!
– What? – She asked us to clean the house, and you didn’t do anything. – ‘Cause I fell asleep, Shari. – And I woke you up, like four times. I had to roll you over,
– I didn’t know it was Saturday.
– to vacuum! – I thought you were
cleaning your own room. ♪ There is beauty all around ♪ ♪ When there’s love at home ♪ – [Russell] Will you help me? – Oh, Ruby, do not sing. I have never ever, ever gone
back to a video of me singing, and gone, “Aw, I’m so glad I did that.” – [Kevin] Oh, Russell, Russell! – No, ew!
– Oh! (Russell coughing)
(all laughing) – [Shari] What did he do? (Ruby gagging)
(laughs) Is he still throwing up? (upbeat music) – We’re slowly making our
way to the building. (sighs) We’ve had a few pit stops on the way. I think he’s finally getting
it all out of his system. Are you ever gonna wanna eat Takis again after this?
– No. – You wanna get Takis on the way, the way home?
– No. – This is how I was with
Taco Bell for so long. I love Taco Bell. (laughs) I dad a bad experience, when
I was pregnant with Chad. And it’s been 15 years, and I’m finally, finally starting to go back,
and eat Taco Bell again. (upbeat music) – [Ruby] What did you think? – It hurt, I hit my face,
and I fell on my butt. – You hit your face, on what? – A basketball. Banged onto my–
– You hit your face on a basketball.
– It then bounced, well, the basketball hit my face. – I wanna know, what everyone’s thinking. Do you like basketball better, or dance better?
– Dance. – Very interesting. (upbeat music) (Shari laughing) – [Ruby] Don’t do it like that! – [Julie] Oh God, it smells. (Russel gagging) – [Ruby] Oh my gosh. (chuckles) – He’s like, “Dad, I think
I might throw up soon.” I’m like, “Oh, okay, well–” – [Julie] Oh, he better
throw up in the bag. (Ruby screams) – It’s all cover, Russell, lean forward,
get your head in the, get your head in the bag. – [Kevin] Oh, okay,
here’s a sack, Russell. – [Ruby] Where’s the toilet paper? _ Russell, put your…
– Oh my God! – [Ruby] Where’s the toilet paper?
– Oh my God! – [Ruby] Get your face in the bag. Where’s the toilet paper? – [Chad] What can we do to help? (laughs) – [Julie] Can you like,
just lean backwards, you’re gettin’ your coat. – [Ruby] Take it! Take it, oh! (all giggling) – [Russell] I can’t. – [Julie] Russell, we– – Lean forward! This is awful. – [Russell] I missed the bag! – [Ruby] Here, take this. – [Chad] Put your face in the bag. – He’s got it all over the seat. – [Julie] Oh! (chuckles) – He was laying down like
this, ’cause he was sick. And I gave him a bag, but instead of leaning forward, like this, he just stayed like this,
and I’m like, um. (chuckles) Gravity’s gonna work against you, buddy. If you’re watching this, and
you think we are super mean, because we’re laughing at this, okay. – [Kevin] You don’t know us very much. – You just don’t know us very well, and you’re obviously not
accustomed to big family dynamics. – [Julie] It got on the
seatbelt, too. (gags) (chuckling) – [Kevin] That was something, buddy. Here you go Russell, put
your head in the, (retches) – [Julie] Faith’s gotta wash his jacket, because he’s got it on that, too. He got it on his clothes. – [Ruby] Russell, we love you, so much.
– It’s on the seatbelt. – How many of you out there have more than one
sibling in your household? And do you guys laugh at stuff like this? Is this funny to you guys? Gouge at each, at stuff like this? Just curious how that all
works at home, with you guys. We all come together
at the end of the day, and we love each other
at the end of the day. And we all know that we’re family, and that we’re like this. We just have lots of little
adventures in between. All right, good night you guys! We’re taking a break from Takis. So, what did you think of basketball?
(tires squealing) (engine roars)
– I like it, but I don’t think I’m
gonna do it next year. – Really? So, tell me what you
like about basketball. – Um, I like our coach,
and I like the people on our team.
– He is pretty awesome. – I do enjoy it, but it’s just
not my favorite thing to do. – So, a few weeks ago, we did a video where we realize that
dance, and basketball, and piano, were just too much. So I said, “You’re gonna
need to make a choice. “You’re gonna need to choose.” And we’ve been able to work it out, so she could get to the end of the season. But I said, “Keep in mind, that you’re not gonna be able
to do all of this next year.” Because you only have
so many hours, right? I’m curious, are you still
gonna do swimming in the summer? – I want to.
– You do. So, swimming in the summer, and then dance, during the school year. – And piano, year round.
– And piano, year round. One thing, is for sure, you’re making good choices, and I’m proud of you,
for making good choices. All right you guys, subscribe. Click the bell. We’ll see you later, bye!

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