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Do Canadians call it soccer or football? | 22 Minutes | Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact

November 11, 2019

Here we are in Toronto the most diverse city
in the entire world I mean where else in the world can you go into an
Irish pub and have a Sri Lankan guy make you the best sushi pizza ever? Here in Toronto baby and it’s all about one
thing tonight Soccer! Or is it football? Or is it soccer? Football or soccer? Football! Soccer! Football Soccer I’m from nothern Ontario. Hockey! Toronto Football Club So how do the Argos feel about that? Football Soccer It’s soccer but it’s football here in Canada What?! It’s a party tonight though [In unison] Football! [foreign language] Hey watch your language! He said something Newfinese It’s like a cross between an amazing sporting
event and a Mexican student revolution. What country are you from? We’re from Iraq Liverpool baby! England, England! Chile! Tanzania and Uganda From India Scottish Hungary Jamaica Barbados Iceland! Woooooo! [Rocket sounds] This is exactly like the Toronto Maple Leafs
verses the Montreal Canadiens but only if the salary cap was $6000 Do you know how many Newfoundland weddings are pissed off that we’re wasting all this good tissue paper? Oh yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!! Oh! This is crazy!! [Fans cheering & stomping] Is it soccer or is it football? I can only come to one conclusion: That Toronto Maple Leaf fans suck! [Crowd chanting] TFC! TFC!

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