September 14, 2019

what is the favorite and welcome back to
my favorite channel on YouTube second favorite we’re doing today a sequel to a
really fun video we did a while ago called distraction basketball challenge
and nobody better comment down below about my farmer’s tan I understand that
a very pale up top and I’m pretty tan right here I get it it’s actually so
bright it’s nothing I just hold on I’ve hacked you probably just the camera
settings just for your yeah that’s a little bit better yeah you’re a little
judgment don’t judge my journey but the way this video works
anyone can make a normal free-throw right Caleb tell them how you make a
normal free throw okay or do that but not every college or even professional
player makes the free-throw when they’re being distracted by the crowds or the
pressure and so what we did last time is we came up with some crazy distractions
for each other to see who can be clutch under distraction and the pressure of
the challenge we’re gonna do five rounds two shots each for possible ten points
and I must say I don’t know about you cuz I don’t know what you brought but I
definitely stem from my distraction so did I so we don’t know what we have
planned for each other you’re up first okay so want to save the crazier ones
towards the end so we’re starting out kind of tame but I think this will be
pretty loud alright that was I’m frustrated I hate
missing I had nothing to do with the distraction anyway for my first one who
started simple so I think I’m gonna start pretty simple and then you’re
gonna build up from there so first one one two one caleb is not ready for this
are you ready? you can take your blindfold off that one’s worth the distraction I feel
good about now that’s so good about that first distraction house good that was
great that was a really good just that respect this thing is supposed to be a water gun
and I think it needs to be all the way underwater because I can’t get it to
work got a trapping drowning a dolphin ran up okay I just got it to squirt a
little bit so I’m hoping I can get Caleb it did squirt hits you it’s a dolphin a
pink dolphin from Walmart all right yeah it’s like you’ve won something but you
did it I lost you I see yeah you missed it hey good news I bought two dan I am losing pretty badly now yeah I
see to that and you see turn around can put you back missing too is tough
I’m four of six or two of six okay guys if you’re watching this and having a
good time make sure you go watch part 1 if you haven’t yet you click the card up
top or a link in description is you ready yeah
am I good yeah needed that needed badly can you put like Oh trumpet playing on
that okay this was child’s play it’s time
something a little bit louder okay so score recap going into the final
round I have your five we bullshot eight so you’ve got five and I’ve got four I guess so listen I finished through the
total score of six out of ten I’m not too happy about it but it is really as
Josh said his game up Josh has to make both of these because he has four out of
eight right now if he makes both it forces it overtime if he misses one of
them well done there you have it everyone
caleb wins again right you won last time you tell me congratulations
congratulations that was loud man whoo this is the backup distraction use it
that was really loud make sure you subscribe check out Caleb’s channel as
well basketball sports challenges of all kinds yes multiple times a week for real
and remember during the 50 the 50 and 500 giveaway we’re gonna fly one of you
guys out once we hit those milestones Instagram shoutouts every single video
here they are follow us on Instagram and be active on our Instagram accounts we
want to see likes and comments early on instagrams you can win Instagram shot
next time that’s all make this is a backwards shot here oh good oh let me
tell ya okay we are good at sports I don’t there’s a broom in that closet
if you want to get to it I’m not even playing for camera

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