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[CM]: Beaten by a 9 year old!

December 1, 2019

Caron and Cooks: NO IT WAS FLYING, okay? Lil’ I: IT JUMPED OKAY? Double C: it flew (x 100) Caron: It DID fly! Lil’ I: NO Mommy: Maybe he saw clearly that it jumped so – Double C: NO IT FLEEEEWWW Cooks: We saw it wiggling in the air! Caron: Everyone has voted that worms can fly Lil’ I: WORMS CANNOT FLY; THEY ONLY CAN JUMP Caron: Worms can fly. Lil’ I: IT CAN JUMP Mommy: Where can it fly? : Double C: WE SAW IT! D: Mommy: Hello it must be – with no thread holding onto it and if it jumped… it would jump- Okay how do you jump; Caron how do you jump? You jump like that yea? Mommy: That was not a jump; like a frog, that is! Lil’ I: NO Caron: What do you mean???? Caron’s butthurt :’) Lil’ I still talking. Caron: That’s mean! I can so jump! I thought you liked me!! Lil’ I: The worm didn’t like you man! Cooks: Nooo she meant my mom!Lil’ I: Watch it, Caron! Caron: Sorry Lil’ I! Mommy: That is like a frog only! Lil’ I: Oh come on!!Lil’ I: HAHA Cooks: – You wont roll on Caron anymore? Only I can roll on Caron? Lil’ I: Just roll on me man. Cooks: Wut .-. Lil’ I: ROLL ON MEEE (X2) PLEASE Cooks: Only I can roll on Caron Lil’ I: Cookie please! Cooks: No Lil’ I: PLEeEeEeEeeEeeEEeSE Cooks: No Okay I’m going to roll on you Lil’ I: Yes good. Do dododoo Cooks: Okay, are you ready? Lil’ I: AHHH OH HOO UUUGHHO HAHAHHA Cooks: Back! UUUGGGGGHHHHHHLil’ I: aaagghhh D; Looks like a massage! Cooks: Really? Lil’ I: Yes. Cooks: You prefer my weight?? Lil’ I: YesLil’ I: NO Cooks: IT FLEWW Lil’ I: IM TELLING YOU IT JUMPED Double Cs: It flewww Mommy: Lets cross the road Caron: it flew We are completely stupid But then –Caron: Human beings of this generation is stupid They do not know that worms can fly Worms can beautifully fly Cooks: Actually I didn’t know until I saw it :’) Mommy: They have to be extraterrestrial for that. Cooks: WUT DO YOU MEEEAAAAN DIED Ma, it fleeeeww Lil’ I: – jumped! No it jumped okay?? Cooks: it wriggled in the air Mommy: Why didn’t you video it – Cooks: Because it was right in front of my face! I can’t think of like taking out my phone and going like – WOW LOOK AT THAT WORM FLYING Lil’ I: ITS JUST ANNOYING- JUMPED THE WORM WAS JUST TRYING TO JUMP OKAY?? Jeanna aunty (his mom): Baba, don’t yell now. Lil’ I: IM NOT YELLING, MACaron: really? Cooks: Yea Caron: TRRRRY your best my… friend :] Score: 2-2 Okay move your butt! I need to see my brother play :c NOT in front of the camera Lil I: WOAH Cooks: It went out the line Caron: Look at it hahahaCaron: Other side! Okay move! Real score: 5-3Caron: okay whats? The creature has- mad So the predator will hunt him 🙂 That is a very obvious question Cooks: he just said no Kay then are you mad at the shuttlecock?I didn’t get how to play badminton for a really long timeCaron: She didn’t get how to struggle with life broLeave it! This is how she is now (extremely childish, useless and unloved) Cooks: That why we are playing, so we learn how to do itCaron: AW The predator* is trying her best Cooks: come on, try again. you’ll get it Caron: She is very extraterrestrial for this nonsense Come on THE PERSON,He wins! He runs in glory! to get his prize Then comes the lazy (flat) ass that goes and (opposing?) him YOU CAN DO IT MY CHILD YOU LOSE! Cooks: okay ( I know what to do) Fake Score: 4-4Caron: WIN I SAY! YES you failed Cooks: you won! You won! He runs in glory!! He runs in fame!!! My beautiful creature has won YOUUU LOSE You pathetic person Cooks: In failure.. I will stand strong. Caron: Would you? Cooks: Yes B| Caron: Really? -_- Cooks: I’m standing aren’t I? Caron: You’re standing but not strong Cooks: Okay come on lets go back we gotta goTHANKS FOR WATCHING

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