BwC S4E5 – Hardik Pandya | Aapka Hardik SWAGat hai

September 12, 2019

These days you’ve become very busy… I can tell you’ve become really busy because
you only got half a haircut… …and then you had to go, right? – He (hair stylist) did one side…
– I’ve done it myself… that’s why… You must be like,
“Oh, shit man, I have some appointment…” I was like, “Shikhar (Dhawan) do it please”.
And Shikhar said, “Yeah, Sure”. Now, Shikhar instead of…
I had asked him to trim only a bit. But, he trimmed off an entire chunk…
I said, “No worries… just remove the whole thing”. There’s more where it came from… I can carry it off…
I am pretty confident I can carry it off. If you are going to make ‘Gabbar’ (Shikhar) work,
he’ll clear everything in his path … The original Gabbar had chopped off arms,
this one chopped off my hair. Even if no one looks at the face,
they will at least look at the hair. The century you scored in Sri Lanka… …you were batting…
you were on 30- 40 or something… I think I just went to fix myself some
breakfast and coffee… …by the time I got back,
you were batting on 90-odd… I wondered, “What’s going on, man!
Is this a Test match or a T20?” The morning (of that particular day)
starts from the previous night…. I was not able to sleep till 3 am . My anxiety level was on a different level… Because I still remember I got out (previously)
to the same bowler. I was furious… …after getting out, I sat near the poolside
till 8:30-9pm… after finishing the game by 6pm. I was just sitting there… I told a few other people… …as we chatted about the game, about the batting,
about how I got out. The only thing I said was that it won’t happen again…
No chance! (Usually) when I get out, I don’t think about it much… …but when I get out in a certain way,
I think a lot. So, the night before the hundred
I was not able to get sleep… …all I could think about was my batting… …I was in a fighting mode. So, before going in… All noticed … I was not talking to anyone… …I got padded up, ready to go…
everyone else was sitting around… I was very restless …. jumping,
going back and forth… Within the span of 10 minutes, I asked at least 5-6 times
about when the play would start. As soon as the umpires stepped on to the field,
I charged in and was ready at the crease. Only then I was like,
“Okay… I am here… I am calm now”. I still remember everyone was on the field…
every fielder was on the boundary. Like, all the 9 fielders. And I was like, “I have to connect it well… …I don’t care where you keep the fielders… …you know… straight… (on the) side…” – ‘Coz irrespective, the ball would sail over their heads.
– Exactly, that is what I was aiming for. And I am like, “Bro, I am going all guns blazing”. Do you remember the first day you went to the
Indian dressing room? Your debut? You know that child-like excitement that one has…
“Someday, I’m going to play for India”. Do you remember looking around?
… because it was Australia… Yeah… first time. The dressing rooms there are quite spectacular… Your first game was in which stadium?
Melbourne or Sydney? – Adelaide.
– Adelaide. I met everyone…
I was hesitant to say hi to everyone… So I just said a polite hello…
I was being a calm, nice kid. I wanted to impress everyone… so when I was bowling,
I was bowling with aggression. A few shots which Virat (Virat Kohli) played… – This was in the nets?
– In the nets… Shikhar and all as well… And I was like, “Wow man!
These guys play some incredible shots”. – But, they just said you know, “Enjoy”. I mean…
– Relax. It happens obviously… when you’re young…
– And I see… …I gave 21 runs in my first international over
and I thought to myself that my career is gone. It was a nightmare… that first over.
First time in my life, I would say I was blank. I didn’t know what to do…
Being how I am, I didn’t have any answers. But… Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni)
being a legend, you know… He told me, “Come on, bowl another over”. And I get hit for a six on the first ball.
So, in 1.1 overs… in 7 balls, I have conceded 28 runs. And I only gave away 37 runs eventually…
In the other two overs, I only gave away six-seven runs… …and I got two wickets. What did he say to you that time?
I mean… see once you go for 21 runs… … and your captain gives you the ball again… Then there is no need to say anything more…
that’s the confidence in itself. – Yeah, he didn’t say anything…
– … it’s okay, it happens. I still remember after that
he gave a press conference and in that… …he said that he knew after the first over,
he (Hardik) would be a better bowler for sure. After getting Lynn out, I still remember
I got very animated and aggressive… So, Mahi bhai came to me and told me… “This thing you are doing for the last time…
because you will get banned… …plus, the team will lose a player.
So, we don’t want that”. I was like, “Yeah… I am sorry”. I might be the first person or first player… …to get an ICC Code of Conduct (reprimand)
on his first international game. So, I guess I might be the first one. Don’t want this… but you also learn… I was like, “No… I don’t want to get fined…
I’ve worked hard for it… …cannot get fined and lose money
for the sake of a couple of expletives”. Since childhood we’ve been abusing for free… …now it really pains you when you have to
pay out of your pocket for abusing. Now if I feel the need to abuse…
I’ll do it off the field. I remember… last year on
MI (Mumbai Indians) TV I saw this… Mrs. (Nita) Ambani said that… I think
with you and Jasprit (Bumrah), she was like… “We were matching the match when
Hardik made his (international) debut… …and in his first over, he went for 21 runs”. And she said, “I was sitting there
and going like, “Oh, my god!” And there was a very sweet line
she said after that… She said, “…you know because…
Hardik is the age of my children… …so, for us… for the family…
he is like a child”. They treat us as if…
MI is like our extended family… …the heart is there… I have always wanted…
this was my favourite team… …and obviously the love which we get
in Mumbai is different… …and of course,
our owners are also really sweet. Who plays the pranks
in the Mumbai Indians dressing room? See, there a few people who are a tightly-knit group… Krunal (Pandya) is there, Polly (Kieron Pollard) is there…
like they are mad… So, how we stay in the team hotel… Krunal’s, Pollard’s, and my room are adjacent to each other… …and our doors always remain open. We just keep going in and out of each other’s rooms…
and it’s like really crazy fun. He (Pollard) is a really good guy
and we really gel well with him. Even (when we to play) in West Indies…
I was always hanging out with him. I called him a few days back…
he had a very bad CPL (Caribbean Premier League)… So, I was like, “Bro, first of all,
many congratulations on such a successful CPL”. He was like, “Yeah yeah, why not… why not…” So, I was pulling his leg… you know… it’s funny. He was like, “Yeah yeah, why not why not…” bro, you shouldn’t mess with a guy
who is like 7-feet tall… …but you can when he is
on the other side of the world. Hopefully, he would have forgotten about it
by the time he comes back to India. No, I can do it… he knows that he can’t hit me… In West Indies… I was roaming around like
I was in India. He is like, “Why?” and I told him,
“You are there… you won’t let anything happen to me…” I am a local. Yeah… I am a local…
So, he actually pulled my leg… …he called a policeman…
and the policeman was arresting me… He was Pollard’s friend and they were like,
“Let’s scare him (Hardik)”. And I was being super calm… like,
‘Yeah yeah yeah…’ Pollard was trying to hold the police guy,
and telling him, “You stay away… you stay away”. The funniest part… how I got to know… …I knew it was a prank… but there was a
point it was getting very serious. But I was calm… I was like what can happen… …if anything happens,
I will call the Indian team officials… …nothing will happen to me,
I haven’t violated any laws… So, the guy (policeman)
was pretending to call someone… …but, I saw that he was holding the phone
upside down… I told Polly, “The phone is upside down… …at least ask him to hold it right
And do the act properly” Then he asked me how I remained calm throughout… I told him, “See Polly… nothing will happen to me
if you are around. I am in your city”. After that… I met him everyday…
I met everyone at his place… …or he used to keep going to other people’s places,
I went with him everyday. That’s why I call him
‘a brother from another mother’. Just a little bigger brother… – Very big brother.
– Huge brother. In the last season of the IPL…
you were a little more jumpy. In this season I saw you…
you were a little calmer. Because one part is playing on the field… But when you’re a public figure on India,
you have to play the game… This is more related to my public image… …because I’m very conscious of
what I do now nowadays. I’ve not tried intentionally but
sometimes I feel I’ve become calmer. I want to improve as a person more than
improve as a cricketer. I want to improve as a person because then
you think smart and make the right decisions. For example, now we have this rule
in the Indian team… I came up with it. While having dinner we keep our phones away.
I collect all the phones and keep it on the side. Until the bill isn’t cleared…
nobody touches their phones. I don’t want everyone to be constantly
looking at the phone overtime it beeps. I’m very proud of you. If somebody had told me that you had
made this rule, I wouldn’t have believed it. I would’ve thought he likes all these things.
I’m very happy you’ve done it. When someone asks who’s your idol, I’m blank. I’m thinking, who do I look up to? Nowadays I’m really following
Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) and Virat (Kohli). Because of the way they are and
not what they’ve achieved… …but the way they are after achieving…
I want to be like them. Being disciplined,
being sweet to people. I want to know and learn
how they’ve reached where they are. I observe them to try and understand how they are,
what they do and what it takes to be there. They are nice human beings
and still they are successful. You get to see them training,
you get to see them make runs… …but how they think and
what’s in their hearts and minds. What you can’t see on the outside…. That’s the kind of stuff you want to
learn from them. A hard-working cricketer who plays for India
will be training 20%. At the next level below, they are probably training at 19%. It’s not like there’s a drastic difference
of 10% in training between them. So it’s not about the training…
it’s about the mind… We all work as hard at training. But they are better because
their mind is stronger. It’s on the right track. Another thing I really like and I think…
which you must have learnt from as well… …is Virat’s attitude… …on the field… aggressive, focused,
sometimes angry. But off the field…
he’s a completely different guy. That’s how it should be.
I mean that’s how you balance your life. That’s our personality at the ground. Having said that… being aggressive,
or short tempered… When we play, we are into it,
On the ground, we are passionate… We are representing our country.
We have to do well. That’s the thing which
keeps on getting us through. That attitude of,
“Let’s do it, why won’t it happen!” Everything is self made,
no one presents anything to you. I still remember when me & Krunal were young…
I was 17, he was 19. We told our father that
we don’t want anyone’s sympathy. You won’t say anything to anyone,
you won’t say, “Pick my boy”… “You won’t say anything.
Because me and Krunal wouldn’t like it. We’ll play on our own merit
or we won’t play at all.” We didn’t want anyone to say after a few years
that we are here because of them. There are people who have helped
and played a big role. Like my coach to whom I’m grateful. But otherwise you’ve gone out
and done it yourself. No one knows that we’ve struggled
for 3 years for every penny Even saving Rs 5, Rs 10…
was a big trouble for us. I still remember in the IPL… Before that we won a championship
in the Ranji Trophy T20. – We got Rs 100,000… 70,000…
– Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy? Yeah, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.
We got Rs. 70,000 each. Me and Krunal said to ourselves that
at least we’ll get by for a while. Because we were struggling for almost 3 years. For two years, we hadn’t paid
the EMI on our car… Just because we were smart,
we managed to hide the car. We didn’t want the car to go… So anything we earned in those 3 years
was supposed to save the car. Rather than having something
new for us or buying something. It was just… pay the EMIs on the car
and get some food on the table. Then, God was kind. In my first year, we won the IPL
and I got a cheque for Rs. 50 lakhs. And I was like “Damn”.
From there I was like… Got the car freed up from the bank
and bought a new car as well. Surprisingly… Just imagine, all of this happened
Within 3 months of the IPL. Three months earlier, we were struggling
and fighting for money… …and after three months
I had 50-60 lakhs in my pocket. It was all about saving at that time. 50 lakhs… things changed from there…
I mean 7 months later what hasn’t come from it. In our family, it’s very important,
we have this bond where… …money doesn’t come in between, no matter what. It’s not like your money, my money. No, it’s like we have this much money,
if it’s 10 crores, then its 10 crores. Doesn’t matter who has how much.
In total we have 10 crores at home. – Family account.
– Yeah, family account. My mother is in all the accounts.
She insists, “I’ll be a partner in your account”. Her name is on my father’s account,
my brother’s and mine… – Mother is most important.
– It’s all in her name. From having a car, a house to everything. She doesn’t trust me… I tell her,
“I don’t want it in my name… … I don’t want to be giving 50%
of my share to someone else in the future”. “I don’t want it in my name.
Sharing my 50% will hurt…. So it’s better if you keep
everything in your name… …that way the 50% won’t go anywhere else,
whatever happens”. Whenever someone asks me whether
they should play cricket or study… …I always tell them to study. I took a big punt with my life when I chose cricket,
I don’t recommend it because… Cricket is very dangerous. And also the chances are few… There will only be 15-16 people in a country of a
billion people who will get a chance. So that’s why… When I get this question… …I always say study. If you pass your 10th, you get a job
according to your education. I mean, your education does not go away. It stays with you. In cricket, you have to be at the top,
then only you can make it. I know to reach there it’s not a piece of cake…
it’s difficult. It’s not something which is handed to you. Only the luckiest get it. But to reach there…
you really have to be the best. Didn’t your Mom & Dad ever say,
“No you should study…” Or did they just give up and say,
“He definitely will not study”. They knew I wouldn’t be able to do it,
because I was bad. It was more of a situational decision
that I made… …rather than saying,
“I don’t want to go to school”. I always had this thing in my mind that… …how can I succeed in life. We used to be really rich,
from a well to do family. And from having that, to struggling for every 10 rupees…
it was disappointing for me… …because I had money when I was small. I never thought that when I’m older
I’d have to struggle so much. Me & Krunal used to go to villages to play… …Krunal used to get Rs. 450,
and I used to get Rs. 300. Going in a local train with my kit
and coming back in a truck, sitting in the back. Or coming back in a local train
without having a ticket. It was difficult and I was like… You can either keep cribbing about it… …about why this is happening to me… …or you can work hard and see what happens. I got a surprise for you.

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