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BwC S4E2 – Virat Kohli | Part 2

September 15, 2019

Which school did you go to? I went to a school called Saviour Convent. My coach took me to that school
because our academy was opening there… …and the deal with the school was that
we would make a strong school team… …get some kids admitted and make a strong school team. – Making deals since school days?
– I didn’t make the deal. That time school cricket in
Delhi was very strong so… That’s true. There were a lot of good tournaments,
due to that I had to change schools. – What did they serve in the canteen?
– The canteen… – Samosas?
– Veg patty, that cost 5 rupees… Samosas, chhole khulche… …lemon sodas, burgers… Breakfast with Champions. You know you were
being fast tracked, right? There was this talk in the middle,
like how they fast track managers… …similarly fast track Virat… Did you hear this talk around you?
Did you ever feel that? – During my initial days?
– Yeah, initial days, about a year in. Yeah, this all started after the Under 19 World Cup. “People are looking at you,
people have seen you play… …you might get selected for the Indian team”. So I started thinking from that point of view… During the first IPL, I had too much pressure on me,
because I was thinking about the expectations… …that I had to have a good IPL because
I might have a chance to play for India. The IPL was a disaster for me, the first year. The team did not do well so I was
nowhere in the picture. But then… I don’t believe in coincidences now,
I believe that everything’s meant to be… …we were playing in Australia and Dilip Vengsarkar
was the chairman of selectors at that time… …and he had to come watch a
couple of games in Australia. So we were playing a game against New Zealand A. Even that series didn’t go well for me,
I was dropped from the team. So that very game, 3-4 people insisted
that we should give him another chance. So Pravin Amre was the coach, he
asked me whether I’ll open the innings. I said, “Sir I’ll open, I just want to play”. Dilip Vengsarkar was due to arrive that day. And by the time he arrived,
15 minutes later our batting started. He had come straight from the airport. We started batting, I opened the innings and… …Corey Anderson, Chris Martin and
even Tim Southee was there that time. So I scored 120 not out,
Shikhar (Dhawan) and I opened. And he saw me play… …and had seen me play before, so he made
up his mind that he’s going to select me. So when you joined… obviously
we have to talk about Sachin. What your reaction when you first went to a dressing room
or first went to practice and met him? My first interaction with him was very funny. First interaction… I had prepared for two days only to meet him. To meet Sachin Tendulkar in
the Indian dressing room. Now some guys found out… I must have spoken
with someone about feeling nervous. They played a prank on me, telling me that all rookies
have to pay their respects… …by touching Sachin’s feet. And I took them seriously. So I went to greet him… Just as I was about to touch his
feet he says, “What are you doing?” I tell him, “They told me I had to touch your
feet out of respect when I meet you”. He says, “No, no, they
are just pulling your leg”. So that was my first
interaction with Sachin. And who were the people behind this,
Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh) or Bhajji (Harbhajan Singh)? Yuvi paaji (Yuvraj Singh), Bhajju pa (Harbhajan
Singh), Munaf Patel and Irfan Pathan. Munaf Patel was the biggest instigator. He had convinced me that if I didn’t do it then
they wouldn’t guarantee for what would happen later. So, I had to do it.
I was completely brainwashed. But before approaching him… …when I was making up my
mind on how I should do it… I remember I was sitting directly opposite to him
in the change room and he was right in front… …and he was organizing his stuff and
I was just looking at him like this. I took time to register the fact
that what’s happening is true. There was no TV screen between us. So that was a very special moment. What do you think about comparisons? I don’t believe in them. You can only compare those
who are worthy of the comparison. You are comparing me to someone because of whom
I started playing cricket. I stand no chance in terms of skill level.
He’s the most complete batsman ever. Then how can you even compare? I’ve always said it’s not fair on him. Because of what he’s given us, he
doesn’t deserve to be compared to us. This generation, no chance. Is that the most… I guess
2011 would be, no? Actually let me just ask you… What
is the most… even if I name you three… …if you can’t name one, the most
special moment of your playing career? 2011 World Cup, one. 2013 Champions Trophy, two. And the Test victory at Lords’, number three. Those three have to be
the most special. I feel. Going into the 2011 Final do you
remember the previous evening? I just remember…
You’re quietly polishing off all the bread! – This is the last one.
– Thief. I just remember walking in
and watching my idol come out… …after getting out. And walking into Wankhede (stadium) I felt like. Either the fans forgot that
we were playing in India. Or they thought that
I’m the no. 11 batsmen. No hopes left. No one was cheering. Someone just say, “Yay”. That’s funny… you’re playing in India, looking around
at the fans, hoping someone cheers for you. I did look up a few times
and said please… anyone. Complete silence. Obviously,
Sachin Tendulkar has gotten out. World Cup Final… We all wanted
him to get runs and win it for India. They all wanted him to get
runs and win it for India. Cut to – we are 28/2. I’m walking in, (Lasith) Malinga is bowling and
he’s picked up (Virender) Sehwag and Sachin, both. I prayed to God, just hoping he doesn’t bowl
a yorker on the very first ball. Not on the first ball, let me
play the first ball, then I’ll be okay. He bowled a length ball and I defended it.
Then I was relaxed. Till then I had no clue
what was happening. Your famous statement in 2011. After hearing that statement
in 2011, all of us said…… I have no idea where that statement came from.
My English wasn’t even that good back then. Where did that come from,
“He’s carried us on his shoulders…” It came from my mouth,
where else will it come from? Are you sure? Because once at an ad shoot, there was something
else could have come out from elsewhere? – Which ad shoot?
– The warrior one. – Oh, bloody hell.
– With the torn clothes. Don’t bring up those
memories. Oh my God. No one tore it, it happens… I was doing an ad where they
made me look like a superhero. They made me wear a skin tight bodysuit. It’s like those skins clothing that we wear. Full body armour. I was feeling really cool,
I had a bat in my hand… …I had to hit the ball, there were laser
lights and I had to tackle them. It was a good setting and
I was pumped to do it. I did it for a while and
got over excited. It was an intense shoot and sometime later… After a while I felt a cold from below. I could feel a draught of air coming in. I was wondering why. I realized that my costume was
torn this much from below. From my torso area I looked like a sleek superhero
and from below I looked like a beggar. From below my bodysuit was all torn. That was really embarrassing for me.
Also, I was wearing a colourful underwear. They don’t pay you that much. No, I told them to at
least get it stitched first. After that I’ll sell whatever
you want me to sell. Sold with torn clothes. After cricket you must’ve learnt that
anything can go wrong at any anytime. Absolutely, in cricket it
can go wrong any time. – Do you feel scared?
– Definitely. Especially when there’s people like Virender
Sehwag or Hardik Pandya on strike. I’ve even batted with Chris Gayle. – That’s true.
– He used to hit the ball dead straight. I remember one time…
Kumar Dharmasena was the umpire. There was a match in Bangalore.
Chris Gayle was in full form. He stepped to one side, the ball came
in his radar and he hit it straight down. I only had enough time to
move my head to one side. I could only manage the Matrix move. The ball whizzed past me. The umpire calls me out, “What are you doing?” I asked, “What happened?” He said, “Listen, when Chris hits, go
up or down and not sideways. If the ball hits your helmet and
comes towards me, I am dead”. I said, “Okay, now I understand”. He’s was so terrifying that he
even made the umpires squirm. Who are the bowlers that you have… …in the beginning of your career
you saw and said… …”I rather be at the non-strikers end”. See I never faced Shoaib Akhtar,
but I’ve seen him… …in a game in Dambulla against Pakistan.
I got out, I couldn’t face him. But I saw him bowl. And he looked… even at the later stages
of his career, he looked very lethal. So seeing him then, I could only
imagine him at his peak. So probably I would’ve preferred to be at
the non-striker’s end when he was bowling. Also Mohammad Irfan… tall guy. He used to bowl from the first floor. Actually before the World Cup match… …Sanjay Bangar is our batting coach… He had got a one-foot high stool. So he was standing on that
and was bowling to me… …to prepare for this guy. There was something quite bizarre about the
way he bowled. Ball used to go from here. I still remember there was a
T20 match in Bangalore. Me and Yuvi pa were batting. I tried
to play a pull shot off his bowling… Yuvi pa tells me, “The ball is
bouncing, try a cut shot instead”. When I pulled the ball it went up this high.
I couldn’t understand what was happening. He tells me, “He’s tall, use
the pace and go for the cut shot”. I tried the cut shot and the ball
still went this high above. He says, “Never mind, come this side”. I tell him, because of my height
I couldn’t even reach the ball. In the last 10 years have you ever woken up
not feeling 150% passionate… …’cause I believe you wake up feeling 150%
passionate every day when you go to play. – Everyone has off days.
– I’ve woken up feeling… …a sense of detachment
from what I’m doing. Thinking that I don’t want to do this. But that has been because of excessive pressure
that’s been on me during a difficult phase. But still, I’ve had the ability
to still tell myself no. I’ll go out and try once more. The day you
lose the will to go out and try once more… …then you can’t do anything and
No one can convince you. No chance. So what is the motivation? Motivation is just about winning. The day I lose my passion, I’ll stop playing. I’ll never drag myself for more
than what my body can take. The day I’m standing on the field
thinking, why am I doing this… …when you don’t have the passion to win… …when you don’t have the energy to win… …then I won’t be able to play. That’ll just be a participation thing… …you have the skill to play,
can score runs and perform. But if I can’t contribute
to the team, I won’t play. Now everybody keeps asking you
questions about your great form. You’re a thinking person,
you’re a practical person… …you’ve seen everybody else’s long careers… There’s always a trough…… …there’ll always be a time when you won’t be able
to hit from the middle of the bat, no matter what. Is that something that you think
about or is it a passing thought? It has happened to me
once before in England, 2014. That I think was my worst
phase in terms of inconsistency. When you play well for 4-5 years,
then people wait for a bad spell. For me every match is like a responsibility. I
go out there and try to do my responsibility… …to the best of my abilities. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. That my consistency has to be a particular
way or people expect this of me… …or I’m supposed to play a particular way. I see the ball, I play. Have to win the match, score runs,
give my full effort in fielding… …whether I score runs or not, that is my
mindset and that is what I continue to do. When you have a bad phase,
it is an opportunity to learn… …the amount I learnt during that England phase, I don’t think
I’ve learnt more in my cricketing career… …before or after that particular phase so… The biggest challenge
for me initially was to… …get over this phase of people
judging me for my image. That he has a tattoo, I used to wear those studs then
and apply gel on my hair and all that… – I liked to dress up…
– It’s your style. People had a problem with it, guys
nowadays are too flamboyant, too flashy. Sherry pa (Navjot Singh Sidhu) says, “The biggest
disease in this world is – what will people say”. Absolutely. That’s so true.
What I’ve done now is… …I’ve consciously stayed away
from social media. And it’s the best thing that I’ve done. Incidentally, last IPL only, Anushka (Sharma)
had come to see me in Bangalore. And I was on Instagram. So she
told me, “Why do you have to… …look at or see what people
are saying about you. “You want to post things, you still can,
but you don’t have to physically see it yourself”. I want to post stuff. Yes, I post stuff.
I send all the content, I post stuff myself… …but I don’t want to read any comments. And it’s peace of mind like no other. Because then what happens is, when you perform well,
It becomes a problem… …you think, “Wow, people are saying
such nice things about me”. But when you perform poorly, the same
person is criticizing you for your performance. Then you say, “How can he criticize me?” Then you come under the pressure to perform. – For that man.
– Yes, for that one man. Just one person. So I’ve cut myself off it. Also, it’s really hard to assign
time to anything. Social media… …whatever good it does, the cons are immense. Now I can sense these things. When people try
to take your photo or video so many times… …your senses become sharp. I’m about take a bite of my meal and
someone is making a video. I say, “Are you trying to take a video to
capture spinach getting stuck in my teeth… …so that you can zoom in
and show it to others”. What kind of motivation is that? There are wedding videos
like that… while eating. It’s the same feeling you get when
eating cutlets in front of a fan. Cutlets with yoghurt. And there’s a mist fan with drops of water falling from the top. Especially during the summers. All sorts of discussions happen there. Politics, cricket… they know everything. All the important topics of this country have
been discussed in front of that storm fan. All the big storms begin
from that storm fan. All of them. But they’ll never let
go off the cutlets. With yoghurt and chutney falling all over. But it’s a good thing that a
Delhi boy has come today… …because that’s what I see after
knowing you for so many years. When I see you being all, “No, seriously the
boys…” I can’t help but laugh a bit. But then I am also really impressed. Gentleman. Sir, for that I’ve got to thank the lady luck. You’ve seen me, you
know I had no brains before. Ever since the lady has come into
my life, she’s taught me a lot of things. So I’ve learnt a lot, become sensible,
in the last 4 years, all because of her. She’s taught you etiquettes and patience… Yes, patience. She taught me how to
utilize the position you are in to the fullest. But even at that time,
I never tried to be anyone else… I never tried to tell
myself that I should… …be reading books or… I mean those are
gradual things, if you like it, you like it. So luckily, I’ve never tried to change myself. But the flip has been because of her. That period in England, 2014. Anushka was there in my life, she
understood what I was going through… … she kept me motivated. Her support helped me push through,
however bad it was for me. But she was a constant in that time…
and then Australia happened… …and she was still there and I ended
up scoring runs, in her presence. It was a special thing for both of us,
because she also faced so much flak. We were being criticized and people were saying
this is what happens when you allow girlfriends on the tour. I thought, “If you don’t think this is right,
then no one can be in a relationship”. According to you, either
get married or be single. How can that be? Tell me something, in a country where
everyone is so quiet about these things… …you’ve always from the beginning…
which has been great… …you’ve been open about it saying, I’m not doing anything wrong.
What’s to fear when you’re in love. Absolutely, the big reason
behind this is Mr. Zaheer Khan. Luckily, he was one of the first guys I spoke to
about this and he said whatever you do… …don’t try to hide it. Because you’ll stress yourself… …and on top of that, you’re in a relationship,
you’re not doing anything wrong. – It’s not a scam.
– Not committing a crime. I’m actually very grateful that my first
interaction about this was with Zak. And he told me the right thing to do.
So I’ve followed it ever since. I mean we don’t go out there and be madly vocal
about it or have social media conversations… …which I fail to understand. Whether you have the conversation amongst
yourself or not but you must do it on social media. – I miss you.
– She’s sitting in the next room. Exactly… but you want to type it out. We’re not on that level, but we don’t hide it. – It’s good that you spoke with Zak.
– Why? Because, had you spoken to our other brothers,
the advice would’ve been different. That’s why I said, I’m
grateful that it was Zak. You spoke to the most patient person, which is
what I love about him, he’s very sorted. Zak is the best. Any life problem
anyone has, speak to Zak. – His number is…
– Call Zak. – Could you get some green tea, please.
– Yes sir, with lemon. Thank you. – I got a gift for you.
– Oh present! – Thank you. Evoke – sound that inspires.
– This is my acoustics company’s headphones. Please try them. – This is your company?
– Yes. – The only heir to Evoke group of companies.
– No. – Kohli group of companies.
– I’m not one to say “Vicky beta”. – “Good morning, Vicky beta”.
– “Good morning, uncle”. It’s not that situation yet.
But they look good, huh? Quite nice. – What??
– Huh?? They aren’t noise cancellation.
Don’t do false advertising. We forgot to mention the
most important thing… – What?
– Please subscribe to our channel. I’m selling mine. This is another one – Evening With Champions. Subscribe to Breakfast With Champions.
Generally, we eat breakfast. But he’s been extremely busy. The only heir to Kohli Enterprises. I want to thank you, I know
between playing so much cricket… …and by the grace of God, your full shopping cart…
to take out time to do this… My wares are in the car,
what do you want to buy? Please come to my humble abode. I like your T-shirt. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Your pen. So sweet. – Okay, that’s a good way to sign off. Yes sir.
– That’s a good way to sign off.

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