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BwC S2E2 – Yuvraj Singh | Yuvi vs. Hazel Keech! (Part 2)

February 12, 2020

I know Yuvraj Singh is
definitely not a good cook. He can cook up stories. How many times I’ve made
omelette for you in France! And now you say that I can’t even
make toast? Shame on you! He can’t even boil water,
what good is he? I feel if we stay in the kitchen for another
10 mins we might blow the building up. Shall we go? Why are we sitting here? Those who play for the
country, all the big stars… Even they’ve had their
fair share of silly moments. I still want to play for a few more
years and I don’t want to be kicked out. – Your wife has a lot of knowledge about cricket.
– She’s very knowledgeable As is your wife. My wife is the Bible of Cricket Should we get a coffee
and go to the terrace? Here come the men in black. Sorry. Handle? Self handle. Go carefully or you’ll
bang into the door. Yeah tell me, sister! What should we start
this party off with? I like how you’ve become the mother hen! Like, “I’m the wisest, and
others are mischievous!” Everyone keeps pulling each others legs. It’s necessary, otherwise these
boys go out of control. Ashish Nehra spends more time
on his body than anyone else. Ashu dedicates the whole day to his body. 1-2 hours at the gym, 1-2 hours for stretching,
1-2 hours he’ll be in the pool. Then he’ll get a massage.
And he can’t stand normally. If you talk to him he’ll keep
doing something like this… or like this! “Ashu, for two minutes can you
leave your body alone?!” “It’s not the injuries in my body, my
body is stuck inside injuries.” Sometimes this stretch, then that stretch,
then another stretch. Then one day he came It was really cold
we were playing in Himachal So me and Bhajji were warming up He said, “Hey guys, how’s it going?” And I said, “What is this that you’re doing? He said, “Please understand, my back is a little tight!” Today… Today I want to uncover one truth – I will tickle you to interrogate you! Everyone says that you hit
those 6 sixes… cause Flintoff said something and then You got upset about it. Tell us the real story today,
what happened? I can only tell you
my version of the story Your version is the only truth! Everyone talks about those 6 sixes …I was hit for 5 sixes – By Dmitri Mascarenhas
– Yes, 5 sixes Yes. And that day Whatever happened with Flintoff,
he bowled well, I hit good shots. So he took a dig at me! So people said that, “Flintoff said something
and that’s why Yuvraj hit 6 sixes.” Even if he hadn’t said that… I feel that on that day I would have
hit those sixes because… – It was your day!
– Yeah, the way I was hitting the ball. There are some days when you know,
actually, what’s going to happen. So I was able to calculate that. I actually felt that this is where
the ball’s going to come because… With the field setting… I got hit, I know how pressure is. – Ah! See, so…
– So I tapped on the pressure You think being hit for 5 sixes actually
helped you hit Broad for 6! Exactly! Because… Now… I got hit for 3 sixes. Now, Dmitri Mascarenhas knew
that I wasn’t going to ball slow. So he was waiting for that fast ball. So he hit me in the same rhythm. I knew that Broad won’t aim
for anything but a yorker. Because he’s under
pressure right now. He has to bowl a yorker.
He has to get it there. And I think that was the reason of hitting 6 balls in six different directions. Tell me something, in 2011… The final, winning the World Cup,
getting the Man of the Series And that photo of yours where you
break down and you’re crying. And you’re getting hugged from behind… – Heart was filled up?
– I don’t know, man. Those emotions are very hard to explain. You dream of winning a
World Cup for your country. And it actually happens, you’re… The end of that moment
when MS hit that six. You’re actually on the field when you’ve
won the World Cup. It’s a huge thing. Just to be on the field When you win the World Cup! It’s like the sky is going to fall on you. It’s… it’s an amazing feeling. It’s a feeling that you can’t
describe in words. You want to describe it in dance? Sure! In breakdance?! What if our whole chat
was just in dance? How did you feel after you guys
won the T20 World Cup? How did you feel after you hit the 6 sixes? How did you feel after you
won Man of the Series? How did you feel when you got married? She’s standing right there. – Should we call our adult supervisors on to the set?
– Yes, we should! Come, join us! That’s not how you high five. Yes like that! With some style. Not
like you’re slapping someone! Oh! What a pose! – I have a hair problem.
– Okay, so what does that mean? Where’s that cue card? Give me the cue card. We made something that’s
like “Koffee with Karan”. You should tell the story about how I played
cupid with you guys. – And I said…
– You never invited me to your wedding… like that… I said.. No! But before that I told you that
you should meet him, he’s a good guy, he’s… Did you say that? – All I remember is you saying…
– How can you forget that?! “Where’s my chai?” And I told you, you said no
I’ve heard stories about him. That he’s a big party boy
and he’s a Casanova and all. – And I said those are all rumours and it’s all publicity.
– I really don’t think I knew his reputation. Party? Have you ever
come for any parties here? What do you want me to say? The truth or
the OTHER truth? – Okay. So, Hazel.
– Yes? I don’t need to tell you because… You and Kirat have been
spying on the shoot. So, you know what he said about
your cricket knowledge, right? In that you have none! Minus. But I want to tell him that you’re
here to prove him wrong! – Yes, see!
– You can. I can! Tell him what a Googly is! Googly is a dot ball, yo. My wife got that right! My wife got that right!
My wife got that right! – Googly is a dot ball.
– …is a dot ball. Yes. Next question. What is a No Ball? No Ball. Is when the bowler’s foo
goes over the line… And therefore the batsman has a free hit. Wherein, he may not get
out unless he’s run out. Dude, that’s a very detailed… that’s very good. – Well done.
– I’m very impressed. And he does this! Party! That’s not a no ball, that’s a free hit.
What’s the no ball signal? Why you gotta push it, yo? So this is a section called Powerplay. Powerplay in a T20 match is how many overs? – Six Well done! – Hazey!
– Nice! So I’m going to ask 6 questions
about Yuvi’s career. Your first class debut was
against which state? Odisha. You told her. – That’s right!
– What the…! What does that mean? – Who told you that?
– You think I don’t know anything about you? You think I’m not going to
google before I get married? And know what I need to know? Okay all that I told her… Was that I’m going to ask
some questions about him. And she said I’ll answer them. Dude, this is when I just told you in one second imagine if we
had sat ten minutes and actually prepped it! – Second question.
– Can’t believe you answered that. – Good answer!
– I’m impressed. Okay, we’ll do an easy question. You know nothing
about me, though. Yeah, of course. I know
nothing about you. Who gave you the Man of the Series award
when you won the World Cup? Who was the legendary
cricketer who gave that to you? Mister… Mister… is correct. It’s a mister. Oh! Uh… Left hander! Sir Clive Lloyd? Sir Clive Lloyd… is the right answer. 1-1. Okay, easy question! Very easy question.
This you must remember. Which day of the week
was the World Cup final held on? Sorry, what? Which day of the week was
the World Cup final held on? In 2011. – Which…?
– Which day?! Which day? Which day
of the week was it?! – Sunday.
– Saturday. It’s Saturday. That’s a
super guess! I got it because he’s always
saying, “Saturday’s a bad day” But I’m like you won the
World Cup on a Saturday. Nice! 2-1! – Something is fishy here!
– There’s nothing fishy here. There’s something wrong. Nothing! This is like Slumdog Millionaire – I have reasons
to remember stuff. – I love how you put context to the answers.
– Yeah. And made them sound so natural. Okay… I got one. She’s actually beating me 2-1 in… In your career, which means she loves you. And she knows you. Okay, simple one. Who was your captain in the
U-19 World Cup when you played? – Who?
– Kaif. That’s a good guess.
He was at your wedding. – I also just watched it.
– What do you say? He told her, “I was his captain
when he was in the U-19 team.” But she remembered it and
she answered it! Well done! – 3-1!
– I just watched the show in Chandigarh. Look at his face! What happened? You’re a champion. Just not today! Okay, tough question. Your first international 50, you scored against
which bowler? – Ask her.
– Brett Lee. No. Glenn McGrath. He’s right. What an egomaniac! Remembers
it from 15 years ago! “I was also wearing these briefs and this
is how I stood that day” He stands the same way every day. Wow, Haze. Didn’t know I stand like that. Okay, I got one. Who was the Man of the Match in your
debut match against Kenya? An Indian won the Man of the Match, who was
the Man of the Match? You gotta remember it,
it was your first game. It’s so important, who was the star
performer in that first game? Ah? You.. there’s no… you’ve
seen it, no? From here? – You’re seeing it.
– No. I’ve got an anti-glare screen,
you can’t see it. Anil Kumble. I was sitting in the airport
lounge with him. He didn’t even play that game.
He played that game?! Yeah, he played that game.
He won Man of the Match. – Really?
– He did! – Kumble?
– Yes! How can you know this?! – I was sitting in the airport lounge with him!
– You definitely told her this one. I told you I was stuck in the airport
lounge when I was leaving Pune. – And he said he was the Man of the Match?
– Yeah, he mentioned it! And I said, “Oh really!
In Yuvi’s debut match.” Okay, last question. The traumatic time when Dmitri Mascarenhas
hit you for 5 sixes in an over. What tournament was that in? You’re finishing on a really
bad note by the way. Of course. Always have to. Real emotion will come out. What tournament was it?
India vs. England. Was it day or night? Day and night?
It was a day game. – Day game.
– Where was it? Oval. How many people were sitting in
the spectators’ stands? Wow! Why don’t you answer that? – Approximately?
– Fifty thousand six hundred. Very good. Name them. – Okay, that’s not the question!
– Ridiculous question. Okay the question is this… Because you remember
everything about it so well. When Mascarenhas was hitting you for
5 sixes, who was at the non-striker’s end? – Do I attempt?
– Attempt. I would say Mohammed Kaif. And there people is my knowledge. Right there. Why didn’t you just stick
to the answers that I gave you? I didn’t give you this one! You didn’t…! I love you, Hazel. That’s why I married you. Okay, I’ll tell you why were
laughing so hard. Kaif was in the Indian team.
He was a fielder! Oh! When he was bowling. That needs to be cut. – Get over here!
– No! If this is cut, I cut your
friendship with me. This has to go viral. Because she genuinely
meant Mohammad Kaif. The only reason he’s laughing
so hard is because you beat him. And now he’s just trying to, like, you know…
– He’s embarrassed. Yeah this is embarrassment laughter! I’m not embarrassed at all! I just love that answer. It’s the first time in cricket
history when an Indian batsman… Is playing for the England
team in the same game! We will have to tell Kaif about this! Can I give you a hug? Family shot! You also come,
we’ll do a family shot. I’m so proud of the two of you. You have controlled the
behind the scenes of the shoot. You have to see that in the kitchen,
we are not allowed to be unsupervised. Just turn around and see. And the wives are there. We are very happy we
have your adult supervision. I speak on behalf of both
of us like I usually do. Without us you would bleed
from opening drawers and… Yes, we’d walk into walls. We would make Indian players
play for English teams. Sorry, no, that’s you! By yourself! Oh God. I think after this…
I’m going to just retire this show. That’s it. We can’t do better than this!

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