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Brock lesnar vs Seth rollins | Wrestlemania 35 | Universal championship | Full match | Highlights

December 10, 2019

We’re not hanging around here all night – wait where my client is – ultimately Appreciated right here Honestly is a surprise we did not expect the Star Trek And back in November at the crown jewel event after the title is vacated I want to know what’s going through Seth Rollins – right now Seth was all along that This is the biggest night of his career. Yes, the most confident Seth Rollins. I’ve seen in a while She’ll Schedulers change but the goal remains the same Rose wants to relinquish it Lester get in a ring and Lesnar is taking the fight As a reminder that Bell hasn’t rung this matches This is brilliant what Brock Lesnar’s doing he changed the schedule of What Rollins may have been Mauled by Leslie And Lester this time’ll said Robert Is on an absolute rampage at WrestleMania back to the west coast and now Seth Rollins, I’m not shooting you see his Banner is laughing. The Beast is enjoying every second of what he’s doing. Well, there is a reason that Brock Lesnar Free to start the match we take another life Rollins is the Challenger as Lester looks to make short movie was robbed Suplex released that’s not for a suplex City He knew tonight would be painful but I don’t think to Coast across the ring Remember what Paul Heyman said this past I Don’t know where I don’t know how Paul himself to his feet trying to will Still instinctively fighting his way up Flamed after WrestleMania everything changed Seth Rollins bird Suplex City done deed Seth you are the plan the universe Did have to use the Match even began and one man is left standing Able to turn the situation Finally a third History Gouri you don’t set all ins for such a long time for 80,000 screaming fans and his back with the W Hey there Subscribe to my channel and also press this back So you never miss a spot

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