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Borussia unites – BVB combats antisemitism

February 12, 2020

Borussia unites – working together
to combat racism Halina Birenbaum is visiting a football
stadium for the first time in her life – a brand new experience
for the 90-year-old. But her reason for coming to Dortmund
is different from most people: born in Poland, she survived the Holocaust
– unlike 6 million other Jews. In her talks, she aims to bring
these victims’ stories to life, so that the horrors of the past
are never forgotten. I hardly recognise the word Treblinka,
but I knew Auschwitz. When we were in the Warsaw Ghetto, we knew there
was a place that was the worst place on earth. No-one remained, not even a name. I wrote in my book that I had a friend in Auschwitz who
was 16, and she was selected to be taken away. We were good friends, but when I wrote the book
20 years later, I couldn’t remember her name. I was sitting with her, and then she
was taken to the crematorium. She did not survive, but
her soul lives on. If I had suffered the same fate as her,
would anyone have known our story? 27 January is the anniversary
of the liberation of the German concentration and
extermination camp at Auschwitz, the day when the world says
“Never forget”. It’s also an important date in the
Borussia Dortmund calendar: for ten years, the club has organised events
to remember the crimes of the Nazis. This year over 500 people came, and they listened
enrapt by what this witness had to say. I am very pleased that so many people
want to know about what happened, 75 years after Auschwitz
was liberated. There wasn’t as much interest previously, but now
more and more young people, a new generation, want to know about what happened
a long time before they were born. This year marks the 75th anniversary
of the camp’s liberation, and BVB representatives attended the main
commemoration ceremony in Oświęcim. Those invited included Holocaust survivors,
over 50 heads of state and government, memorial centre partners, and Borussia Dortmund
– the only sports club in attendance. BVB has 12 years of campaigning
against discrimination behind it, and I think it has made a big
statement to society. We are friends of Yad Vashem, and over the
years we have also established a partnership with the museum at Auschwitz and
with the Youth Meeting Center. This is something the club
considers hugely important. The club does more than simply pay lip service
to the partnerships with these institutes: this occasion also included a visit
to the Youth Meeting Center and to Monowitz, a subcamp of the
overall Auschwitz camp complex. A number of deportees from Dortmund were brought here
for forced labour, and here BVB paid its respects. A few days before, a delegation from Dortmund
took part in the World Holocaust Forum, which commemorated both the Nazi
regime’s victims and the survivors. Speeches were given by leaders of the victorious Allied
powers and by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Israel, Poland, and a brief detour via Germany
for the Bundesliga game against FC Köln – Hans-Joachim Watzke has done
a lot of travelling recently. It’s a packed schedule, but
he’s very glad to do it. When you’ve experienced this here, when you’ve
experienced Auschwitz, Monowitz, Birkenau, you realise how lucky we are. When you’re confronted with how people suffered
here, which you still get a sense of today, it should leave us in no doubt how extremely privileged
we are, and that our lives aren’t so hard. The Black & Yellows have millions
of fans around the world. BVB wants to use this popularity to emphasise that Borussia
Dortmund has long been more than just a football club. It also has a key role to play socially, and
it has a responsibility towards society. That includes combating antisemitism. We have to be alert when it comes to
antisemitism and other forms of racism. This was the right time to make
that clear, to say “Stop!”, to show that there is no place for racism for anyone
who wants to be part of Borussia Dortmund. We have to fight for our democratic society – and we must
exclude anyone who doesn’t want to be part of that. BVB is making clear that this is a long-term
commitment across all levels of the club: staff, fans, sponsors, the Supporters
Association and the Fan Project are all included and have demonstrated
their commitment to this cause. The close relationship with the network of expert
partners also benefits the club in various projects. As well as focusing on tackling antisemitism,
as we have done in the last year, it’s very important to respond to other
issues relating to discrimination, whether it’s racism in general, positioning ourselves
and acting against homophobia, and taking a broad approach |
to combating sexism. This is very important for us, and it fits
under the “Borussia unites” banner. With more than 1 million visitors a year, Yad Vashem is one
of the world’s most important Holocaust memorial sites. BVB is helping to fund the
construction of a new building, which will be known as the Collections Center
and will be at the heart of the site. The idea is that around 1,000 objects
in the collection can be displayed, so that they can be used to tell the individual
stories of people who experienced the Holocaust. This will be integrated into the Yad Vashem site, and
it will be great that these moving stories can be told. Borussia Dortmund is making a key
contribution to these plans: 1 million euros, which is the biggest
donation the club has ever made. It’s a lot of money, but it is a step
that BVB wanted to take. In the Yad Vashem memorial site, we have
chosen an important project for the long term, because as the survivors die out, the problem
of remembering what happened will grow. Forgetting what happened is the biggest
danger, so working together to prevent it by taking a clear stand and
donating a large sum of money is both an obligation for Borussia Dortmund and
a sign that we take our responsibilities seriously. Early May 2019, around Israel’s
Holocaust Memorial Day. A Black & Yellow delegation travelled to Israel
to remember the Jews who were murdered. The representatives from Dortmund took part in the ground-
breaking ceremony for the Collections Center, and used the visit to discover
more of the memorial site. With imposing architecture, state-of-the-art
technology and a wealth of primary sources, Yad Vashem leaves
a lasting impression. It’s hugely impressive, and it’s sobering
to see the individual stories. But it’s also placed in the
larger historical context, with lots of sections documenting
the rise of the Nazis, for instance. It also talks a lot about the
failures of other countries. But the main difference is the last section of
Yad Vashem, which focuses on the future. The pride of the survivors, that
they have families today, and that with their families they have created
something new – I find that very heartening. “Every Holocaust survivor is a miracle” –
a message that Yad Vashem has taken to heart. Witnesses play an important
role in the memorial site, as they build the bridges between the crimes
of the past and the hope for a better future. If you imagine living for all those years with
the terrifying fear of being discovered, and then when you’re discovered to be
treated in such a degrading way… These people went through so
much, they suffered so much, but ultimately the survivors have managed
to leave that part of their lives behind, they’ve looked towards the future, and
they’ve kept their faith in humanity. There are no words for that. Yad Vashem nestles in Mount Herzl,
5 kilometres west of Jerusalem, a vibrant city with a history going
back over 7,000 years. Israel’s capital city is a holy place for
Jews, Christians and Muslims. It’s amazing. I’m a practising
Catholic, as people know, and when as a kid, a teenager and then as an adult you
take part in the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, it gives you a sense of
belonging and calm. So that was one of the most impressive journeys I’ve
ever been on, perhaps even the most impressive. And then, in the heart of the
Old Town, eager faces. Flags, scarves, shirts – this bar was completely
decked out in Black & Yellow. The Israeli Borussia Dortmund fan club organised
a meeting with the people in charge of the club, and over 100 fans came
to see the BVB boss. It was great – it was really cool to
do that on a trip like this. You can see how passionate
these people are, and that they’re proud of their club because
of our involvement with Yad Vashem. Then, on the other hand, they quickly started asking
“When will we be German champions?” Striving for sporting success, and embracing
the club’s responsibility towards society: two worlds that BVB
combines impressively. “Borussia unites” – generations,
men and women, all nations. And the Black & Yellows will continue to make
this motto their number one priority in future.

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