Big Time Rush Vs. DK4L • Pro Wrestling

September 19, 2019

Sorry. Shut up, Zach. This week on Squad Wars, two extraordinary squads,
each joined by a Try Guy, will enter the ring
at the Squad Wars Arena and face off in a bone crunching – wrestling match.
– Oh, my God. In the end, they will be judged and only one will win
the most coveted reality show award ever, the Tryphy. Let the smackdown begin. We’re the Try Guys and we’re
here at a wrestling arena in Los Angeles, California. Each week,
we surprise two squads with a challenge unlike anything
they’ve ever tried before. Zach will be hosting today
because he’s afraid of physical confrontation. I bruise at the thought of it. Well, I’ll be hosting
alongside you, which means Keith and Ned
will be joining in on the action.
Ned, tell us about the squad that you’re gonna be talking
nonstop about your wife with. Well, it’s one of YouTube’s – most popular pranking couples.
– Aww. DK4L, please welcome Ken and De’arra. Our YouTube channel
is De’arra & Ken 4 Life and we do challenges and pranks. Anything that comes our way,
we down for it. Keith, what squad
are you gonna be blessing – with your soft body today?
– Well, I’ll be joined by two musicians
from Big Time Rush who are also members
of the band Heffron Drive, Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt. Dustin and I
have been making music for a decade together,
so we’re like brothers. And no matter
what the challenge, we’re ready and we’re gonna win. Big Time Squad,
we go big, obviously. – It’s in the name.
– Keith, Ned, you may now abandon us
for your new friends. Look at us.
Like peas in a pod. And are you ready to see what your Big Try is? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Whoa.
– That is right. For your Big Try today,
you’ll be learning the ropes at being professional wrestlers. And then staging
an all-out wrestling match. Oh. – Oh, my God.
– I can’t believe that this is happening.
The way it sounds, I really think
they back is breaking. I’m really, really scared. It looks very painful. Oh, yeah. The thrill
of live competition, anything could happen. Are you guys fans
of wrestling at all? Yeah, we actually grew up
watching wrestling. It’s a kind of a–
it’s a big deal. – And then Keith, you loved it.
– I love wrestling. This is gonna be great.
You got big characters, you got crazy people
flying through the air, this is a dream come true. Yeah, pro wrestling. DK4L Squad, have you all
done anything close to professional wrestling? – No.
– No. I had a one-day stand on my high school
wrestling team. – Not good.
– That’s why it was a one-day stand. Apparently, Big Time Squad knows a lot about wrestling. It’s very convenient. I know a lot about science, but this is not
a science challenge. That would be a
boring episode. Zach and I will be your judges for today’s challenge. And we will be joined
on the judges’ panel by a former World Champion, Hall of Fame wrestler, Rikishi. – Woo.
– Woo. Where he will hopefully subject the eliminated squad
to his signature move, the stink face, which is where he rubs his butt on the loser’s face. So squads, before we get
to the grappling, we’re gonna get you
all limbered up with a Mini Try. For your Mini Try,
each squad will take a crack at ringside announcing
our wrestling match. Will you stop–no, come on. It’s up to the announcers to paint the scene, to add the context. Guys, I got this. The squad that Zach and I
deem the best will win the Mini Try and will get first pick
of costumes for the Big Try. All right. All right. Let the verbal smackdown begin. – Yay.
– Yay. We’re having fun now.
Yeah, we’re dinging bells. Yeah, no.
You’re not gonna get it back. – Welcome to the main event.
– All righty. Oh, Monsieur Bonjour’s
got him in a headlock. – Monsieur Bonjour…
– Get him. …we call him that
because he looks like a French waiter. Oh. Little Tina coming in. There’s obviously
some domestic disturbance – going on here.
– You know, I love to see two good submission artists doing their thing in the ring. Flying Squirrel, she has him. – Oh.
– Get him, oh. It’s just so big and visceral and it’s hard
not to react, with– Whoa. Which actually
is not great commentary. Oh, it looks like
into the ropes. – Oh.
– Oh, out of the ring. Is this the postal service? Because she just
delivered the female. Oh. Renee Devil is going at it,
taking him on. – Whoa.
– Looks like The Flying Squirrel just got hit in the nuts. You know what they say,
step on a crack… – break your friend’s back.
– Ow. And that is the match, ladies and gentlemen. – Woo.
– Well done. That was some great
announcing out there. The choice line
of the night so far, “Is this the postal service? Because they just delivered
the female.” – Woo.
– So we’re gonna have to give the Mini Try win to Big Time Squad. – Woo.
– Woo. – Nice. Up here.
– Boo. Over the top. Boom. Now, Big Time Squad,
how do you feel about getting first choice
of costumes? It’s gonna be everything. We’re gonna have the full way to decide what our team
dynamic is, how we can excel as individuals, and how we’re gonna excel
as a squad. – What he said.
– To help with our training, please welcome professional
wrestling trainer, Reno “The Black Pearl” Anoa’i. – Woo.
– Woo. – Wassup?
– Hello. We’re gonna learn
how to wrestle. – All right.
– And then we’re gonna incorporate basic moves – into your match.
– Yes, all righty. This is the greatest thing ever. You will be judged
on your execution, showmanship. As well as the overall
heart passion and squad work you bring
to the Big Try. If the actual match is anything like the commentary, I think we know
what’s gonna happen. Ooh. What? The other team won the Mini Try because they’re good
at speaking. Our squad is good
at showing action. All right, squads, it’s time
for you to start training for the main event. Zach and I will check in
with you all later. – All right.
– I can do that better. Come on. Alright, Byeee. Gentlemen, are you guys
ready to learn how to be a professional
wrestler today? – Yeah.
– Every kid grows up doing wrestling moves,
dropping elbows, doing suplexes onto stuffed animals.
This is gonna be great. We’re gonna go ahead
and introduce all the moves, so you guys could see it, right? – All right.
– Reno’s gonna teach us the basics of wrestling. The body slam, the suplex, and clothesline. – Oh, my God.
– God. He was–he was murdered. – You guys ready?
– Yeah. So we’re gonna teach you guys
how to fall. Kick. Kick. Harder. They tell you
it was not gonna hurt, but it hurts. We want those hands to bounce off of the mat. Kick. Ooh. Ow. Show them how it’s done. Kick. Okay. Come on, Keith. Let’s have it. Oh. It already hurts. – Come on.
– It’s already painful. Wait a minute,
wrestling’s fake, right? When I come for the clothesline, this is where I’m aiming for.
Chin is always up. I’m just gonna come in
like this. He’s gonna do half of it. – Yeah.
– VIP, we’re gonna give them
a clothesline, all right? This is where I die. Just get ready to fall. – Oh.
– I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. When he’s gonna clothesline me, I’m like, then I start
to come in. Okay, let’s do it. Clothesline, go. – You killed it.
– You’re gonna feel it. Go. Ooh, God. This is too dangerous for us. I don’t wanna be hurt. Let me out of this box. Ladies first, right? – Oh.
– Ladies first. I am feeling really nervous for myself and my health because I am so sure– I really do think
that it will hurt. Okay. So what’s gonna happen, he’s gonna pick you up
for a body slam. Go ahead, Snypes.
Don’t worry about it. Okay. Hold on. Get ready. Bring her down, Snypes. How did that feel, De’arra? – It felt okay.
– Oh. – Good?
– All right. Who’s going first? – You go first.
– I’m being slammed? – Both.
– Oh. I am slowly proving myself to be the weak link which sucks because I thought
I’d be good at this. Okay, go. – That’s fine.
– You know, I just don’t want anybody to get hurt. So we’re gonna do the suplex. Wait, wait, you lock this arm right there. The suplex is the most
painful one ever. – All right?
– Oh, my God. So the other team did all this? They did it
without even bitching. Yeah, all right. We’re doing it. Take that arm. Put it over your head. He’s gonna do everything. Go. I thought it was gonna be
a cakewalk but now, I’m a little nervous. Oh, I hit my head a little. We’re here with Rikishi
who’s gonna be our expert judge back in the studio.
Rikishi, how are you? – Nice to meet you, my man.
– A pleasure. Rikishi. Oh, my God. I almost feel silly asking this. I feel like we–it would be
an honor to be stink faced and I’m wondering
is that something that we could make
happen here now? You really want the Stink face? Stink face, stink face. Oh, he’s actually doing it. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my good… Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Yes. Oh, it’s too real. I’m forever unclean. You don’t need
to wash your face. – My butt’s clean.
– Okay. You’ve been kissed
by an angel, girl. I kind of loved it. I just want something
where I jump off the– off the thing. I really like it
when they go on the ropes, stand up, get the crowd going and then boom, jump, flying through the air and smack somebody down. I’m sure it’s dangerous, but I really wanna try that. Woo. We’re gonna take
every move with passion and we’re gonna fall
with passion, we’re gonna be in pain
in passion, we are ready to go. DK4L. So what is it that you’re really
comfortable with, the moves that we learned? Nothing. I can–I mean,
clothesline’s are fine. Yeah, because none of you guys
wanted to get slammed. – Yup, that’s true.
– Well, this match
is gonna come down – to that, you know.
– Theatrics. Okay. And I’m fine
with that too. We’re not great at the execution of these wrestling moves,
that’s the truth. But we can play
to our strengths. We can be big characters. We can put on the best show. And that’s what wrestling is. One, two, three, Big Time Squad. – Woo.
– Woo. Big Time Squad in the house. – Woo.
– We’re gonna choose first. We won the Mini Try, that means first choice
of costumes. I know we’re against
each other in the fight but our squad is together
on how we look. We wanna be glam,
we wanna be hot, right? We’re the best looking dudes
in the business. Oh, wow, guys. Wow. With the lights? – Oh, yeah.
– I like this. – Wow.
– Hello. Fellas. Oh, my good– Keith, you are so handsome. I’m so handsome that everybody gets lost
in this beauty, and before they know it, I have them pinned
on the ground. I’ve specifically always enjoyed the type of wrestler
who’s very glamorous and doesn’t like to fight. His name is Keith… Handsome. – Well, this
character’s Casanova.
– Oh. Well, I wanted to go
after a musician. So this is actually Hilton Ron. – Ooh.
– Casanova and Hilton Ron are going down. – Okay.
– You ready? Let’s do this. Let’s do this. Get out there. Big Time Squad,
this is the big time. Oh, this could be a disaster. Look, plenty of good stuff here. This thing is amazing. Oh, okay, okay, okay.
I like this. They clearly did not pick
the good stuff. Okay, I want you to introduce me
to your character and your wardrobe choice. Well, I am Killer Kitten, as you can see. My guy’s name is Jackhammer. I was raised by wolves
on the street. My wolf parents tried to eat me and I ended up having to kill
them with a hammer. Hence the name, Jackhammer. Ned, I got to say, you look like how I imagine you in my dreams. I’m a character who is feared as much as he is loved, the Professor. The Jackhammer helps
the Professor grade papers and the Professor
helps the Jackhammer learn about human culture because he was raised
by wolves. – Who’s ready to fight?
– I’m ready. All right, let’s give them a show they’ll never forget. – Woo.
– Yeah. Let’s do it. Well, they look great.
Ned looks exactly the same. Time for the main event. It is going down, a chance at the title and the Squad Wars Championship Belt. Stepping into the ring
to wrestle first, it’s the DK4L Squad. Oh. Oh, he’s doing it. He’s a madman. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Please welcome,
Killer Kitten, Jackhammer, and their new [indistinct] The Professor. Oh, Professional wrestler VIP has just kneed Jackhammer
in the stomach. – Jackhammer, the–
– Oh, Jackhammer. The VIP has Jackhammer
by the neck. He’s in the air. Oh, damn God, no. – Oh.
– Oh. – And Jackhammer’s down.
– Jackhammer is down. This is a bad way
to start the match. Jackhammer is already in pain. Oh [indistinct] low blow. That was an illegal move. Oh, Jackhammer is on the ropes. I’ll tell you, so far, Eugene, this is the–oh. I’ll tell you what, so far,
it’s been a one-sided affair. Oh, here it goes, here it goes. -Oh.
– Oh. And Jackhammer– Jackhammer got out
of VIP’s grasp. Jackhammer is back. Oh, my. – Too quick–oh.
– Oh. A kick to the face. – Oh.
– Jackhammer has got him down. And a beautiful revenge though. Jackhammer is back, and he drops on the ground. We can see who the hero is here. The Professor is loving this. Here we go. Oh, no. Oh, no, what’s gonna happen? Oh, my God. Here comes The Professor. Oh, The Professor is down. He’s down. Killer Kitten playing rough. Oh, no. Oh. The Professor shows – that school is in session.
– School is in session. He’s got his apple. Oh, my goodness. He’s going in for the kill. Oh. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? That was amazing. – Oh, my God.
– Whoa. Killer Kitten
begging for her life. Oh, no. Here it goes. Oh. This is the greatest
moment of my life. And VIP is out of the ring. Oh, no, Killer Kitten
has The Professor. One, two, three. Well, it looks like the good guys win in the end. They lost at the last moment. Truly, that was a catfight
for the ages. Meow. Well, I like that
because she was a cat. And you know, the teacher
tried to take them to school, – but it was him
who got learnt.
– Oh. And you know, I certainly
got jacked off– Nope, no, too far. – What?
– Anyway, what an incredible match. The next squad
to wrestle in the ring is… The Big Time Squad. Woo. – Yeah.
– Please welcome, Hilton Ron, Casanova, and Keith… – Handsome.
– …Handsome. Ooh, Keith Handsome
is ripping in front of us and I am aroused. I am not. Casanova, a true lover. But tonight,
will he be a fighter? My name is Keith… Handsome. The audience already hates Keith Handsome so much. The Big Time Squad. And Keith Handsome showing off his beauty. Oh God. Casanova with that deadly glove. Oh, here comes Casanova. Oh. He removes a glove. Casanova is ready. And he slaps Keith Handsome
across the face. – Oh.
– What a slap across the face. Oh, and a kick to the nuts. Casanova is not gonna be
able to love – without–oh.
– Oh. A perfectly executed clothesline
from Keith Handsome and then he scampers into a… Keith Handsome
posing across Casanova, perhaps forgot
wrestling in general but looked damn good doing it. Keith Handsome
right across the rope–oh. And Keith Handsome is down. – Keith Handsome is hurt.
– Keith Handsome is down and scrambling to Slick
Back Heart Attack. – All right.
– All right. Hilton Ron is tagged in. And he eyes down his man. Hilton Ron’s musical ability might help him here. But no Slick Back got him – right in the chest.
– I think he punched him. Keith Handsome is refusing
to enter the match. I’ve never seen
anything like this. Confusing the audience. Oh. He is gonna feel
that one in the morning. – Oh.
– And a deafening blow – [indistinct]
– Hilton Ron is just being pummeled into the ground
like a tiny dancer. – Keith Handsome–
– And Casanova is there. – And here comes Casanova.
– Here’s comes our hero. Ready to take on–oh.
A double clothesline. And this is what
we’ve been waiting for. Casanova hung all
the laundry out to dry with that double
clothesline maneuver. And here comes
the finishing blow. – Oh.
– Perfectly executed. Oh. Casanova took him down. It is all over,
ladies and gentlemen. I can’t believe
what just happened. …both just lost. Keith Handsome
did not seem to care. I got to tell you,
I hate the results but I am loving the view. I don’t think this fight
is over, Eugene. Oh, no, the fight isn’t over. – Oh.
– Oh. – And Keith Handsome is down.
– Slick Back Heart Attack has taken Keith Handsome down. Taking him down. – Oh, no.
– Oh, I don’t think – this is gonna end well.
– Heart Attack is going up for a final jump. – Oh.
– Oh. Keith Handsome is down
for the count. We’ve got two KOs in one fight. You okay, Keith Handsome? Well, after two
really amazing fights, that is all for us here. We’re gonna go back
to the Squad Wars Studio and we’re gonna be
joined by Rikishi and his beautiful
big ol’ behind. That’s it for us here. Yay. After two epic rumbles
in the wrestling ring, we return
to the Squad Wars Studio and we are joined
on the judges’ panel by a man who literally put
his ass on my face, Rikishi. – Woo.
– Okay. I’m happy to be here, gentlemen. My ass still burns from those stubbles
on your face. Next time you sit
on my face, it’ll be nice and baby smooth, I promise. We will be judging squads today on execution and showmanship. Not to mention
the overall heart, passion, and squad work
that you brought – to the Big Try.
– Big Time Squad. What was the hardest part
of the wrestling match? You know, I know it’s
choreographed and everything but you’re still getting
bodyslammed and– There’s nothing
that doesn’t hurt. Rikishi, uh, years
and years of wrestling, did your body
ever just feel, like, good? No. – DK4L Squad.
– How did you think your wrestling match went? Awesome, better than I thought. I mean, it gets you so fired up. I can see how people
get addicted to it. All right, judges, I think
we are ready to start voting on the individual categories. Out first category is execution. Big Time Squad. Your suplex is beautiful. Casanova is a gentleman, so he gives him a bow
and then suplexes – the hell out of him.
– Kendall, I think out of all the suplexes,
yours was the best – across all squads.
– Oh, thank you. Dustin, you put your body
in danger. Yeah, he flipped me over
and I screamed. Keith knew, you know, a lot of character,
a lot of roles, what about the other moves? You know, I didn’t do them. No, no, that was clear. People think that–I think that because I watch wrestling,
I think I can do it. I’ve never thought
I could do it. I just think
it’s an incredible sport, but I am a weak baby and I don’t wanna do
those things. DK4L Squad,
how do you feel, like, you performed
in the execution category? You know, we all got
thrown around a lot, but I feel like Ken
is really our MVP… – Yes.
– …when it comes to execution. Yeah, I took body slam, I took the suplex. – I body slammed De’arra.
– Yeah. I just knew that
when I hit the ground, there was no sympathy,
and it was gonna hurt – really bad.
– Welcome to wrestling. My finishing move is called the Teacher’s Pet. That was the best move out of all the squads. That’s a very difficult
thing to do, – so good for you.
– Judges, I think we are ready to vote. DK4L were the victims of a lot of the moves. Big Time Squad,
your squad took lessons, so I’ll have to give it
to DK4L Squad. Oh, yay. I got to go DK4L Squad. Woo, yes, man. I’m the type of person
that likes risk-takers. So, this is my pick here. Boo. – Boo.
– DK4L Squad is winning, one-nothing. I’m royalty now. We’re now moving on
to our second category, showmanship. You really have to sell your characters to the audience. Big Time Squad’s showmanship, let’s talk about it. Well, let me ask you a question. Pronounce my character’s name. Keith… – Handsome.
– There it is right there. But you can’t say
my character’s name without snapping twice. I mean, that’s an impact. That the slaps with the glove, the glove flying
through the air. We put on a spectacle. There’s a great unified theme of beautiful characters. – Yeah. Right.
– Well, talk about that. Your Keith Handsome
really inspired us that we should maybe stick
with the glamorous thing. You stayed in character
the whole time. They–everyone hates you. It’s really fun to play
into that dynamic. Let’s just say I kept hearing
one person behind me continually go, ugh. – I worked for that.
– DK4L Squad, let’s talk showmanship. – Sell me.
– I came out in like a suit and tweed jacket. And then, boom, it rips away – and I’m wearing only a Speedo.
– Speedo. – Love it.
– De’arra, you really took over that Killer Kitten persona. Have you ever had
a crowd boo you? No, never though
it felt so good. Even as a cat lover, I was put off, you know. So Jackhammer, naturally, he’s wearing a luchador mask
and then we have, like, a white nerd on top of that. – Have you heard it
from the top?
– You know, yeah, – if you can [indistinct]
– Going from the top. – My name is Jack. Right?
– Yup. My last name
is not actually Hammer, I just killed my wolf parents
with the hammer. – It’s dark.
– The Professor took me in, so we teamed up
to take down Killer Kitten. Yup. This story is all over
the place. And now–Keith, Keith,
Keith, please. I’m just so amazed that, like, every possible random thing that could go into a story somehow made it into that story. There’s so much going on here. Looks like you need a lesson from The Professor. I don’t want any. I think we are ready to vote. DK4L, I really love that you just went for it, but come on, Big… – Time Squad.
– Yeah. – All right. Yeah.
– Big Time Squad, you kind of took one sidestep and just played
three beautiful men. So just for the diversity
of characters, I’ll have to give it
to DK4L Squad. – All right.
– Exciting, confusing, drama, and all that, my vote is gonna have
to go for… – Big Time Squad.
– Yeah. Oh, score is now tied, one to one. – Yeah.
– Now, we’re down to the final category, the heart, the passion, the overall squad work. So, squads, if you go ahead
and reach under your benches, there are
noise-cancelling headphones. Please slip those on
so we can talk about you in super-secret
right in front of you. Everyone looks cute. All right, judges, let’s talk
about the heart and passion. DK4L Squad,
they are putting their bodies on the line today. It’s not easy what we do. And they had no fear,
risk-takers. They were risk-takers
and it was straight up, – a thrilling performance.
– Uh-hmm. We got to talk
about Big Time Squad. Wrestling is–it is physicality but it’s a show. And they put on
one hell of a show. They’ve only been trained
of couple hours. For them to go out there
and to adapt in front of a live crowd, it’s a hard thing to do. It really comes down to,
“Are we more impressed by the characters
or the execution?” I think we’ve come
to a consensus. Squads, take off
your headphones. Squads, headphones off, please. The judges have come to a unanimous decision. The winner of today’s Big Try will receive the Squad Wars
Championship belt. Ooh, so beautiful. As well as an award so valuable that Heidi Klum once punched Jeff Probst in the face
to win it, the Tryphy. – Woo.
– Yeah. The losers will not be going
home empty-handed. You will each be receiving a lifetime supply of junk mail. All right. The winner… Ooh, so good. …of the Squad Wars Professional Wrestling Big Try is… DK4L Squad. – Yeah.
– Woo. Yeah. Yes. – Yeah.
– No. A big thanks
to both of our squads for really putting it out there. And even bigger thanks
to Rikishi for gracing us
with his presence. That’s it for this episode
of Squad Wars. Tune in next week
and while you’re at it, get a still in Zach’s face
in Rikishi’s butt and use it as your screensaver. – Bye.
– Bye. – Woo.
– No. Boo.

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