Basketball Equipment & Rules : The Goal Tending Rule in Basketball

February 13, 2020

Something to keep in mind for all you shot
blockers out there and that was not my forte believe me, but for all you shot blockers
out there, whenever you are going up to block a shot you can not, absolutely can not block
the shot if the ball is already on its way down. Now let me try to explain what I mean
by that, if the ball is on an incline, meaning going up, it is fair game. You can block the
shot all day, but if the ball is coming down, for example, if I was shooting a layup, as
soon as that ball hits the backboard or as soon as it is on the decline in anyway, on
its way down coming towards the basket, you can not hit it. So, if I hit it off the backboard,
as soon as it touches the backboard, if you touch the ball, it is “goal tending”. No matter
how you look at it. So, goal tending, any time some one goal tends, you automatically
hand the other player the points, they actually count the basket. You want to always; you
do not want to give away points when you are playing basketball that is not the object
of the game. So, we understand you are defensive minded, you want to block the shot, you shot
blockers, but you do not want to give up points. Take your time, check the ball out, see if
it is on its incline and not on the decline, before you block the shot.

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