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Basic Wrestling Moves : Basic Wrestling Stretches

August 19, 2019

Hey, this is Jojo Holland. I’m a state champion
wrestler in high school. I’m a state qualifier in college and today we are going to talk
about some of the fundamentals, the mental aspects and scoring about wrestling, folk
style wrestling, college, high school wrestling and we are just going to talk to about how
you have to use your brain; its ninety-nine percent mental. It’s a very physical sport,
but you have to be very smart and a wrestler is the most dedicated, hard working sport
player out there. So pay attention and be ready to work hard. One of the keys to being
a great wrestler is being really flexible. You’ve got to be able to maneuver your way
around and dip out of tight situations and be able to get in there when you’ve got to.
So we’re going to start off with some stretches that are really good. Here’s one, to start
off just put your heels together from behind and just fall down and just sit here for a
little bit and just dangle for a good fifteen seconds; countdown like one, two, three, one.
Slow. Take your time. What are you stretching right now? These right here, this is the back
of your calves right here; the back of your knee. This right here is very important. Your
hamstrings can get pulled. So stay here for a little bit and then you can go over here.
This is left over right. You put your left leg over your right leg and you?re just going
to fall down and do the same thing and eventually you’ll get down to where your whole arms and
your hands can just touch the ground like that but for now you’ll just dangle. Just
get the feel for it. You don’t want to pull anything. So take your time and feel it. Switch
it up to the next leg.; Right over left. Right leg over left leg. Fall down and just feel
it, just keep pushing yourself a little bit. You want to feel that tightness though. That
is your muscle stretching out a little bit. Go here. Once you feel this is kind of loose.
Let that go for about fifteen seconds. Then you?re going to spread them and you?re going
to come straight down to the right and then you?re going to come over here and do the
same thing on this side. Take it to the left and that will stretch out the same ham string
and the groin right here. So take it to the left side. After about fifteen seconds, feeling
nice and loose, you?re going to come straight down the middle and you?re going to try and
come all the way down and walk your way down a little bit and just push yourself down the
middle and you’ll feel that all right here, behind your leg. Your legs are feeling kind
of loose. You?re going to take it to your butt. Make a figure four. Come over here and
you want to try and go as far as you can with both hands. You?re going to take them like
this and you?re going to stretch down. You might not be able to touch your toes right
way but as long as you stretch every day and take your time and really focus and just kind
of relax. You can feel it; fifteen seconds and same thing with the other leg. Figure
four. Come right here. Do another fifteen seconds. Then once your all stretched out
there your going sit right and you?re going to do something called butterflies and you
bring your heels in to your groin, to your crotch as far as you can and then with your
elbows you are going to push down on each side of your legs and that?s going to get
you going here, the quads. That will stretch it out really good. So you want to feel that
for about another fifteen seconds. Once you?re done with that, you are going to put your
left leg over your right leg. Put this arm right here and you?re going to push back and
you?re going to feel this right here in the glutes; right here. These are some of the
exercises and warm ups you should do before wrestling. Here is some upper body stretching
you can do to stretch out your arms. You?re going to take your left arm. Take your right
arm like this and just pull it over. Get that feel right there. Do that about fifteen seconds.
Bring it back. Right arm about another fifteen seconds and then you?re going to take your
left arm and put it behind your head and pull your elbow down. Feel it, feel it right there.
Right arm. Bring it back. Fifteen seconds. Now I’m doing this fast. You guys just take
notes. Stretch out your upper body and you can also take your arms right here and if
you have a partner that’s cool. He can help you pull it back a little bit until you feels
it. Just bring it back a little bit and if you have something to post on, that is another
good thing to do to avoid pectoral pulling muscles. If you don’t have something to post
on, you could just pull your arm back or have a friend right here pull your arm back a little
bit, this way. Vice versa. These are some really good upper body stretches that you
can do because you really don’t want to pull muscles. It’s a very physical sport, like
I said even though it?s mental.

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    Getting better with information.

  • Reply H4I2I2EE April 12, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    I don't train wrestling but we do a lot of the same stretches shown in this video. Starting at 2:20 if you put the opposite leg over the knee of the one you are extending it makes it a bit more challenging cuz it helps to prevent the extended leg from bending at the knee when you stretch.

  • Reply Equipe Seals | Sobrevivência & Aventura December 27, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    GREAAAAAT brother! I like!

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