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ASICS Cael® V8.0 SKU: 9046737

August 10, 2019

What’s going on guys? Hope you’re having a great day today, my name is Jeff from and together, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Cael® V8.0 from ASICS Now this wrestling shoe here was made for undefeated, four-time NCAA National Champion Cael Sanderson now when you hear undefeated you might think oh maybe he just had like five or six matches no he had over a hundred 50 matches and he went undefeated that is insane so he is one of the greatest to ever hit that wrestling mat Now this shoe here has that high cut design to make sure your ankle is nice and protected The upper is made from ECSAINE™ synthetic leather and also see some mesh throughout the shoe here to make sure that you have plenty of breathability now the leather synthetic leather is very flexible so you get plenty of movement out of these shoes Now the laces are up front here, so you could secure the fit now you might have some extra laces just hanging out of the shoe after you tie them and to make sure they don’t get in the way during your match they have included a lace garage on the tongue Interior has plenty of padding to keep you comfortable it’s also lined with a breathable fabric to make sure you have a great into environment and this comes with a fixed foam insole that has nice amount of cushioning there and this all sits on top of this split sole design that’s gonna give you exceptional wrestling specific traction zones and flexibility Now these shoes might not give you that
undefeated record but now you can embody the soul of Cael Think about it

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