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Argentina v Serbia FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

September 16, 2019

garena on second – shoot it camp at sofa
three right on the buzzer then over the front of the hoop that three points are
with Dragoon are closing you down and he’s doing the old celebration they’re
showing showing us that he is the magician whether it quite now Serbia
just moving the ball Yogesh now Kirino grabs the rebound and a prophet
Ola deck behind the back pass oh yes now we’ve come to play – big and strong
for it but watch this how do you like that and compact so just finishing it
off perfectly reverse angle net that’s and that’s playing we’ve got to make it
smooth right now angry black numbers now another beautiful pass from behind in
Nicola yo kids what a beautiful pass coming from mintage no sir he can’t
throws it away and now is Oh loser looking to go coast to coast big
rejection from Nicholas Briceno enjoyed that one even notes on his team I mean
that’s just great hustle Pacino could behind the back machine iron billdozer
right there the of achar water pass to buy out of
its beautiful dish grip Yannick wanting to impose themselves let’s check this
pass at that is an awesome even either too relaxed or they have just tightened
up as compact so makes the steal throws it up to Kirino now we’ve started just
couldn’t quite finish and that’s the Elliott that’s what the crowd want to
see high above the rim for Tricia Guarino into the corner Rubio did well
to close out into militant Abu Ducks although though Willie heard that Gomes
that’s a great penetrate and drop off a pollutant off going up left hand it just
look at that throw down again true and finished with his left hand cam packs a
wallop ours to Luis Scola in the first half and he’s just starting
to do the same in a veloute knowledge Bogdanovich has been looting off drives
in and flushes it with two hands it’s a great passing and watch this
he’s already dumped on Willie Herman Gomez now one show gets the treatment it’s been exceptional here but they’re
only up by five there’s the big and I pick it wrong making it difficult for the Argentine
pigmen to get the easy baskets there was a one-handed slammer coming
from Delia oh boy lockdown of it just pulls up
throws the prey and makes it that is such a tough shot up this is all about
Bogdanovich avoids basalt avoids Sergio and knocks to have a three much to the
delight of the Serbian fans picking up speed thinking he was going to turn to
his right instead going to his left and then banking the shot home and then the
one-handed slammer hi I’m coping
don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more click on these videos
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  • Reply smokesstack September 10, 2019 at 5:37 am

    Is it too much to expect that the final score would be included? Why did you insert a different game 1:40? You should have made an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian. Any one who would subscribe to this site has to be bipolar.

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