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February 18, 2020

Coming up on today’s episode, are Becky
& Seth taking a hiatus from WWE? And Andrade may be dropping his US Championship soon!
Plus we’ve got a recap of last night’s heartbreaking episode of SmackDown! Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk STACKED
News & STACKED Review! I am Chopper Pete Quinnell. To kick things off today, let’s have a recap
of last night’s Friday Night SmackDown in about 5 minutes! The show opened up with AN AWESOME SUPPORT
WRESTLETALK SIGN, thanks to whoever that fan is, but then it actually opened up with Alexa
Bliss & Nikki Cross hosting a Moment of Bliss with Carmella, and as far as Moment of Bliss
segments so, we’ve seen how terrible they can be, this one was pretty ok. As much as
listening to them talking about celebrity crushes and Carmella’s friendship with Bayley
isn’t my cup of tea, I’m sure it is for some people, and they all came across pretty
naturally in this promo segment. Carmella spoke about them being friends before Sasha
Banks came along. Bayley interrupted and while it took her a
bit to get into it, her promo was also pretty good, talking about taking Carmella under
her wing in NXT, and beating Bliss & Cross in a handicap match last year.
This led into Carmella not wanting to wait for her SmackDown Women’s Championship match,
so they have it right there and then. This was a pretty good match, it got a decent amount
of time, and had some drama towards the end, with tight rollup sequences, Carmella kicking
out of the Bayley to Belly, and Bayley rolling out of the ring after being hit with a superkick.
The finish came when Bayley rolled up Carmella with an illegal pin to retain her title. Bayley
then attacked her after the bell, which brought out Naomi for the save, and Carmella and Naomi
stood tall after the segment. The crowd helped this match along so much,
and they were hot for the whole night. And look, another Support WrestleTalk sign! Vancouver
wrestling fans are the best. After a quick recap of King Corbin doing his
thing last week, we’re reminded that he’s been barred from competing this week, which
I’m sure will definitely stop him getting involved. Bayley is backstage saying the next time she
defends her title will be at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, which means the match is
happening after all. It’s confirmed later in the night that it’ll be Naomi vs Carmella
next week to determine which of them will be facing Bayley at the show. There was a nice video package about Lacey
Evans, who keeps letters from fans in her boots to remind her why she does what she
does, which was touching. She’ll be on SmackDown next week, presumably to set up her next feud. Sheamus has beaten both Shorty G and Apollo
Crews quite comfortably, so now I guess it’s time to face both of them at the same time.
Gable and Crews got in some decent offense in this match, but Sheamus Brogue Kicked both
of them for the win. I’m more into Sheamus beating two guys, but I’m even more into
giving him a proper programme with someone. Up next it’s The Immortal Hulk Hogan LIVE…via
satellite, just like Goldberg last week. Hogan says some generic stuff about the nWo going
into the Hall of Fame this year, before saying that The Fiend had better watch out for Goldberg
at Super Showdown, because he’ll take him down, brother. This gets interrupted by Bray Wyatt on the
Firefly Funhouse set, which was pretty funny. What was odd was that they teased a match
between the two at some point down the line, with Wyatt saying there’s always room on
the wall for Hogan, and Hogan saying he’d see him at the Hall of Fame. I literally could
not be less into seeing Hogan wrestle a match, so pretty please don’t make this happen. Something I am into though, is Sami Zayn being
hilarious. He and Cesaro are in the ring, staging a protest concert, in protest of Strowman
and Elias. Zayn has a ukulele, and Cesaro has a cowbell, but before they can get started,
Elias comes out to mock them, and with a hot crowd behind him, he enters the ring to listen
to their protest song. Cesaro on the cow bell was funny, as was the
quip about needing way less cow bell, but of course it all devolves into a brawl, with
Strowman coming out and knocking out security guards, which I guess Sami has now, and he
and Elias absolutely launch one of them into the stratosphere, which is always fun to watch.
This was good. And now, finally, it’s time. We’ve been
waiting for it for weeks, and finally it’s Mandy Rose and Otis’ Valentine’s Day date.
Throughout the night we’ve seen Otis getting ready for the date, and Mandy sitting at the
table waiting, and now the date is here. Otis psyches himself up to go into the restaurant,
roses in hand, but as he does, Dolph Ziggler is there and places a hand on Mandy’s shoulder,
and then they sit down and are being poured wine?! Ziggler you f*****g a*****e. How dare
he. After Otis has wanted this for so long. This was a great segment, and Otis played
it perfectly, dropping the roses and walking out. Now I’m just curious to see what Mandy’s
reason for sitting with Ziggler is, because she could have just said for him to sit down
until Otis gets there or something, we don’t know! And
now it’s time for the main event, of Miz & Morrison vs Roman Reigns and a mystery partner,
who is revealed to be Daniel Bryan, which the crowd popped massively for. Miz & Morrison
cut a promo before the match that is as good as always. And the match itself was great,
all the things you’d expect from a SmackDown main event tag match. King Corbin comes out to sit at ringside,
having bought a ticket for a…desk chair? In the front row? Do they do those? Corbin admittedly, doesn’t get involved
in the match too much, aside from being a distraction for Reigns, which is entirely
his own fault. There were some near falls and close calls towards the end of this match,
with Bryan saving Reigns from a Skull Crushing Finale near fall, before Reigns eventually
pinned Miz with a Spear. Immediately after the match, Corbin gets involved and hits Reigns
with his sceptre and scampers away up the ramp to end the show. So that was the show, press the i above my
head to let me know what you thought of it by voting in the poll where you can choose
from Smacknificent, Smacktastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner and A Smack in
the Face. I’ve seen quite a lot of negativity towards
this show, and I’ll be the first to say I’ve been negative towards SmackDown in
recent weeks, but this was actually much better than what we’ve had recently. It wasn’t
perfect by any means, but it was leaps and bounds ahead of the past three to four weeks
of shows. The Otis date was great, the wrestling on the show was high quality, the Strowman
& Elias beating up security was fun, the promos were good, it was just a good show. Still
some ways to go to reach the heights of Raw and other wrestling shows, but a step in the
right direction. This SmackDown gets a high Smack Bang in the Middle. And now as always on a Saturday, hot tag to
me for the news. Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are WWE’s newest
power couple, or at least they were until it was announced that Charlotte Flair was
dating Andrade about a week after Becky and Seth went official. Damnit Charlotte, can’t
you just let her have this one?! Becky is the current Raw women’s champion,
and Seth is the new Jesus, and being a champion or a messiah can have a bit of a strain on
your body, and sometimes you just need to take time out and think about other things.
This is apparently exactly what’s happening, with Tom Colohue reporting that Becky and
Seth are set to take a hiatus from WWE following WrestleMania 36, possibly to let them go and
get married and rest their bodies for a few weeks. Colohue said: “There are rumours now that both her and
Seth may take some time away after WrestleMania to recharge. Maybe go and get married, and
to let the fans breathe a little bit because absence does make the heart grow fonder. So
we’ll see if that happens. That is only what I hear though it’s nothing concrete
at the moment, I want to make that very clear. But it is what I’m starting to hear so it
would make sense for Becky to lose the title at WrestleMania.” Becky has held the belt since WrestleMania
35, when she beat Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the main event, so it would seem
to make sense for her to drop the belt at Mania. It’s quite clear that WWE sees Baszler
as a less mainstream replacement for Ronda going forward, and with the four horsewoman
connection, you can definitely see the title changing hands. Finn Balor did something similar last year,
after losing to Bray Wyatt at Summerslam he took time off, got married, got a tattoo and
returned to NXT, so clearly taking time off can only be a good thing. But it also turns
you heel. Don’t do it Becky! But a part of why Raw has been the WWE main
roster show to watch, aside from Becky & Seth, has been the United States Championship picture,
which is currently held by suspended superstar Andrade. While Andrade’s been off tv serving
his suspension, look-a-like Angel Garza has been filling in for him and being all Mexican
and sexy. Unfortunately for Charlotte Flair’s fiancee, Sports Illustrated is now reporting
that his days as champion are “numbered”. Interestingly his suspension expires on February
27, the same day he is scheduled to compete in a gauntlet match at Super ShowDown, with
the winner taking home the Tuwaiq Trophy, whatever that is. But I think it’s competed
over four tracks in a Mario Kart grand prix. Paul Heyman reportedly made the decision to
keep the belt on Andrade rather than making him drop it to Humberto Carrillo. Andrade
is one of Heyman’s reported favourites that he is very keen on pushing on Monday nights,
so this slight favouritism towards the former NXT Champion may have saved his skin slightly.
Probably helps being engaged to Charlotte Flair, too. Andrade has been champion for a little over
a month and a half, but WWE does have a tendency to change the US champion on a pretty frequent
basis. In 2019 there were 8 different united states champions, and if this report is to
be believed, 2020 could be another year of change for the star spangled strap. It isn’t clear whether the suspension has
got anything to do with the report, but historically people have been punished for violating the
company’s wellness policy…unless you’re called Roman Reigns, in which case it’s
fine. Though he did lose clean to Seth Rollins upon his return, so there’s that. Free wrestling stuff alert! Thanks to the
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Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.

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