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All Sports Golf Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

November 11, 2019

Dude Perfect (Tyler) What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect, Welcome to the S.A.D.P.A.S.G.B.E.T.I.B.A.L.T. (Garrett) There’s no way that’s correct! (Tyler) Second Annual Dude Perfect All Sports Golf Battle… …Even Though It’s Been A Long Time! LET’S GO!! (Garrett) Ladies and gentlemen, humpback. Man, I’m excited to be here. I got my tennis racket, I’ll try to put this about 40 yards up there! I’m the reigning champ, baby. So… respect me. (Tyler) Going with the baseball and the bat… …I really hope it comes further than Garrett’s tennis ball. (Cody) What’s up guys? Team Red here. Last battle, win. I did say if I don’t win. I’m shaving the beard. Let’s see what happens. Oh fine, that’s fine. (Coby) I’m debating between the soccer ball and the football… I’m going with the punt! (Cory) Oh, lost a shoe! (Cory) Team Yellow checking into the game. There’s no need to talk! (Voiceover) Oh, no! (Coby) Are baseballs supposed to go further than tennis balls? (Tyler) I think so… (Tyler) Alright, headed to the second shot, boys! Don’t forget: once you use it, you lose it. (Cody laughs) (Coby) It’s baseball time, baby! (cheering and laughter) (Tyler) It is about that time when I have to make an official statement. I’m leaving team Coby… …and I’m officially joining, my bearded brother, Cody Jones!! Team Cody and Ty! Let’s go! (Cory) Let’s go! (Cody) You forgot your bag! (laughter) (Garrett) Going for the soccer ball here, hopefully I do better than the last video… (Voiceover) “Wait, where did it go?” …I’ve come a long way. (Coby) Soccer ball ready to go… …I want you guys to remember, soccer last time was just the absolute lowest point for me… (laughter) …again, I don’t know if it could be worse than that. …I’m happy with that. (Garrett) Fourth hit, par-5. Yikes, I’m a long way out. (Voiceover) Cory, you forgot your bag again! (Voiveover) What a hit! (Cody) I’m gonna make sure it’s not in the water. (Coby) Hockey time. (Voiceover) There’s a whiff opportunity on this item. (laughter) (Coby) Sometimes you have golfing days that you want to forget. This is one of them. Really good seeing you. I thought someone else was gonna go, but I think it’s me again for obvious reasons. (Cory) How I thought into that looked. (Tyler cheering) (Voiceover) Oh, wow. What a throw!! (Voiceover) I think he’s got one thing left, folks. (Tyler) Turns out! Coby is on his last item, …he will have to reuse his items in the order he started with. (Coby) Can I throw the paddle? (Tyler) No. (Tyler) Coby is technically still up, but if you turn around, you can actually still see him, …I think it’s best that I go ahead and go. (Coby) Going for it is a terrible idea, but I’m doing it! (Voiceover) Oh, that’s a water ball! (Coby) That’s not gonna help me. (Tyler) And to save time for ourselves and the viewers we’re not going to tell Coby this, …but you will probably not see any more of his shots. He is essentially DQ’d we’ll let him think he’s still playing. I’m gonna go for the 105 vortex throw, …hopefully I hit green… …into the wind. (Voiceover) Oh, there’s no way. (Tyler) This is for all you team Ty, folks. Out there. Let it fly, Ty!! (Voiceover) Oh, what a throw! (Voiceover) Oh, it’s in the water! (Coby) It’s in the water, oh my gosh! (Coby) That means we’re the Splash Bros. Oh my gosh! (Tyler) These are the moments that just absolutely humble you as a competitor. You know, you come out here, you’re feeling good you’re right where you want to be and you get a little too risky with it, and that’s what happens. You put a ball in the water when you’re feeling good. (Cody) Let’s hope I can throw this far. I gave it all I had boys got I got a juice I have never been happier to be in a sand trap Losing the shoes unfortunately the vortex didn’t make it all the way across two items left, so I’ve got to be on the green Frisbee time I guess for you guys. I’ll get in the water. I appreciate you being a purple hoser fan If I want any chance of this it’s got to be a good hit Cory just had a career shot of a lifetime I did not think that this was going to come down to the biggest shot of my day being with a ping-pong ball All right here we go Oh no Oh no, I’m not taking my shoes off again, so D Q I’ve got a little right-to-left slowpitch Here we go If I make this shot, it seals the spot in the finale It’s the downhill putt folks Team gold going for gold I didn’t even tell you there was a whiff opportunity, but my goodness we shoot a flash tonight scream That was a colossal failure I was feeling the pressure, but the pressure is kind of gone. If he makes it he’s in the finale What was supposed to be a perfect golden hour finale has turned into about the gloomiest visual viewing pleasure you could ever have But we got to do it the show must go on So headed to the finale Little nerve-wracking here at the finale Well I’m gonna designate myself as Cody’s caddy partly for a couple reasons, I just want to be in the video Second one of these colors makes purple. You know what I mean The only thing incentivizing the victories that I don’t have to shave my beard I win it stays Are there three team Cody people right here team Cody team Cody and Cody technically we are all rooting for Cody pure joy I’m team Cody also for codes. I didn’t want to say in front of the other guys, but heck of a shot man Okay, it’s time for the board texture No, I really wanted to be on the green we’re guys see what cody does here I feel like I gotta use something where it’s got a chance to go in the hole pains me to do this folks I’m gonna ask my old teammate Coby Cotton to ten the flag for me. Hey, I wish I could but you asked me earlier, so Team Cody’s over here, he’s got a putt to win. If he sinks this, ball game. We’re going home There we go Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the playoff hole as light is quickly fading We are making up the rules as usual and you’ve got a vortex and your putter low score wins He got it if I make this shot folks it is all over Cody’s shavin’ Congratulations my bakery Sonicate what does that just respect you they do it on 18th otherwise. As a wise man once said it is my honor But it’s certainly my duty to present you the golden golf club Probably, I’m gonna keep the clubs but the bag. Oh I see Oh guys Thanks for watching Just so you don’t miss out on any new dude perfect videos click down here to subscribe got some awesome stuff coming out also If you want some new DP merch good stuff for Christmas make that list right here You want to see the last video click right here sign it up for now pound it nuggin’ it Cody how about a razor blade? She gone this is on you do it you gotta do it

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