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A basket of tomato is now N5000 – Market woman reveals | Legit TV

January 20, 2020

Q: How much were you buying stockfish in the past? How much is it now? A: Stockfish isn’t as expensive as that. We only pray for God to have mercy on us in this country. Once there is enough money around to buy, all is well. It is not expensive. It’s all about the money to put into it. Q: How long have you been into this business? A: I’ve been doing this for a long time. Q: How many years now? A: That should be over fifty years. Q: You mean you’ve been selling stockfish for 50 years? (Respondent nods in agreement) Q: What market were you selling it before? A: Awolowo market at Oloosa. That was where my mum was. She started the business. That was way before I came to Mushin. We used to buy from Eko then. But now things have changed. We buy the stockfish at Oyingbo market. Q: What have you been able to achieve with this business? A: God has indeed been gracious. He has done well for me. If one is able to train her children with a business, then that business is a successful outfit. Q: How many children have you? A: I have quite a number of children. Q: Were you able to educate them all? (Respondent nods to say yes) Q: Did they get to the university level? A: Yes. Q: You mean with this business alone? A: Yes. Q: What are they doing now? Is anyone into this business? A: They have not agreed to do it yet. Q: Have you built a house from this business? A: God has done it all. I have a house and a car. To crown it all there is peace of mind. Q: Are you not keen on making one of your children take over this business? A: I would love to, I have told them. I told them. Q: Is your mother still alive? A: My mother has passed. Q: What will now happen to this business? A: My children will eventually come round. They will agree to do it. One of them will do it. I simply don’t want it to perish. If I can then get help from the government to do this business internationally, it will be good. I would love it. Even if I look after my grandchildren in abroad, I’ll still love to do this job. Stockfish is being imported from overseas; Norway to be precise. I wish to get there as I’ve been in this business for too long. Reporter: Fifty years! A: (Exclaims) It should even be more than that. It’s over fifty years. Q: Do you still have a husband? A: My husband is late. He passed on about two years ago. Q: So this business has really been helpful, right? A: God has been good to me. Q: Did you learn any vocational skill when you were younger? A: No, I only went to school. Q: What level did you get to? A: I only had primary education. I stopped at primary six. It was okay. Q: Did your mother introduce this trade to you? A: It was her doing. Q: Did you have interest in it? A: It was my mother. I told her I wanted to go to school but my mother insisted that this was the right thing to do. She said that she had no one to stay with her and monitor the business. That’s the same way I’ll cajole my children for them to join me in it. She said that she wanted this line of trade and I did it. I am successful in it. Q: Do you come to this market daily? A: Yes. Every other day apart from Sundays. Q: How much can one make daily from doing this? A: (Exclaims) That’s up to God. Q: How about weekly? A: That’s totally up to God. One cannot ascertain how much she’ll make weekly. With God, one can make as much profit as possible. But you can’t put a figure to it. Q: With all you have said, you were born in Lagos, right? Q: Aren’t you a Lagosian? A: No, I’m not. I am from Abeokuta. I only lived in Mushin. I am an indigene of Abeokuta.

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    A basket of tomato is now N5000 – Market woman reveals | Legit TV

  • Reply Max Beezie January 16, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    Before it's over, China will have a series of Colonies. Smh

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    Price has really crashed

    Nigerians need to stop the bad attitude of increasing prices during festive periods. In abroad, it's the opposite, the price crashes.

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