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5 WWE Wrestlers With The WORST Childhoods (Documentary)

January 21, 2020

Today’s video is a bit of dark topic and
different to our usual comedic approach. It was suggested by “thereal_trevenclayton”
on Instagram so thank you! Remember if you want to suggest us some of your own video
ideas make sure you follow us on either Twitter or Instagram @Fact5Wrestling and send us a
DM or just tweet us and we might just turn your video idea into a reality! As always,
we hope you enjoy the video! Booker T was born the youngest of eight children
in a poor single parent household in Louisiana. By the age of 13, Booker T’s mother passed
away which meant his sister took over “parenting” duties and according to Booker, she wasn’t
the greatest of role models. Without any sort of discipline figure in his life, this led
Booker down the wrong path and he started involving himself with the wrong crowd. This
started with him committing theft before moving onto a more serious crime, armed robbery.
At the age of 21, Booker T was convicted and found guilty for a series of armed robberies
he committed at a Wendy’s restaurant where he worked and was sentenced to 5-years in
prison. He ended up serving 19 months of his sentence. Ahmed Johnson competed in the WWF between
1995 and 1999 and is best known for becoming the first African American to win a singles
championship in the WWE. His big stature and toughness can be attributed to the violent
upbringing he went through which involved: regular beatings and his involvement in gang
violence. Johnson had a very abusive father who would regularly beat his mother and his
siblings as well as himself. Any time he tried to help his mother; he would receive a beating. The
regular beatings he received caused Johnson to go down a violent path and that involved
him aligning himself with the Bloods gang, a notorious Los Angeles gang symbolised by
their red clothing and their involvement in drugs, theft and murder, among other criminal
activities. As a result of his decision, he would often get himself into fights in school
but he decided to change his bad lifestyle by joining the Army. According to Johnson,
it was all going well up until he was discharged for beating up his captain. Chyna spent most of her childhood in a home
filled with alcoholism and domestic violence. Her parents split up when she was four years
old which meant she had a lot of different stepmothers and stepfathers coming in and
out of her household. She witnessed her fair share of domestic problems such as: her biological
father accidentally stabbing her mother with a breadknife and her first stepfather threatening
suicide. As a young kid, she was taken advantage of by her schoolteacher who kissed her. By
the age of 16, Chyna’s abusive mother forced her to go into rehab after wrongly suspecting
her of doing drugs which caused her to go and live with her alcoholic father. But things
started to get worse for Chyna when she found out that she had developed an ovarian tumour.
While in the doctor’s office, she received news that her father had used her insurance
to cover thousands of dollars of his medical bills. During her time in university, she
was raped by two men after getting drunk at a party. But despite all of the painful experiences
she went through, she also fought a constant battle with drugs and alcohol as well as mental
illness. This eventually took a toll on her as she sadly passed away at her home from
a drug overdose and alcohol intoxication at the early age of 46. Batista grew up in Washington D.C. in a violent
ghetto which was ridden with crime and poverty. He recalled seeing people get shot and a group
of people beating up someone right in front of his house. By the age of just 9, three
people had been murdered in Batista’s front lawn. Batista’s parents split up when he
was very young which meant his mother had to provide for him and his sister. At times
they were so poor that they weren’t able to eat anything at all. His mother recalled
a story where Batista and his sister just avoided getting shot when they were caught
in a crossfire after someone pulled out a gun and started shooting at a drug dealer
outside his house. Due to the rough neighbourhood Batista lived in, this meant he got involved
in gangs which saw him fighting and stealing vehicles. By the time he was 13, he was arrested
on numerous occasions and spent time in juvenile halls. After his life had hit rock bottom, Jake “The
Snake” Roberts managed to turn his life around after years of battling with alcohol
and drug addiction that can be traced back to his childhood days. Even at birth, Roberts
was plagued with tragedy as he was conceived due to the result of his father raping his
mother who was 12-years old at the time. As the years went on, Roberts would also learn
that his father had raped his sister and his half-sister on numerous occasions. He lost
the people who were closest to him, his grandmother to cancer, his step-father who was electrocuted
to death and his sister who was kidnapped and murdered. He was regularly abused both
physically and sexually by his step-mother which led him to start drinking alcohol at
the age of just 11 before moving on to hard drugs by the age of 18 to help numb the pain
he was feeling. His severe depression as a result of his traumatising childhood even
led him to a failed suicide attempt using pills.

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    Over 2 months in the making, we are back with our biggest ever project on the channel! We changed of usual editing style for this particular video and have edited the video to a documentary standard. We really hope you can tell that so much work has gone into this video so feedback would be greatly appreciated! Lastly, we want to thank everyone for continuously supporting the channel despite us not uploading as we have been putting all of our efforts into this particular video. Much love! ❤️

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