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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Have LOST Their MAIN EVENT Status

August 19, 2019

Randy Orton has been a mainstay in the WWE
for over 15 years and has been very successful at what he does, winning 13 world championships
in the process. His vindictiveness and unpredictability are qualities that have landed him numerous
main event matches and championship opportunities. But as of this year, Randy hasn’t really
found these same opportunities. Since his match against Triple H at Super ShowDown,
Orton hasn’t even appeared on SmackDown and that’s most likely due to WWE creative
having nothing planned for him. It is speculated, however, that Randy Orton could be Aleister
Black’s mystery challenger at Extreme Rules… After Jinder Mahal shocked the entire WWE
universe when he won the WWE championship, The Modern Day Maharaja went on to successfully
defend the title for 170 days before losing it to AJ Styles. Throughout his title reign,
Jinder Mahal gained main event status on SmackDown but it quickly went downhill after he was
traded back to Raw during the 2018 Superstar Shake-up. Now all we see of Jinder Mahal is
him trying to get WWE superstars to find their inner peace… to no avail and
him chasing the 24/7 title with the other main event rejects. The guy lost his 24/7
title in a golf course… and then in a plane 39,000 feet above the Red Sea… After branching out of the Wyatt Family, Braun
Strowman began on a path of destruction while building up his character as “The Monster
Among Men.” Strowman’s monstrous image carried him as a main event player as he competed
in matches against Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the universal championship. Although
he was unsuccessful, Strowman was still one of the main attractions on Raw with his many
impressive feats of strength and success in winning the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble and
2018 Men’s Money in the Bank match. Word backstage was that Strowman was set for a
massive push but those plans were changed due to Strowman’s backstage etiquette; basically,
he would show up late and leave early. It’s a shame because it seems he wasted his own
opportunity, quite literally! Finn Balor was quick to make a big impact
on the main roster when he became the very first Universal champion when he defeated
Seth Rollins. But as we all know his reign was cut short when he had to relinquish his
title the next day due to injury. Since making his return, Balor hasn’t really been on
the same “main event” level when he was feuding for the universal championship. Vince
McMahon has made it perfectly clear that he does not think Finn can hang with the big
boys which could be why Balor has settled at a
mid-card position as the current Intercontinental champion. Finn has never been one to let his
size hold him back… The
Phenomenal One AJ Styles had a “phenomenal” year in 2016 when he won the WWE championship
for the first time in his career after defeating Dean Ambrose with a low blow. He held the
title for 140 days before losing it to John Cena. But a couple of months after losing
his title, AJ Styles did it all again when he recaptured the WWE championship after defeating
Jinder Mahal. However, this time, AJ Styles would go on to hold the title for 371 days
before losing it to Daniel Bryan via a low blow. Aint karma a b*tch! Styles has pretty
much fought everyone there is which has sort of caused him to become a bit stale with the
WWE universe. He has been away from the main event scene for quite some time now so his
heel run with the Bullet Club might just be what AJ Styles needs in order to get him back
to the top of the WWE where he rightfully belongs…

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    Randy Orton is injury so he probably not going to wrestle until SummerSlam.

  • Reply TSR Eclipse July 9, 2019 at 9:56 pm

    0:55 to 1:03 was the best joke I’ve heard in weeks

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  • Reply Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 July 9, 2019 at 9:59 pm

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    I am the champion and now it's time to get into a brawl with Lacey. Same thing EVERY WEEK!!!

    Remember back in the build up to Survivor Series when Becky raided Raw and slapped the disarmer on Rhonda? That was probably the top moment of the year. Why isn't Becky doing must see TV like that anymore?

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