43rd Annual SF State Gators Wrestling Alumni Match

September 16, 2019

And the national champion… Naveed Bagheri!
It is good you know unfortunately I couldn’t wrestle I had a little injury from one of
my fights. But you know it was good to see you know old coaches old friends umm you know
good to see the old program you were apart of. It is up and coming. You know they have
some good guys going. Yea I wish I could have wrestled you know help put on a show. But
they are doing well this year so it was great to be back. I’m proud of just… how the school
is he has been a coach here for 30 years ummm… you know he has seen it all but he has always
been able to put together a good squad. We are only a division 2 wrestling school in
California. All the schools are going under for wrestling and you know for him to still
keep a solid program here every year that speaks for itself. We have a lot of new recruits
and the alumni match today. It’s a great opportunity to get some matches in and see some of the
older wrestlers. Just have some fun pretty much. We are looking to really work hard this
year umm… hopefully bring in a national championship. Everybody has been working hard,
committed everybody showing up on time and we are just going to go after it and have
some fun. Devee is just a great role model. He is somebody that I kind of…. I want to
follow in his footsteps. He has worked hard to get to where he is he won a national championship.
Something that I look for, to doing in the future. So it is great to have him back. It
was great to have a ceremony in his honor. I mean it is exciting, everyone here is getting
pumped up for the season. The alumni night is the one that kicks it off so… I’m pumped
to be here really. Seeing the team and a different perspective now of course, but, I’m glad to
be here. I mean it’s a legacy, it really is so… it’s exciting. Now that I’m here to
help really. I’m more of a tool for everyone here in the program now so…I’m just happy
to be here I go in the room when I can. I wrestle with these guys so I see what they
are doing and the work they put in. When you are doing it you don’t really realize it,
how much you really put in and now to be on the outside of it and see it, it’s a cool
thing and I’m pumped for them. I really am. I mean I love to hear that I hope that that
that is the case because, I put a lot into it and I feel like with college wrestling
it is one of those things where what you put in is what you get. In college sports overall
really and in life but when it comes down to this it was one of those things where I
put everything I had into this and when I see people doing that, putting in that effort
and people loving that that makes me feel good.

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