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2019-20 William & Mary Men’s Basketball Highlights vs. Old Dominion

December 10, 2019

Malik Curry missed the jumper, and Andy Van Vliet fires a 3-pointer up. Good! That is a seven-footer folks. In the corner to Andy. Backing his way in, twisting and turning. A little Dirk Nowitzki-like. I love it. I love it. Andy’s just got to let some shots go. Hermanovskis tough shot, high off the glass. Jihar, right side to Quinn Blair for 3. Rolls around and finds the net. That’s Bryce Barnes. Bryce into the paint, a little runner down the middle of the paint is up and good. Six and a half let in the first half. Barnes stops and pops from 18-feet out. Good. Lob it in to Nathan Knight. Nathan trying to penetrate into the paint. Fallaway 5-footer, front of the rim, rolls around and get the home. On the dribble, Hunter down the paint. Blocked by Nathan Knight and we are at halftime. Got a piece of it. The Tribe wants to run. Luke Loewe down the paint with a left-handed lay-up, Good. Spain via Miami into the ball game. Van Vliet turn-around seven-footer, good. Hamilton quickly into the frontcourt. Right side to Nathan Knight to the hole with a reverse lay-up is good. Tyler Hamilton angling to the right, spin move. Into the corner it goes. Miguel Ayesa, he is feeling it. Into the corner to Quinn Blair. Tries to penetrate, stops. Left side, on the run, Luke Loewe for 3. Corner to Nathan, down along that baseline. Nathan reverse, spin move in the paint. Wow. Double-double coming for Nathan Knight. Maybe one rebound shy. Ayesa for 3. Malik Curry. Ball knocked away by Bryce Barnes. Hands it to Ayesa to the hole with a layup, good. Steal by Bryce Barnes. Bryce again with the steal and at foul called on Old Dominion, Malik Curry. Two pliphers in a row. Andy Van Vliet. into the corner, Loewe, and Everything is coming up Green and Gold. William & Mary a winner, moves to 6-3 on the season.

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