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2019-20 William & Mary Men’s Basketball Head Coach Dane Fischer Post Game at Delaware

January 21, 2020

I thought that was a really good college basketball game. Delaware came out and played really well as we expected tonight with them being at home and we thought we’d get, you know, probably their best shot, and I thought our guys came out with a great focus and played really, really well tonight. We were able to push the lead out a couple of times in the second half, and then Delaware just kept making plays to stay in it. Ryan Allen obviously got hot for him in the second half, and you know, just made some big shots, and down the stretch, we were able to make a couple of real key a, you know, 50-50 plays I thought, and obviously, Nathan was terrific as we played through him late in the game and really happy with how we played and definitely happy to get the win tonight. Freshmen were huge tonight. In particular, Miguel obviously hit hitting the threes that he had in the first half. Delaware was really crowding the floor and paying a ton of attention to Andy and Nate on
ball screens, and Miguel was able to to find some space down in the corners and
got some really good looks early and knocked them down and when he hits one or two, you know, he usually can go on a run, and he did that today
obviously in the first half which was huge, and you know, Rainers came in and just gave us a great, you know, look in terms of just doing a good job defensively, knocked down some open shots or the open three that he had and those guys really gave us big contributions today. I think this team does a really good job of just staying in the moment and going to the next play no matter what happens, and you know, we go on a little bit of a run and our guys are constantly thinking about, you know, what do we got to do next and making that next play and you know, when you play good teams, they’re gonna go on runs and Delaware did that tonight and our guys never got fazed. They just went to the next play immediately, and I think that’s so important because, you
know, that gets it’s a game of mistakes, it’s a game of runs and the ability to just turn the page and not worry about the result for the last possession is really important. I think this team is doing a good job of that right now. Nathan’s phenomenal, and you saw him do everything tonight. You know, he got going from three in the first half. He was dominant around the basket in the second half. He was all over the offensive glass and the thing that he does that sometimes doesn’t show up certainly not in the stats anyways he’s an unbelievable presence defensively in our ball screen coverage. Especially midway through the first half and all through the second half was really, really good, and he’s a huge reason for that. You know, there are times the Delaware guards turn the corner and they just see him there and he’s such a presence. So just a really complete game and he did a great job of leading as well. I thought we did a great job handling pressure, especially, you know, midway through the second half and through the end the game when Delaware really picked it up on us. You know, it’s the second game in a row that we’ve been under ten turnovers which is important for us because if we can take care of the ball with the type of offensive players we have and get good shots, we’re going to be able to score the ball most nights. And Thornton did a really nice job handling the ball. We obviously were without Byrce tonight, so Luke had to step up and handle it. Rainers had to step up and handle a little bit more and did a great job collectively, you know, and makes it especially when Delaware picked up the pressure in the second half

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