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15 Shocking WWE Wrestlers You Probably didn’t know Almost Joined Major Wrestling Stables

August 13, 2019

Stables can be a great way to give a
wrestler’s career a boost when they’re surrounded by wrestlers perceived as
top stars—or they can end up in stables with various misfits, resulting in their
getting lost in the crowd. Here are 15 Shocking WWE Wrestlers
You Probably didn’t know Almost Joined
Major Wrestling Stables 15. Christopher Daniels – The Brood Christopher Daniels is probably best
known for his time in TNA Wrestling, where he helped elevate the promotion
to new heights with his in-ring ability and
charisma. But years before Daniels entered the
six-sided ring, he signed a developmental contract with the WWF
in 1998. After impressing everyone backstage,
Daniels was in line for a push, and was even chosen to be part of
The Brood, a trio of gothic Superstars
led by Gangrel. In an interview years later, the Vampire
said how Daniels was the original pick, but his spot went to Christian, thanks
to Captain Charisma’s long-time friend
and fellow Brood member Edge. Instead, Daniels never received a big
break in the company, though we
couldn’t help but wonder how his, and Christian’s careers had
been if the Fallen Angel was given
the push in 98. 14. Rey Mysterio – The Radicalz Though they may not have accomplished
a ton as a team, the debut of the Radicalz in the WWF in early 2000
was a huge deal. Four of WCW’s most popular stars,
the group of Eddie Guerrero, Dean
Malenko, Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn were a huge score for
the WWF, and another loss for the
Atlanta-based promotion. With that said, there was reportedly
another star ready to join them in the
WWF, Rey Mysterio Though the high-flyer reportedly asked
for his release the same time as the
Radicalz, his request was denied, perhaps because Mysterio’s
colourful mask and outfits made him a
bigger merchandise seller than the others. Regardless of the reason, it’s probably
for the best that Mysterio didn’t join in
2000, as the group debuted as heels, whilst Mysterio’s
natural underdog status made him
one of WWE’s top babyfaces upon
his arrival in 2002. 13. Matt Morgan – The Brothers of
Destruction For over 20 years, the Brothers of
Destruction have ruled WWE , toppling all who have stood in their
way, and on occasion, battling each
other. In 2005 though, the company decided
to add a twist to the story, and reportedly
planned to have a third Brother of Destruction,
who would match the two legendary
stars in size and power. This third brother would be called Abel,
a play on the Biblical brothers Cain
and Abel, and was going to be played by Matt
Morgan, who hadn’t been seen on
WWE TV since early 2004. In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Morgan
said he was supposed to wear a mask
similar to Kane’s, and compete with a style similar to
The Undertaker, leaving fans to put
the puzzle together. Ultimately, it was Vince McMahon who
killed this angle, possibly because he has been fiercely protective
of the Undertaker’s brand. Instead of Abel, Morgan made his
return to the main roster in April 2005
with a stuttering gimmick. 12. Chris Benoit – The Million Dollar
Corporation We all know that Ted DiBiase is rich, so
when the Million Dollar Man stepped
away from the ring, it was only a matter of time before
the affluent Superstar made his
presence known again. Now a manager, DiBiase formed the
Million Dollar Corporation, , buying out contracts of the largest
Superstars to compete on his behalf. But in 1995, the company decided
they didn’t want just large guys in
the stable and almost decided on having Chris
Benoit join the team. A technical wizard, Benoit was very
different than other members, which included Bam Bam Bigelow, King
Kong Bundy and Psycho Sid. Appearing with DiBiase in dark matches,
Benoit impressed many people, though the company
decided not to hire him. Instead, Benoit would eventually join
with the Radicalz in 2000 and would capture the World
Heavyweight Championship four
years later. 11. Big E – The Shield One-third of the New Day, Big E has
entertained fans alongside Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, with a mixture of
in-ring offence, laughable one-liners,
and A LOT of gyrating. But before all of that, the former Tag
Team Champion was reportedly
considered to be part of the Shield, according to
Seth Rollins, BIG E would’ve worked alongside the
Architect, Dean Ambrose and Roman
Reigns as a quartet. According to another report though,
the group was always meant to be a trio, with Big E
replacing the Big Dog. Big E never made it to the group,
probably for the best as after years of entertaining millions
of fans with the power of positivity, fans can’t imagine what the powerlifter
would have been like if he’d traded in
his unicorn horn for a tactical vest. 10. The Godfather in the New World
Order: Anyone who followed the career of
Charles Wright knows the WWE Superstar earned his place
in the WWE Hall of Fame thanks to his
ability to work around shaky gimmicks such as
Papa Shango and Kama the Supreme
Fightning Machine In 1996, Wright took time off from the
WWF and was approached by WCW about joining the nWo as
“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan’s enforcer. Wright was ready for the new role, but
found the offer suddenly withdrawn by
WCW Rumor has it the reason was wrestler
Virgil agreed to the role for one-third
of Wright’s price. Wright fared fine and went on to WWF
fame as the pimpin’ player known as
“The Godfather.” 9. Test in D-Generation X Bruce Prichard’s Something to Wrestle
With podcast has given fans insight
into some fascinating behind-the-scenes stories, one of
which is how Andrew “Test” Martin
almost joined D-Generation X. According to the man who played
Brother Love and worked in the
WWF office, Martin was considered for a spot in
DX, as Martin reminded Prichard
of Diesel However, Shawn Michaels and Triple H
adamantly opposed the idea, with both
men supposedly saying, Test was “no
Kevin Nash.” Instead, Martin went to developmental,
and debuted as rock band Motley Crue’s
bodyguard turned wrestler, Test. 8. Val Venis in D-Generation X Test wasn’t the only wrestler
considered for membership in the
WWF’s bad boys club. In 1998, WWF writer Vince Russo
suggested Venis would be a good
fit in the lewd, rude, and crude DX, but members
Triple H and Shawn Michaels vetoed
the idea, similar to what they did with
Test Venis would have made a good addition
to DX since he too pushed the envelope
with sexual innuendo during the Attitude Era, fitting well into
the WWF’s PG-13 storylines. Nevertheless, Venis managed to do
fine in singles competition, becoming one of the most entertaining
stars at a time when the WWF was great
to watch. 7. Chris Jericho as part of the
sprit squad Chris Jericho was involved in many
famous bouts and held several WWE titles since his
debut in 1999. After years of taking bumps in the
ring and travelling on the road, Y2J wanted a break from pro wrestling
and requested not to extend his contract which was
set to expire on August 25, 2005. The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla made
his last appearance in WWE on the
August 22 , 2005 episode of Raw, Jericho faced Cena
in a “You’re fired” match Cena won the match, and Jericho
was fired by Raw General Manager
Eric Bischoff. Right about this time Vinny Mac came
up with the idea of a stable with male
cheer leaders. Originally, the group was scheduled
to be made up of four wrestlers from
WWE’s developmental territory Ohio
Valley Wrestling (OVW); Ken Doane, Nick Mitchell, Nick Nemeth
and Elijah Burke. Burke, however, turned
down McMahon’s offer to join the Spirit
Squad, feeling that he could not perform the
acrobatics required from members
of the group, and chose to remain
in OVW. Burke was replaced in the Spirit Squad
by Johnny Jeter and Mike Mondo. The five members were given new ring
names Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky and
Mikey. Vince McMahon wanted an established
wrestler to head this faction and
approached Y2J in November 2005. To everyone’s surprise, Vince was able
to convince Y2J to make a comeback
and head the faction. By December , 2005, Y2J changed his
mind and opted out siting out… Thankfully In an episode of Talk is Jericho in
2014, Y2J said that the poor storylines was the reason
why he backed out Guys, can you imagine Y2J being a
part of the sprit squad ….. 6. Dean Ambrose in 3MB While Jinder Mahal has done surprisingly
well for himself, and some argue Heath
Slater has improved as well, 3MB was never
seen as anything more than a comedy
stable. According to Heath Slater, Dean
Ambrose was considered for the
faction prior to his debut in the
Shield According to Jinder Mahal, Ambrose and
Fandango were once considered for the
spots that would be filled by Drew McIntyre
and Jinder Mahal While Fandango couldn’t have fared
any worse, we can’t see Ambrose
thriving in 3MB. 5.Chyna in the New World Order Wrestler Joanie Laurer defied gender
barriers when she entered the wrestling
world, quickly establishing herself as a
woman who could compete and
win against male wrestlers Before she joined the WWF in her
career-making role as D-Generation
X’s bodyguard, Laurer was approached by the New World Order
about becoming their first female member. Although Triple H and Shawn Michaels
were eager to have Lauer join DX,
Vince McMahon reportedly disliked the idea, thinking no one would believe
her as a credible opponent for men. According to Laurer’s memoir, If They
Only Knew, she was close to signing
with WCW when Shane McMahon asked her to stall, implying he was
close to convincing his dad to sign
her Laurer held off, and Shane came through,
leading to the debut of Chyna, “The Ninth
Wonder of the World.” 4.Mark Jindrak in Evolution: Evolution was one of the WWE’s most
successful stables, creating main event stars out of
newcomers Randy Orton and
Dave Batista. One wrestler who was considered for
Evolution was Mark Jindrak, a WWE Superstar who never seemed
to break out of the mid-card. According to the Triple H video, Thy
Kingdom Come, Jindrak was originally
considered as a member of Evolution, even shooting vignettes with Randy
Orton, Triple H, and Ric Flair as the
group’s enforcer For reasons unknown, the role
eventually went to Dave Batista, making Batista into a world champion
and leaving Jindrak to count the lights. 3.Baron Corbin and Judas Devlin
in the Wyatt Family The Wyatt Family has helped wrestlers
such as Eric Rowan and Luke Harper
get into the spotlight , but unfortunately, they haven’t been
able to do much after leaving. Whether this is because Bray Wyatt
can make anyone look good next to him, or because of bad booking, we can’t
be sure. Two Superstars who almost joined the
Wyatt Family are Baron Corbin and
Judas Devlin, one name you recognize and one
you may not. Wrestling’s “Lone Wolf,” Baron Corbin
was reportedly very close to joining the
Wyatt’s. Vinny Mac instead saw Baron Corbin
as a singles player and was left aside On the other hand, developmental
wrestler Judas Devlin also cut some
try-out promos, but failed to get into the Wyatt Family Sadly, Devlin suffered a serious
spinal injury in 2013 and was let
go a year later. 2.Triple H in the New World Order 2002’s nWo reunion was one disaster
after another, as fans forced the WWE
to turn “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan face and Scott Hall self-destructing his
way out of WWF, eliminating two of
the three nWo members. The WWF tried to salvage the idea
by bringing Shawn Michaels, Kevin
Nash and Triple H into the faction, a
line-up which had the potential
to be fantastic. Unfortunately, Kevin Nash tore a quad,
during a match resulting in the entire
New World Order angle being scrapped by Vince
McMahon on July 15th episode
of Monday Night RAW. Triple H would tease a DX reunion
with “The Heartbreak Kid,” only to
attack him and start a historic feud that saw
Shawn Michaels’ amazing comeback. Before we mention the number 1
pick , one honorable mention Dan Severn in the Ministry of Darkness Wrestling fans have wondered why
real-life badass Dan Severn’s WWF
run was so short-lived After all, the WWF was eager to
sign real-life tough men like Ken
Shamrock and Steve Blackman, so Severn, an MMA pioneer and former
UFC Superfight champion would have
fit right in. Wrestling lore has it Vince McMahon
didn’t see Severn’s potential as a
real-life tough man and told Severn he wanted him to
join the Undertaker’s Ministry of
Darkness and emblazon “666” on his forehead (The
Biblical number of the Beast). Severn passed on the idea, but the
WWF insisted he go through with it Finally, Severn allegedly told the
WWF he’d have no problem exposing the business by
shooting on opponents in the ring. The WWF promptly released Severn
from his contract, ending his short run. 1. Chris Hero in the Shield CM Punk has gone on record as
taking credit for the idea of the
Shield, the terrific trio that made instant stars out of
Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and
Dean Ambrose However according to at least one
story, Punk pitched the idea of indie
superstar Chris Hero (aka Kassius Ohno in NXT) being in
the Shield alongside Rollins and Ambrose. Vince McMahon and Triple H liked the
idea of the Shield, but chose Roman
Reigns instead of Hero Well guys that’s our list, if can you
think of other WWE Wrestlers we
might not know alsmost joined major
wrestling stables ? Drop us a comment below
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