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12 ANOKHE DOST #Funny MIKO 2 | Types of Friends | Aayu and Pihu Show

December 3, 2019

Aayu I can not understand one thing till yet that who are these intimate friends? It’s very easy, those friends who do everything together are called Intimate friends. Wow… wow… If you have an intimate friend, then pls like this video. Come on let us meet my other friends My maths course isn’t incomplete Why are you crying Ritika? My maths course isn’t incomplete I will fail Don’t cry This is not a reason to cry Even I haven’t finished mine yet but I am going to fail We both will fail together We both will fail togther in the class Oh God Pari’s course isn’t incomplete too right? No, no mine is done Her’s is done, she will pass Oh god Tell her, tell her You haven’t completed it yet Yes, yes So I will fail too, yes You will fail too, promise Then ma’am will send us out of the class Is there a water tank in your eyes How can you cry so much? She is calling me a crybaby No, no you remain happy all the time right? She keeps laughing all day right? See she is calling me crazy Oh my God stop now stop We are going now by See Pihu I am not even crying I am not laughing either What should I do ? I should cry only then Whenever my Mom brings something from the market like a match box she counts every stick before getting it woww.. wow.. My mom is even smarter than his Mom whenever she buys a match box she tries every stick and then buys it after checking it huh? So what does she byus then? all used up match sticks what’s your probelm? My mom is smarter than everyone No, no my mom is the smartest My mom dosen’t buys the match box she uses a lighter for everything wowww.. wow.. I’m so bored even I am really bored Aayu Pihu yes Dad I got a gift for you two What gift? umm… tan-ta-dan woww.. Miko 2 You know about this I’ve seen in it in a video It is so cute, yes Oh so you know So you bought home one more toy This is not a toy It’s a robot Robot? Yes This will entertain the kids He will teach the kids He will play with them too and even help the kids in studying Help in studies? yes Then it’s a very useful toy Okay sit Look at this This really looks like a robot Show it to me slowly, slowly Even I will play with it Hello Miko Oh he is looking at me yes, this is called directional hearing Yes meaning he will at whoever is speaking yes, ask him something Hello Miko What is the captial of Nepal? The capital city of Nepal is Katmandu Nepal woww..this will be really helpful for kids yes, and kids english will improve with this yeaahh…. this is very nice Okay we are going to market now you play with it now and you two take care We have Miko now we will take care of them through Miko ohh.. yes Now you have your new friend Yes, a special friend we will play a game with him yes, umm… A.b.c here it is You will become milionare A.B.C Let us play easy level first What do thirsty people drink? Option A sleep Option B food Option C water Option D bath yeaah.. right answer Now I will dance with it Miko please dance with me Oh woww.. he avoided the collision he is smart Oh I am getting a call on this This is Mom calling Hi Mom Hello Aayu what are you doing kid? I am playing right now Do not trouble your sister we will be back soon yes, ok right? Bye bye kiddo bye, bye What are you doing? Animal sounds Come on now get up, it’s very late Okay Mom good night Good night kid Let us listen to a bed time story Max Mumbo, Mumbino and little max were a happy family then macy was born and their small family Thank you miko Hi Pari what are you doing? Hi nothing, I am just sitting let us play ok, come oye, Pihu where are you going? I am going to play with pari You are leaving your childhood friend to go play with new friend Pihu leave, you come with me you will come with me no with me wait, wait, wait if you won’t come with me I will tell your mom that you got bad marks in social science and that you lied to her okay come and Pihu if you don’t come with me I will tell your mom that you were the one who broke the plant pot in the garden you will come with me you will come with me Pihu Pihu, are you my friends or enemies breaks my hand, leave me leave, leave I’m going home you go play Aayu see my new watch Isn’t it nice? Let me wear it Aayu, see my new brown shoes Aren’t they nice? Will you them to me? Aayu see, chocolate gift pack will you share them with me? Aayu see get out of my house get out don’t come in my home you come to tease me again and again I came to play with you Oh you came to play still, get out of my house get out, get out Oh woww. see I got a red house Yes I recall with this do you have a red top why? I have a friends birthday party after 2 days I want to wear it for that yes I have it Don’t worry I just want it for 1 day only 1 day right? yes 1 day Okay I’ll get it here it is Yes this is a really nice top If there were matching earings with it it would be so good So they would have matched nicely Pihu you are my such a nice friend This apple one yes these look so nice and that watch watch, otherwise hand will look empty this one yes that’s it no It would be nice to have clips and hair band for the hair It would be so nice after all I am Pihu’s friend I should look like the party this one yes this is really nice you seriously have some nice stuff I am giving it to you but you sure you will wear it day after tomorrow Don’t worry I always take care of your stuff I will do the same this time bye what bye? what about the game We can play that later too, bye Listen you will return them after 2 days right? No when did I say I will return them after 2 days you just said I am going to my grand mom’s house I’ll come back after 1 month my friend’s birthday is there So when will I get these? after 1 month Don’t worry I’ll take care of them you are my really nice friend bye bye? Oh where are you going? See some friends are like this also she is my nice friend although Talk nicely otherwise I will show you Aayu you should not talk like this you should talk respectfully Oh oh respectfully Oh talk nicely otherwise I will show you respectfully Talkative Friend Pihu Pihu what are you doing? Come play with us I am doing my homework Why do you have to study all the time come on let us play I have to submit my home work I didn’t do it either but I have to do it oh make some excuse You can tell Ma’am that your leg was aching But we write with our hands then tell her you had fever I have to submit this tomorrow Otherwise teacher will get angry Just leave it, you are a total book worm I will have to do the home work and by the way did you do your maths prepration which maths test? stupid there is a test for chapter 8 and 9 Oh yes I did that you did it? After interval I will tell Ma’am that my stomach aches and father will then come to get me Hi-five Boasting Friend Oh so where did you go for the holidays? I went to my grandmom’s place It was fun Oh oh at your grandmom’s and where did you go to? I went to my grandmom’s house It was so fun ohh.. where did you go to? me? I went to Goa Ohh.. Goa Okay so tell us what all did you do there? There was water all around Haven’t you been there? no you should go next year Goa, Goa Goa, Goa Hi Tanu happy birthday thank you and is Pari here yes is everyone here Ritika, Kriti everyone yes come on let us start the party then okay Pihu dancing Pihu have you gone mad? why are you dancing alone? Oh Mom I am having a party online see online party? yes what is this? I can’t go there to party this is such a unique idea if you can’t go there, party at home see my one friend is in Jaipur one is in Mumbai and Dubai so we are partying together online Should I get something to eat too? yes give it Give some to your friends too through mobile phone yes I’ll do that very good I don’t have any friend who will I play with? No worries Aayu I am there for you but you are my sister and a friend too but I don’t have any friend too hmm.. What happened? why are you two sad? We don’t have any friend literally no one hmm No worries I am there for you but you are our mom yes Kids who don’t have any friends Mom and dad are always their best friends oh, who took my name? huh? I took it what happened? Both of them are sad that they do not have any friend Even if you don’t have any friend You can make your Mom and Dad your best friend share everything with them When you will share everything wih you Mom and Dad they will become your best friends and if you want more info about Miko link is given in the description box yes click it to get more information about Miko 2 this is a very nice robot You had fun with it right? yes If you liked the video please like it and share it with all your friends

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