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10 Most Physically Intimidating Female Wrestlers of All Time

December 3, 2019

Most popular female wrestlers have a body
type closer to a supermodel than a powerlifter, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been
some on the other end of the spectrum as well. These are the 10 most physically intimidating
female wrestlers of all time. Nia Jax is definitely a larger woman, standing
5’10 and weighing around 240 pounds, but she’s proven that her size doesn’t hold
her back in the ring. Jax’s move set consists mainly of power
moves but she’s also decently agile. She’s currently the largest female superstar
in the WWE today, and she could be on her way to the title in the near future. Standing at 6’9 and weighing 240 pounds,
Isis the Amazon really stood up to her name. She was absolutely huge and towered over all
her competitors in both the indies and in TNA. The Amazon did move to the world of acting,
but has recently began wrestling again in hopes of making it to WWE where she’s guaranteed
to make an impact. Reggie Bennett sported a large frame with
thick muscles, standing at 5’8 and weighing nearly 250 pounds. She was a good competitor, but female wrestlers
weren’t all that popular back in the late 80’s, which was unfortunate for her. She would wrestle all over, notably in All
Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling and ECW, but would still go down as one of the most underrated
female talents in all of wrestling. Rhonda Singh, otherwise known in WWE as Bertha
Faye, is one of the more recognizable big women in wrestling. Standing at 5’8 and weighing 260 pounds,
Rhonda was quite successful with her powerful move set which helped win her the WWF Women’s
Championship in 1995, but the tail end of her career featured her as nothing more than
comic relief in WCW. Awesome Kong, or Kharma in WWE, was something
special. Standing at 5’9 and weighing 270 pounds,
Kong dominated during the 2000’s most notably in TNA. She was powerful, had a good gimmick and look,
and was good in the ring. However, some problems with the company and
an unexpected pregnancy derailed her WWE career, which sucks because she was doing well up
to that point. Matilda the Hun not only had a badass name,
but she looked scary as hell too standing at 6’4 and weighing a reported 300 pounds. She was definitely one of the biggest female
wrestlers of all time, and that helped her succeed in the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
promotion. That was followed by a move to Powerful Women
of Wrestling under the name Queen Kong, and finally, she transitioned from wrestling to
acting. Chyna wasn’t the largest female wrestler,
but her 6’0, 180-pound body was absolutely ripped, which made her more intimidating than
most. The muscular Diva was unbelievably strong,
and that combined her good in-ring ability allowed her to make a huge impact in the wrestling
business. Chyna, alongside the likes of Trish Stratus,
helped start the transformation of the female division into what it is today. The partner of Matilda the Hun in GLOW, Mt
Fiji weighed a reported 350 pounds and stood nearly 6 feet tall. Fiji was absolutely huge and a dominant force
in wrestling. In fact, she was a cut above the rest of her
competition and would go her entire run in the promotion without a single defeat. If you watch her in action, it’s not hard
to see why; she absolutely manhandled her opponents in the ring. Chyna was big, but Becca Swanson makes her
look like Hornswoggle in comparison. Standing at 5’10 and weighing approximately
250 pounds of pure muscle, the former powerlifter and bodybuilder was known as “The Strongest
Woman on the Planet”, and you’d be crazy to argue with that. For reference, Swanson reportedly could squat
over 800 pounds, and her immense size and strength helped her transition to the world
of wrestling where she held the World League Wrestling Ladies Championship. Beginning her wrestling career back in 1978,
Klondyke Kate stands out as the largest competitor on this list and possible the scariest female
wrestler in history. Though she stood only 5’4, Kate weighed
around 390 pounds at her heaviest. Her wrestling career would last over 30 years,
but due to her size suffered multiple injuries and weight-related health problems. She also famously wrestled while pregnant
with her first son, and actually only learned she was pregnant two weeks before giving birth
after an unrelated visit to the doctor. That should give you a better idea of just
how big Klondyke Kate was. And those are the 10 most physically intimidating
female wrestlers of all time. Make sure to leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed
this video and subscribe for more content like this. Also, if you have anybody to add to this list,
then let me know below. As always thanks for watching, and I’ll
catch you in the next one!

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