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【2018/19】Manchester City away soccer jersey / Bernardo Silva / Premier League champion

December 13, 2019

Hi everyone ! I’m “Jerseist” ! I’m talking about this jersey today. This is their away jersey that it is worn at the moment when they won the Premier League title. name/number is … Silva made 51 appearances for Manchester City during his 2nd season for Manchester City, scoring 13 goals and adding 14 assists in all competitions As for him, he got 2 consecutive wins in the 2 years. He has signed a new contract in this march, so I am looking forward to how long the championship will continue. Anyway ! I want to check the details ! has a dark navy base color with a thin lime green stripe running down the center with a sky blue one either side This yellow is not a same yellow used in this emblem. It’s just like fluorescent color. Template-wise based on the latest version of the Nike Vapor template including this line here. Some teams have nothing, but In the case of Mn City, just “CITY” is printed. Next These common parts, I mean the sponsor logo, team emblem and supplier logo is same as usual. Next The league patch is attached on right sleeve that It shows the defending champion for only Manchester City. “Champions 2017/18” is written on this patch and it’s made by gold color. Next I have used to seeing this current font. How about you ?? Next This sponsor logo is also printed. They used to have league patches on both sleeves before, but they have it only the right sleeve currently like other European leagues. Anyway !

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