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【2012/13】 / FC Barcelona soccer jersey / Messi / バルセロナ ユニフォーム / メッシ / La Liga / ラ・リーガ

December 13, 2019

Hello! It is “Jerseist” of Unituber! The uniform introduced today is! ! ! ! It is 【2012/13】Barcelona! It is this familiar two-color color, It’s not always a familiar stripe, Gradation was adopted for the first time in the club history this time It will be a little special model! Well then marking! ! ! ! It is the first time to commemorate this time! It is said to be the world’s best soccer player It is Lionel Messi! I want to go to see the details! ! ! The gradation looks great when you look at it in the distance I think it was a gradation but When it approaches, it is actually formed of large and small dot patterns Sponsor and Supplier logos respectively It is embroidery with print of rubber material Because it is processed in the same yellow Design has a sense of great unity! It shines in this chest after all Club World Cup Champion Patch It is a patch that proves the best club in the world! This is written on the neck, but it is a phrase like a catch phrase of Barcelona, ​​but Is it a direct translation saying “club more than club” “existence more than club”? It is exactly one in the world. Embaled “Catalonian” is also on the back, with rubber print. Then it’s the important marking This is also yellow, but in fact if you look closely It is framed in the similar color “dark yellow”! The name is also the same ♪ It is yellow when we look at in the distance, but after all we look close and there is edge You can see that it becomes a very tight design. Familiar emblem and sponsor “unicef”! This is a logo, so it is not bordered or processed like that. It is a patch at the end, but here it was attached to the sleeve The replica uniform has a patch like a small embroidered patch about a couple of turns This is a patch made of rubber material of the same size as the player is using! Patch for leagues common to all clubs! This is a patch of the local “TV3”! Supplier God Tag Tags with club emblems Since this is also a model over five years ago, I think this tag itself is a valuable thing! It’s the first gradation and the design has both pros and cons, but I personally think that historically it is a very important position and interesting design! That’s it! ! ! ! This time [2012/13] It was Barcelona!

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