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जानिए सम्भोग हफ्ते में कितनी बार करना चाहिए │Good & Bad Effects │ Life Care │Educational Video

November 13, 2019

Hello Doctor Hello how are you ? I am good Doctor i am here to clear some of my doubts yes feel free to ask anything What is your doubt I am not married yet or not in any relationship i have heard lot of rumours about sex Which type of rumours many people say that too much sex is harmful some say having sex is healthy Which is the exact fact ? its good that you came here clearing these all doubts is very important Having sex for than 7 times in a week then its above average having sex for twice or thrice in a week then its average but having more sex during honeymoon period is ok sex is one of the best medium to keep couple attached is there any time which is not good for having sex ? i have heard that if there is no proper information then relationship may become unhealthy sometimes it should be avoided if your partner is not willing to have sex then don’t do it forcefully you can negotiate the frequency but keep in your mind your attention is always towards sex is not good if you feel that only after having sex you can enjoy with your partner then its totally wrong the sex should be balanced as i have said i am not in a relationship i have many friends who are girls some times there is night stay but i always fear that something bad would happen i want to ask you if any such incident happens before marriage then is there any problem ? it all depends on you some people don’t like to have physical relations before marriage some people already have physical relations before marriage it depends on person to person what is right or wrong if you are single and have more sex then it is not necessary that it is harmful for health pay attention to one more thing if you are having sex with more than one woman then there is a possibility of STD ( Sexually Transmitted Disease ) at that time you can use protection like condom if you are thinking most of the time about sex and forgotten your responsibilities and not having focus this is the problem does sexual frequency differs with age ? yes sexual desire increases with age you can see the reflection in your daily relationship you should try to keep your sex in balance whenever you feel that its getting unbalanced then take some time is there any limit for having sex? yes if you skip dinner and leave dessert for sex leave dance or even friends then its too much is having more sex abnormal ? no its wrong its normal and healthy its like fun in the adult age science also suggests that sex helps to improve mood along with reducing mental stress and tension what should be the average sex time ? as per the count for 18- 29 years age group 112 times in a year is considered to be average for 30 – 40 years age group 86 times is considered to be average but it depends ok you have explained about average sex what is healthy sex ? the couple who are in relationship have sex once in a week having sex for once or twice is considered to be healthy sex doctor my friends tell me that they have sex for many times in week with wife yes in early days of marriage husband and wife only think of each other at that time having more sex is ok but it is for only some period women don’t tell their problems quickly the woman’s body is not always lubricated internally at that time sex may be painful i have read somewhere about sex obsession if having regular sex is healthy then what is obsession ? good question it is also called hyper sexuality compulsive sexual behaviour sex addiction is still a subject of debate too much of anything is always bad same way having more sex will bring weakness immunity system will become weak there will be hair loss eye vision will become weak lower back will start paining dehydration and UTI is possible chances are there but very less man/woman can suffer heartache during intercourse thnak you doctor all doubts are cleared today welcome if you are still having any doubts then feel free to come instead of keeping the doubt in the mind find the solution for it yes doctor if i will come surely if i have any doubts thank you so much welcome

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  • Reply Authentic & Incredible Ayurveda June 14, 2019 at 4:29 am

    पुरुषों के गुप्त रोग:-

    १)स्वप्न दोष


    ३)उत्साह कम होना।

    ४)पूरी उत्तेजना न होना।

    ५)वीर्य कम बनना।

    ६)वीर्य का पतला होना।

    ७)थोड़ा सा लड़की का विचार करते ही , लसलसा पानी निकलना शिश्न से।

    ८)संतान हीनता (स्त्री पुरुष दोनों की)

    ९)बुढापे में शिश्न का सिकुड़ जाना।

    १०) पेशाब करते समय धातु का गिरना।

    रोग चाहे किसी प्रकार का हों।

    या एक साथ कई सारी समस्या हों।

    निश्चित ही बिना टेंसन कॉल करें।

    आपका १००% आयुर्वेदिक दवाओं से इलाज होगा, जिसमें किसी तरह की अंग्रेजी दवा स्टेरॉइड्स नहीं होने की पूरी गारंटी हैं।

    विश्वसनीय आयुर्वेदिक डॉक्टर द्वारा, जो कि भारत सरकार से डिग्री एवं चिकित्सा करने का अधिकार प्राप्त हैं।

    डॉ. हेमन्त शर्मा (आयुर्वेदाचार्य/BAMS)


    व्हाट्सएप पर मैसेज कीजिये ।

    नाम पता समस्या लिखकर।

    समय मिलते ही आपसे डॉक्टर स्वयं बात कर लेंगे।

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